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It’s kill time

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The entire biosphere, the entire web of life, is being killed off over time by Climate Engineering, otherwise known as Geo Engineering, and it is happening very rapidly. Many practice denial, in an attempt to hide this fact from their own mind because they are too cowardly to bear it. Everyone can see that planes depositing spray that turns into clouds that the-european-race-out the sky.

If you notice that there are almost never any true blue skies with pure white puffy clouds you are seeing the results of the Climate Engineering, also known as Geo Engineering, spray that destroys the Ozone layer. If you have noticed the sun is way too hot, it is because they Ozone layer is being destroyed by Climate Engineering.

The spray is made of very tiny Aluminum particles which poisons the entire Biosphere and causes Alzheimer’s. If you are one of the many, this is probably all your weak mind can handle at the moment, if you are one of the few you probably already know, and if you are in between, you may or may not care. Nevertheless, you are being poisoned by the Geo Engineers who work for the Deep State which works for the Central Bankers, and since the Deep State and Main Stream Media are extensions of the Central Bankers, you won’t be hearing about this kill move known as Climate Engineering and Geo Engineering.

If you are one of the many, go ahead and keep hiding, you will die from Geo Engineering because you are too stupid to see it. If you are one of the few, you probably already know of some substances you can take to protect your body and brain from the Aluminum. If you are in between, research the topic.

If you are not a coward, here is all the proof you need.

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