European-whites are the only race that can successfully create and maintain free nations

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The non-whites use welfare to out breed european-whites. The welfare is funded with taxes levied on the european-whites, thus the european-whites don’t have enough income to have children.

The non-whites literally need to be moved out of America.

The West cannot move forward with non-whites. Non-whites must be expelled from the West. The natural trend is that non-whites are incompetent because they are very low IQ by race genetic. On average, non-white IQ is 85, which is 15 points lower than the average european-white. Thus, non-whites are unreasonable, incapable, and incompetent compared to european-whites. The incompetent are extremely envious of the competent and thus want to destroy the competent even when the competent are doing nothing wrong.

Cut welfare for able bodied people completely and give non-whites welfare on money cards that only work outside America if they agree to leave America forever.

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