Govt gives govt officials power, thus psychopaths enter govt, hence (((a medium-size group of Jews))) infestation of govt

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(((a medium-size group of Jews))) notwithstanding, the government will always be infested with psychopaths. Thus, government is not even needed at all.

Many people would argue that government is needed because national defense is needed. This argument is false.

If there were no government at all, the people would achieve national defense on their own. Further, it would likely be far better than the national defense any government could ever offer. This is because the government is predominantly comprised of psychopaths who don’t care about actual national defense, but rather about how much money they can pocket by stealing ultimately from the tax payer, the people. Take Maxine Waters for example, who went into congress essentially broke, and even though congress only pays 200k per year, Waters is now a multi-millionaire.

For example, the F-35 can barely fly.

Any government will always become corrupt, thus government must be ended completely.

Thus, government is not needed because the people can do what is needed without any government.

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