Government is literally an archaic construct and is only needed in very specific situations

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The best setup for the state is an extremely extremely small Constitutional government, on demand only.

Government is only needed in very specific instances. However, (((a medium-size group of Jews))) are attempting to create an environment where the government is always needed. This is why (((a medium-size group of Jews))) are flooding America with non-whites. Notwithstanding the fact that non-whites, on average, have a 15-20 point lower IQ than european-whites, non-whites commit an extremely higher amount of crime than european-whites.

Therefore, America must be brought back to being 80% european-whites and 20% non-whites. After almost all the non-whites have moved out of America and the demographic of America returns to normal, which is 80% european-whites and 20% non-whites, America will have high majority of intelligent voters and will be able to reduce the size of government down to the bare bones of just the three branches and the Constitution. Most of the functions of government will then be handled by free market competition. This will be without any cronyism between the government and (((a medium-size group of Jews))). Further, all government power that is not explicitly granted to the Federal government by the Constitution, will be moved to the states.

The only way We can stop (((a medium-size group of Jews))) goal of extinction of european-whites and get back to a virtuous nation is by making the government extremely extremely small, and only used when it is absolutely needed. Government on demand is all that is needed. Thus, if government is needed, then Our representatives can be called in for debates and the determination of the course of action at such time as some actually very pressing need arises. This is the best setup. Such a pressing need would, for the most part, be as a reaction to an external threat. When America gets back to a demographic of 80% european-whites and 20% non-whites, there will be almost no internal threat. This is because european-whites actually care about each other and hardly commit any crimes at all.

However, when (((a medium-size group of Jews))) are allowed into the country (((a medium-size group of Jews))) infiltrates the government and the free markets to create monopolies which (((a medium-size group of Jews))) use to buy off the government. The Federal Reserve Bank is an example of such a monopoly that (((a medium-size group of Jews))) own and use to completely usurp and control the government. When many non-whites are allowed into the country, then european-whites become separated and disconnected. This is because both (((a medium-size group of Jews))) and non-whites are literal a monkey-wrench into european-white systems, connections, solidarity, synergy, freedom, and happiness. This is because non-whites are totally biologically different then european-whites, not only in hugely lower IQ, but also commit a huge amount more crime than european-whites. Further, non-whites love Communism and other culture.

European-whites very much dislike Communism/Fascism/Authoritarianism/Socialism, and very much dislike non-whites being parasites and sucking welfare by getting the government to tax european-whites out of existence by taxing them out of their livelihood and out of the families they could potentially have, to pay for the welfare being handed over to non-whites.

A 80% european-whites and 20% non-whites demographic with an extremely small Constitutional government is the only thing that will stop (((a medium-size group of Jews))) from continuing pursuing their goal of extinction of european-whites. Very importantly, (((a medium-size group of Jews))) have stolen 500 trillion in hard asset wealth from the people by usury and have this 500 trillion pocketed and stored right now. The only way to stop (((a medium-size group of Jews))) from using the 500 trillion to buy off the government far into the future, is by having no government at all until it is actually needed. Under such a setup it would be much harder for government officials to be bought off. Because if the government is extremely small, and in addition, is usually closed and not in session, then an environment where government officials can be bought off by (((a medium-size group of Jews))) in mass doesn’t exist.

Thus, Our goals can only be accomplished by the state setup being an extremely extremely small Constitutional government just as the Founding Fathers intended.

Almost all non-whites can easily be moved out of America simply by cutting all welfare for able-bodied people in America, and then giving them lifetime welfare cards that work only outside of America, anywhere they like, where they will be much happier, to those who agree to leave for good. The countries they move to would literally love it because these welfare recipients would be bringing in fresh currency to those countries for a lifetime. Further, this would strengthen and increase the value of American currency because it would increase the use of American currency throughout the world.

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