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The goal of european-whites is far majority european-white nations, at least 80% european-whites, with extremely small Constitutional government. This is because this setup is the only setup that allows Individual Freedom, which is the backbone of creativity, invention, innovation, development and thus economy and the market.

Under a small government setup, (((a medium-size group of Jews))) will find it difficult to usurp it by buying it off, and will find it difficult turn it against european-whites in (((a medium-size group of Jews))) goal of european-white extinction.

The goal of (((a medium-size group of Jews))) is world Communism; Globalism. If there is Communism anywhere in the world, Jews will control it. Further, National Socialism literally is also big government and actually is Communism. Thus, (((a medium-size group of Jews))) will easily be able to infiltrate and usurp National Socialism also. Thus, National Socialism is not the answer.

Communism is slavery and requires huge government. The extent of the size of the government is the extent that (((a medium-size group of Jews))) will be able to infiltrate, usurp, and control that government. This is because in large government, the is a very large number of government officials available for (((a medium-size group of Jews))) to pay off, and a large number of posts for (((a medium-size group of Jews))) to themselves obtain in their infiltration. An example is the Supreme Court where 3 Justices are Jews.

War mongers are cowards and liars because they wouldn’t trade their life for the war to happen; they are Jews who want european-whites to die. This is why (((a medium-size group of Jews))) desperately want to start a war between America and Russia, because it would be european-whites killing european-whites. The goal of (((a medium-size group of Jews))) is european-white extinction.

The goal of Our movement is to end (((a medium-size group of Jews))) conspiracy for european-white exinction. However, neither Communism or National Socialism will accomplish that. Only moving non-whites out of America so that America is very far majority european-white, while making the government extremely small can do it.

Essentially, if you move almost all the non-whites out of America, you remove almost all the problems from America. This is because without non-whites there is almost no need for government at all. Big government is the cause of all the Americas problems because there are many government officials, politicians, and departments available for (((a medium-size group of Jews))) to buy off, and turn into a Deep State. Thus, very small Constitutional government as the Founding Fathers intended is what is best for America, but this can only happen if America is very far majority european-white. Thus, almost all european-white with very small Constitutional government is the simplest and best answer; this setup was already created, We just have to get it back again.

The government is literally the enemy of the people. Thus, the only viable government is very, very small government, because the impact of its evil is much, much less.

Further, Liberalism and Nihilism are nullified if the nation is almost all european-white and the markets are truly free. Markets dictated by Jew currency creation out of thin air as debt to themselves, which is what the Federal Reserve Bank does, is not a free market. A market dictated by the capital held by (((a medium-size group of Jews))) internationally, who literally stole all this wealth from the people worldwide through usury, is not a free market. (((a medium-size group of Jews))) want big government because there are more government official, politicians, and government departments (((a medium-size group of Jews))) can buy off and use for cronyism.

Under a very, very small Constitutional government setup, (((a medium-size group of Jews))) would not be able to use cronyism gain a monopoly on the mainstream media to push Liberalism and Nihilism through their propaganda. Further, (((a medium-size group of Jews))) would not have a monopoly on currency creation and thus be able to transfer all hard assets to themselves to destroy the drive of european-whites to go after wealth generating endeavours. When there are no opportunities to start a business because (((a medium-size group of Jews))) have transferred almost all ownership to themselves and thus control the entire national market, it causes european-whites to feel aimless and nihilistic, and thus more likely to fall to Liberalism.

(((a medium-size group of Jews))) should all simply move to Israel.

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