Collectivize against non-whites

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The supremacy of the individual over the collective only works in a mostly homogeneous nation.

Non-whites must be moved out of America so that America is mostly homogeneous and non-whites are less then 20% of the population.

Since non-whites are genetically programmed to collectivize it is certain non-whites will collectivize violently. Non-whites clearly hate european-whites because european-whites are thieir genetic superiors and the non-whites know it. Thus, as long as non-whites are in America, the non-whites will continually attack european-whites with violence and otherwise. Thus, non-whites are the enemy of european-whites, and must be moved out of America.

European-whites must collectivize for protection against non-whites. Although a Higher Principle is the supremacy of the Individual over the Collective, european-whites must team-up and use extreme in-group preferences until most of the non-whites are moved out of America.

Abolish welfare for able-bodied people inside America, then give these welfare users welfare at their new locations outside of America. They can have welfare cards that work outside America but not inside America.

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