80/20 is the way forward

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80% european-whites 20% non-whites is the demographic we must achieve in America.

America was 80% european-whites in 1980, and that is the demographic we need to go back to.

Americas demographic will never be 100% european-whites, but 80% european-whites can be achieved.

America was founded by european-whites to be a Capitalist nation with a limited Constitutional government. This setup requires an intelligent populace, which european-whites are.

Non-whites, on average have a 15 point lower IQ then european-whites and thus cannot create nor maintain an American style Capitalist, limited Constitutional government setup in any country. Thus, if non-whites are allowed to increase demographically in America, they will be the majority and will take over the vote and create a South Africa situation in America.

The goal of (((a medium-size group of Jews))) is the extinction of european-whites, thus (((a medium-size group of Jews))) have opened America’s borders to do this.

All Jews should simply move to Israel.

It will be very very easy to move almost all the non-whites out of America.

This can be done simply by cutting all welfare for able-bodied people in America, and then giving them lifetime welfare cards that work only outside of America, anywhere they like, to those who agree to leave for good. The countries they move to would literally love it because these welfare recipients would be bringing in fresh currency to those countries for a lifetime. Further, this would strengthen and increase the value of American currency because it would increase the use of American currency throughout the world.

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