If enough of us push hard enough, we can nearly eliminate government and will move the world into a civilized place.

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Diversity is fatal, you have been warned

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Nonwhites are accusing the European race of racism as a means to get the European race to capitulate to their demands which is that the European race give everything over to them and cede political power to them. This will turn America into a shit hole like Africa and Mexico. In reality, nonwhites, and Jews should be moved to some other place in the world so they can have their own geographic place all to themselves, that they can destroy instead of America.

Nonwhites are proven by science to be very low IQ and on average have an IQ of 80 – 85. Further, it has been proven scientifically that a freedom democracy cannot exist in any nation when the national IQ is below 97. Therefore, it is clear that the more nonwhites there are in America the closer America is to no longer being a freedom democracy. At a certain point it will be impossible to be a freedom democracy if the low IQ races are allowed to become the majority in America, because the national IQ will fall below 97.

It doesn’t need to be repeated here how damaging nonwhites are to schools systems, and safe communities. Violent crime and drug use skyrockets when nonwhites flood into peaceful white communities. When examining the racial groups, nonwhites behave in disorganized, disorderly, and destructive ways, extremely differently than the European race behave. This difference in behavior is genetic and can never be changed no matter how much education is given to nonwhites.

It doesn’t need to be repeated here that nonwhites have extreme in group preferences and will only vote for or hire other nonwhites and never a white.

It doesn’t need to be repeated here that nonwhites will never point out the despicable animal criminal behavior those in their own races perpetrate, and instead will always lie and say that it is the European race that somehow caused it.

It doesn’t need to be repeated here that nonwhites are using the welfare system to have many many children for free, taxing the European race out of existence because with the government stealing money from the European race to give to nonwhites, many the European race now cannot even afford to have children at all.

It doesn’t need to be repeated here that The Jews are the ones that are doing this to the European race. The Jews know how destructive the nonwhites are and thus are amplifying their destruction by giving them more welfare and flooding them into white communities through section 8 housing.

If America is not brought back to being very predominantly white, at least 80% white, America as a freedom democracy will cease to exist.

The the European race in South Africa ceded political power to the nonwhites, and now the nonwhites are openly advocating genocide of the European race. This what happens when the European race cede political power to nonwhites in the countries the European race built.

It should be glaringly obvious nonwhites are attempting a hostile takeover of America and are being directed and facilitated by The Jews.

Freedom, Truth, Virtue, Happiness

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You need Freedom to find Truth, you need Truth to find Virtue. You need Virtue, to find Happiness.

However, the Democrats, The Jews, don’t want anyone happy because the way they control people is by keeping them in misery, despair, and fear. They intentionally increase misery, despair, and fear in nations through their policies just so they can then lie that they will provide solutions that will stop the things causing the misery, despair, and fear if the people vote for them. This is how they get votes.

However, they will never provide solutions that end the things causing the misery, despair, and fear. They only will intentionally provide solutions that increase it.  This is because they need the people to always be in more and more and more misery, despair, and fear so that The Jews, acting through the government, can take the the freedoms of the people by telling them that the only way to reduce the misery, despair, and fear is to accept big expanding government and to give up freedoms, such as Freedom Of Speech and the Right To Bear Arms. This is why the Democrats, The Jews, intention is to cause as much chaos, misery, despair, and fear as possible in America.

This is also why the Democrats, The Jews, are trying to take the freedom of Americans, such as the freedom of speech, because they don’t want anyone to discover truth which will lead to their virtue which will lead to their happiness, independence, self-sufficiency and individuality which is exact opposite of chaos, misery, despair, and fear.

We saw Barry Soetoro create as much chaos, misery, despair, and fear in the world and in America as possible. In the world, Barry Soetoro used drones and ISIS to kill thousands upon thousands of civilians in the Middle East and then opened the border to flood these genetically low IQ, and completely illiterate third worlders right into Western Countries. This literally destroyed many Western Countries like Sweden and Italy overnight.

The Democrats, The Jews, want to import as many nonwhites into Western countries as they can to cause chaos, misery, despair, and fear. In America, Barry Soetoro, completely opened the southern border to let millions of third world immigrants who are genetically low IQ and illiterate, pour in and go onto welfare as a plan for their entire life. Further, Barry Soetoro began to force Americans to share the restroom with degenerates, and to force Americans to pay for health insurance that they did not not even receive.

Barry Soetoro never provided a valid birth certificate and all evidence shows that Barry Soetoro was born in Kenya and lied about everything. Further, Barry Soetoro lied to the FISC to illegally treasonously and unconstitutionally spy on Trump in an attempt to prevent him from being elected. Thus, Barry Soetoro must be thrown in prison for life for treason immediately.

It is the way of the Democrats, The Jews, the Communists to intentionally keep the people in chaos, misery, despair, and fear, to control the people. This is why The Jews try to put people in debt by lending them cash they are creating out of thin air, and they charge them interest on it. This is what they are doing to the entirety of the American people because they privately own the Federal Reserve Bank and when they lend cash to the government they create it out of thin air and they charge interest on it, but the people and many many subsequent generations have to pay it all back and the interest, through high taxes. This is how the Central Bankers enslave all Americans.

The founding fathers made it abundantly clear that Americans are supposed to be self-governing. However, nonwhites are too stupid to self-govern. nonwhites on average, have an IQ of 80 – 85. IQ is genetic and can never be changed, and they commit almost all crime in America. Are you going to let them destroy America? Get them out of here. If they out-number the European race, America will become Africa and Mexico and be enveloped in chaos, misery, despair, and fear. nonwhites will say that Socialism and Communism is the solution. However, Socialism and Communism is a total loss of freedom of the people and complete slavery to the Central Bankers, The Jews, who privately own a total monopoly on currency creation.

The Jews are attacking men of the European race with propaganda

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The Jews fully privately own the Federal Reserve Bank and all of mainstream media. The Jews own the Federal Reserve Bank creates currency out of thin air and lends it to the government, then The Jews gets it all back and with interest! The American people are then forced to pay income taxes which all goes to pay the government’s debt to The Jews.

The Federal Reserve Bank is not even needed, and the government is supposed to be printing the currency out of thin air, not borrowing it from The Jews who are doing this. If the government were to create the currency out of thin air like it is supposed to do, there would be no government debt to anyone, let alone The Jews. Such a national currency would naturally have strong backing since it would be Legal Tender issued by the government and would be used as a currency standard for paying American workers.

The Jews fully privately owns all the mainstream media channels and this is how The Jews spread propaganda to attack European men by lying and saying that European men are the oppressor. In reality and in truth, it is The Jews who use the Federal Reserve Bank to steal wealth from Americans so that they can’t start businesses, and everyone then has to use the monopoly corporations The Jews already have in place.

It is easy to see the Democrats, The Jews, are funneling white’s tax dollars to nonwhites. Literally taxing the European race out of having families. This is an attempt by The Jews to destroy the European race nuclear family and expand the welfare state through single motherhood so that people will become extremely dependent on large government. The large government will then need to borrow more cash that The Jews create out of thin air because The Jews privately owns the Federal Reserve Bank. This is also why The Jews starts war, so The Jews can lend currency to both sides, while The Jews create the currency out of thin air.

nonwhites are by genetic, very low IQ, on average 80-85. Thus they are much easier to propagandize, control, and enslave than the European race are, and this is why the Federal Reserve Bank Jews are trying to replace the European race in America and Western nations with these far less intelligent and very high crime races, and thus clearly inferior races.

The Jews are using propaganda to attack European men by propagandizing that European men are the oppressor when in reality it is The Jews who are the oppressors.

The Jews use the mainstream media to promote and spread degeneration and deviance which will always lead to misery and despair for individuals and the nation, such as welfare, diversity, promiscuity, late term abortion, gay marriage, miscegenation, single motherhood, feminism, faggotry, atheism, and islam.

You are required to rise up against The Jews, and in particular The Jews that own the Federal Reserve Bank and the main stream media. Not with violence, but with other more effective means of shutting them down.

European race Nationalism requires reducing the size of government

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Only the Central Bankers, The Jews, and their minions, the Democrats, would suggest that European Nationalism is violent. These liars only want Communism and are the ones using violent to try to get it.

The Central Bankers, The Jews, will turn any European Nationalism movement into a scheme to increase the size of government. They will say that you need big government to achieve European Nationalism. However, this is a lie. The Central Bankers, The Jews, want large tyrannical government any way they can get it.

What is required is less government.

You completely cut welfare for all able-bodied people, thus the nonwhites will not be able to use welfare to force the European race to pay for their many illegitimate children that they get extra welfare for, for each additional child. The welfare is paid for by taxing the European race, thus taxing the European race out of having more children. You completely cut Section 8 housing which the Central Bankers, The Jews, use to move nonwhites into traditionally white, safe, communities to completely destroy them.

You completely cut Affirmative Action programs that are used to infiltrate nonwhites, who by genetic are low IQ, on average 80-85 and thus incompetent, into organizations and establishments thus causing these to fail.

You completely end all government immigration programs, not allowing any immigration at all. If any immigration is allowed it should be for the European race who are highly skilled and completely self-sufficient. You deport all the illegals.

However, you don’t want to give the government power or to increase size of the government by pushing for government mandated segregation. This will only grow the government and give the Central Bankers, The Jews, more power since they completely control the government. They bribe it with money and wealth because they have a monopoly on currency creation through the Federal Reserve Bank. They also threaten government officials.

You want natural segregation to occur where the European race, who understand there are big differences between the races, keep nonwhites out of their communities by ridding their communities of welfare, and also by relocating away from nonwhites.

European Nationalism actually requires reducing the size and power of government not increasing it.

Group rights are not protected by the Constitution

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The Constitution only protects individual rights. Because there is an infinite number of groups that can be formed, it makes it impossible for group rights to be tracked. For instance, there may be a million groups who all claim different rights. Further, people may declare themselves to be a member of a group or not whenever they feel this would be of benefit to themselves.

Further, what things designate a person to be a member of a certain group cannot easily be defined, nor can the exact nature of the group itself. Additionally, each individual member in a large group cannot even be truly represented, because those few who claim to represent the entire group will only clamor for what they, the very few doing the representing, seek in a self serving way. Understandingly, this extreme indistinctness and extreme variability surrounding groups, rendered the idea of group rights moot to the framers of the Constitution. Thus the Constitution was not written to protect “group rights”, but instead was written only to protect individual rights, this is what is reasonable and virtuous.

The Left, the Communists, desire to create the illusion that there is a such thing as “group rights” so that they can oppress individual rights. For instance, they could make it appear that a member of a certain group can’t be held accountable for certain things or that they are entitled to certain things because of “group rights”.  For example, nonwhites will claim that they can break the law and not be prosecuted, we see this now with “Sanctuary Cities”.

When a person, an individual, is born they owe nothing at all to anyone, therefore, no one owes anything to nonwhites, or any other group at all.

The Left seeks group rights for nefarious intentions, like protecting a group of criminals from being investigated or held accountable because of “group rights”. The Left must be shut down completely in their pursuit of seeking to establish group rights.

State compelled behavior

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In America the people are free, however, the people allow the state to deem certain specific acts unlawful in order to protect life, liberty, and property. For instance, murder, theft, assault, and rape are illegal and prohibited. Prohibiting something is a different thing than state compelled behavior.

When the state compels behavior it is forcing Americans to do something. Thus the government is excluding all the other alternatives things that one could have done instead. Thus  is forcing limitations onto the people over a very very broad scope. When the government compels behavior, in order to protect life, liberty, and property, it must only be done in a very very circumspect way. For instance, the military and prisons entail compelled behavior. State compelled behavior is slavery.

However, the state has completely gone off the rails and is now unconstitutionally trying to compel behavior such as:

You have to use the currency the central bankers create out of thin air, you have to pay property tax, you have to pay income tax which all goes to the central bankers to pay the entire national debt back to them. You have to pay an Obama Care penalty if you don’t pay for Obama Care,  you have to get vaccinations, you have to use the government’s electrical grid. You have to share the restroom with gender deviants, you have to bake wedding cakes for degenerates, you have to call degenerates by their chosen pronoun. You have to hire people who don’t have qualifications instead of those who do, just because of their skin color, and on and on. This is all Communism and Fascism and total overreach by the state.

Leftist corporations are doing the same thing, for instance, at Google, employees are literally forced by Google to behave in the Leftist way or they are harassed, as one time Google employee James Damore has proven.

When the state begins to compel behavior, except in very very specific situations, it is extremely clear the state is becoming tyrannical and trying to enslave the people.

People are what make the nation

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It is certain that people create the nation. This is clearly apparent because nonwhites have low IQ compared to the European race. nonwhites, on average, have an IQ of 80 – 85. However, the European race, on average have an IQ of 100. The higher one’s IQ is, the more complex the concepts one can understand. The result of this is shown when comparing Africa and Mexico to America. Africa and Mexico are shit holes due to the low IQ of nonwhites. Further, IQ is genetic and no amount of education can increase IQ. Therefore, increasing education for nonwhites will never increase their ability to understand complex concepts, it would just be throwing money away.

Therefore, the percentage of nonwhites in America should be extremely reduced over time to a maximum of 10% of America. If nonwhites are allowed to out number the European race by using welfare and immigration, then America will no longer be America, it will be damaged and destroyed by low IQ nonwhites because of their behavior.

Factually, nonwhites behave much differently than the European race, and one facet of this behavior is that nonwhites overwhelmingly prefer large government and Communism, whereas the European race prefer small government and individual freedom. This is because evolution, which is the genetic result of the methods of survival employed by a race over a long period of time, has made nonwhites apply collectivistic behavior and the European race apply individualistic behavior.

The facts are that nonwhites, per capita, commit a much much larger amount of crime than the European race, and are much more disorderly and immoral. This can be seen in their use of violent crime, extremely terrible behavior in schools, and single mother welfare families who sell their votes to the cabal jews for higher welfare payments. In short, more of these people are not needed in America.

Diversity is a weapon of the cabal jews who are seek to destroy sovereign nations globally and enslave them internationally from the top through usury. The cabal uses diversity and the destruction it results in to create high welfare demand and then lends the nation the currency they have created out of thin air. The loan payments made to The Jews cabal are paid for by taxing the people. This wealth The Jews cabal has stolen from the American people must be striped from them.

The Jews cabal uses some of this stolen wealth to pay-off legislators, judges, and bureaucrats, and also to buy all the mainstream media channels including school textbooks to dispense lies, propaganda, and fake news, and to fund terrorism. The cabal jews are flooding nonwhites into America and other white western nations via immigration and open borders to fracture sovereign nations into two groups, the European race and nonwhites. They plan to use nonwhites as a proletariat to uprise against the European race in a bid to replace constitutional republics with Communist and/or Islamic totalitarian governments.

Not only should the percentage of nonwhites be reduced in America, but the races should be separated into their own areas. This is needed because the European race, who commit a very small amount of crime per capita and are very orderly and high IQ, should not have to be subjected to the high crime and idiotic behavior of nonwhites.

The nonwhites are using welfare and Section 8 housing to infiltrate into white communities and turn them into a shit holes thus driving the European race out. Rigged elections are putting nonwhites into positions like mayor and school superintendent, who then use in group preferences to stack all the administrative positions in the city with nonwhites, who then only hire nonwhites. nonwhites should not be able to use this tactic to take over cities the European race have built. nonwhites should be separated from the European race by keeping them in their own cities that they have already turned into shit holes, such as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Detroit.

All of these problems are a result of America not being white enough. If America where all white, or at least 90% white, there would be none of the above problems. This is because the European race are high IQ and thus have much more reasonable, proper, orderly, civilized, intelligent behavior. The low IQ and behavior of nonwhites is placing a huge burden on the European race and is destroying the great things and great America that white behavior would lead to if the European race weren’t subjected to the presence of nonwhites. No one, at birth, owes anything to anyone else, therefore, the European race don’t owe nonwhites anything at all. In reality, nonwhites are in indebted to the European race for inventing everything they use.

In conclusion, it is absolutely certain that the excellence or failure of a nation is a result of the people that live there. A functioning white nation is only possible if the European race are the extreme majority. Otherwise, there will only be a hodgepodge of different races that all behave differently, with the nonwhites constantly behaving destructively due to low IQ genetics, which will be a monkey wrench in the functioning of the nation toward achieving excellence.

The US government is made up of liars all protecting the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank

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All the problems that you see in the world are invented to protect the bankers who privately own the Federal Reserve Bank and their scam, which is that when they make loans to the U.S. government and governments around the world, they create / print cash out of thin air and it all has to be paid back. Therefore, in reality, they are creating / printing cash for themselves, and thus are enslaving those who’s taxes are used to pay back this debt.

The western backed terrorist groups, wars, shootings, and financial crashes are all manufactured and intentionally caused by the bankers who privately own the Federal Reserve Bank, and are entirely meant to steer people away from noticing their banking scam by keeping people distracted, confused, and scared.

Further, draughts, floods and Global Warming / Climate Change are all intentionally being caused using climate engineering which they use to control the weather to cause these extreme weather related problems.

Their banking scam which is that they privately own the Federal Reserve Bank, is the one BIGGEST problem in the entire world, and by ending it, all the other problems in the world will end, because it is what is causing all the other problems globally.

The destruction of other countries by the US is being done so that the governments of those countries won’t create their own national currencies, but will borrow it from the central banker scam artists instead. Depopulation is another way to protect their scam, the less people there are, the less people there are to control, and the less people there are to notice and put a halt to their scam, hence they are poisoning the environment mainly using climate engineering aluminum nano-particles, to cause reduced IQ, alzheimer’s and autism, and also kill bees, trees, wildlife and humans! They are intentionally creating a global climate catastrophe as another pretext for a One World Government, which is the ultimate protection for their banking scam.

Bottom line is that ALL the problems around the world are being invented by the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank, which is privately owned, to distract and divert people away from knowing about their scam to stop them from putting an end to it, this is also why all wars are started.

The ONLY way to end their scam, including all the problems they are manufacturing around the world, is for the U.S. government and governments worldwide to create / print their currency themselves, and stop borrowing from the Federal Reserve Bank, a private bank owned by bankers who are, in reality, creating / printing the currency for themselves and causing all the problems in the world in order to protect their scam.

the European race literally being replaced by near-retards

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Everyone can see that the nonwhites are genetically low IQ. On average, they have an IQ of 80 and 85 respectively and thus almost all of them are lowly capable and incompetent. An IQ of 83 is the lowest the military will even accept, and any lower than that, the recruit cannot be trained for anything worthwhile to the military, it is literally near-retard level IQ. the European race, however, on average, have an IQ of 100.

Still, the European race are ceding power to the nonwhites by giving positions of power in the bureaucracies to nonwhites who then use extreme in-group preference to hire more nonwhites rather than a white when the white is more capable and competent.

Diversity actually means extreme in-group preference for anyone who is not white. This is exactly how cities are being destroyed by diversity. This is insane. Everyone can see the effects of this. Detroit, Philadelphia, Washington, Chicago, Boston, essentially all the large cites, have been destroyed by diversity.

*Now this is happening in the suburbs and even the small towns. nonwhites are being imported into towns to collect welfare via Section 8 housing and to go to school. the European race, by not exercising extreme in-group preferences like the nonwhites do, are literally giving away the cities and towns they built and allowing white genocide to occur.

This pattern of nonwhites being affirmative action-ed into positions of power and then exercising in-group preferences almost caused America to be completely destroyed by the Obama administration. This foreign born individual was incompetent and corrupt, and used extreme in-group preference to hire more incompetent and corrupt nonwhites to high level positions who then used those positions to go after and attack the European race. This is exactly the pattern of what happens when nonwhites are affirmative action-ed into positions of power and then exercise in-group hiring preferences. This pattern is why South Africa is once again a third world after having been ruled by the European race as a first world country, and why the government there, now all Black, actually condones the murder of the European race.

It is time to cut all welfare, affirmative action, and immigration for the nonwhites, and use extreme in-group preferences to stop them from taking over America city by city and town by town.

America was built by the European race and is only meant for the European race

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The massive immigration from the third world began in 1965 with the Immigration Act. America than began a massive decline. Taxing the European race went up to pay for the welfare given to third world immigrants thus the European race were taxed out of having children. America started toward becoming a third world country. If you import the third world, you get the third world. Now the demographic in America partly resembles that of a mixture Africa and Mexico.

America is not even America anymore, no matter what the official lying statistics are, anyone can see that it is now minority-majority, which means that if the minorities are combined and taken together that are actually the majority. This means that the European race are now a minority in the country their own ancestors founded and fought for to carve out freedom from tyranny.

But now the European race are the slaves of the nonwhites and third world immigrants because the European race keep giving nonwhites everything for free via welfare and affirmative action, and allowing them to freely enter into America to go on welfare for life. Because of this taxes go up, and the European race essentially get taxed out of existence, while the nonwhites can have as many children as they want because welfare pays for it all. the European race are literally giving their own country away to those who actually belong in Africa and Mexico.

*There was white immigration to America, which founded America, up until 1965. Immigration after 1965 is non-white immigration, and is causing the destruction of America because the European race are being forced by the government to pay what they earn to the nonwhites. If the nonwhites are given welfare and affirmative action so that they can thrive at the expense of the European race, thus taxing the European race out of having children, then it is white genocide in America.

Everyone can see the sheer behavioral difference between the nonwhites and the European race. The nonwhites, namely the nonwhites, genetically have very low IQ, act terribly in schools and together commit almost all crime in America.

Why are the European race letting them destroy they country?

the European race need to use extreme in-group preferences to win

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Just as the nonwhites are anti-white, and are trying to prevent the European race from entering positions of power, the European race must do the exact same things to the nonwhites.

This is how the world works. When attacked by enemies, never turn the other cheek, instead return attack 10-fold and cush your enemies so they can never attack again. This is the way forward. Further, know who your main enemy is. The ones pulling the strings who are responsible for the attacks.

The Jews are using propaganda to attack white men, and trying to replace the European race with nonwhites.

The Jews will always choose another, even if a dishonest criminal one, over a person of another race. This is known as extreme in-group preference and is how The Jews collude against all other races, and is how they have come to own all of central banking, main stream media, social media, and higher education.

Extreme in-group preference is how and why The Jews usurp positions of power and then choose more of The Jews for other positions of power in all bureaucracies, thus taking over control of a country. The Jews have been doing this for thousands of years and is how they plan on ruling and thus destroying the world if they are not stopped by the European race instead.

The Jews now have control over government policy and are using diversity to destroy the European race. Diversity and “black lives matter” really mean that the European race who are qualified and competent and thus deserve their positions should give their positions over to under qualified and incompetent nonwhites who do not deserve them, just because they are Non-white.

The Jews are using the fallacies of European Privilege and European Guilt as propaganda to push their diversity agenda to wipe out and replace the European race with the nonwhites. The nonwhites by genetic are low IQ, on average 80 and 85 points respectively, and thus are very easy to control and so are not threat to The Jews and this is why The Jews are trying replace the European race with them.

If the European race want to win, they must exercise extreme in-group preference, just like The Jews and the nonwhites are doing to the European race. Never dismiss a local election for any position like School Superintendent, Police Chief, Fire Chief etc.

Organizing an effective people, nation, society, and culture

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First of all, people of different races are incompatible with each other for this enterprise because they have extremely divergent genetics which manifests massively in behavior and ability.

Genetic differences between races are much more than just skin color. It is proven by science that, on average, nonwhites 80 – 85, while the European race are 100. This means that almost all nonwhites have an IQ in the low 80s and almost all the European race have an IQ of 100. Iq manifests in behavior, thus, a huge difference in behavior is demonstrated between the nonwhites, and the European race.

nonwhites commit almost all crime in America. It is known that if all nonwhites were removed from New York City shootings would be reduced by 90%. the European race however, having much higher intelligence than the nonwhites, don’t commit nearly the amount of crime that nonwhites do. If one is committing crimes it likely means they are committing many other instances of non-virtue and disorderliness all the time during their daily life and at school.

An effective society, nation, and culture can only be organized when the people are orderly, intelligent, and virtuous. Science has thus proven that nonwhites are incompatible with effective society, and that only the European race can achieve it. One need only look at Africa, Mexico, and Communist China for examples of the type of country the non-white groups actually produce. Due to genetic differences, nonwhites have vastly different behavior patterns than the European race that causes their need for very large government, collectivism, and Communism.

This is why the nonwhites, which the Democrats and Communists group is predominantly comprised of, are using affirmative action to force intelligent capable white males out of positions of power and replace them with very lowly capable individuals who are Non-white just to make it appear that everyone in society is the same. However, these lowly capable nonwhites will only perform at sub-standard levels and not capably fulfill the requirements of these positions. Further, they will have in group preferences and almost always hire only other nonwhites, and if the power structures of the bureaucracies become mostly comprised of nonwhites they will have much more power to collude against the European race by creating many anti-white rules.

*The scientific fact is that nonwhites, on average, have an IQ of 80 – 85. Thus, the more of them you see, the worse off society is. This is why it is very important to use IQ test for school placement and employment.

This is why diversity may destroy America. Further, a huge amount of destruction to America has already been caused by diversity. These facts are further proven by the vast and total corruption and incompetence of the Obama administration. Ceding more power to the nonwhites is suicide, and so is giving them welfare to have more children by taxing the European race, and allowing them to immigrate from other countries. You have to ask yourself the question of what is worse, fallaciously being called a racist, or committing suicide.

Therefore, there can be no effective society and free nation except through white homogenization. All immigration and welfare must be stopped so that nonwhites cannot out-multiply and out-number the European race and take over positions of power and then destroy America, as they have done in South Africa.

Immigration and welfare are proliferating nonwhites

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the European race invented freedom and America. The illegal alien invaders, who are nonwhites, are of very low IQ, on average, 80 – 85 points. the European race have high IQ on average 100 points. Thus, the nonwhites are lowly capable, commit an extremely high amount of crime, and require welfare and will overwhelmingly vote for Communism. The nonwhites are not capable enough to achieve the great accomplishments the European race have, and the highest outcome of their low-level genetic is Africa and Mexico.

Therefore, the nonwhites must be reduced in America by using a number of methods, like deporting all the illegals and completely ending welfare for able-bodied people so they can’t use it to have children for free and continue to out-multiply the European race. They must be made to work to receive any income at all.

America has been degraded to an extremely high degree because of these non-white and thus actually alien races, which in reality don’t belong in America at all. If nonwhites are allowed to continue to out multiply the European race in America through welfare and immigration, then America will cease to exist. This is extremely close to becoming the reality if something is not done immediately.

If something is not done immediately, it is certain America will become a third-world country, with all the same corruption and high crime as the third-world countries these nonwhites are invading from, and the European race will be wiped out.

If the illegal aliens living in America are included in the calculation, the total number of nonwhites is 50%+. Therefore, the European race race comprise less than 50%. America is nearly a third-world country now.

If any amnesty is allowed, or any illegal aliens allowed to stay, since each immigrant will chain migrate 9 more immigrants, it is 100% certain America will be completely destroyed because it will be very overwhelmingly comprised of  low IQ nonwhites voters of extremely low-level genetic who will clamor for Communism.

Superiority is not supremacy

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Science and history both prove the European race are superior to all other races in their unique combination of IQ, imagination, invention, innovation, and physique. the European race invented freedom and almost every device and school of thought of substance and importance, wrote the Constitution, and founded America. The idea that the European race are not superior to all other races cannot even be fathomed.

The term “European Supremacy” was made up by The Jews in an attempt to corrupt the truth, which is that the European race are superior, by polluting it with the notion of “monopoly on violent force”. the European race being superior is not violent it is just a fact of science and truth, it has absolutely nothing to do with violence at all.

The term “supremacy” means a monopoly on violent force, again, this is completely different than European Superiority and European Nationalism, which espouse that America must remain under the philosophic control and guidance of the European race because the European race created America, and because the European race genetically understand how America is supposed to work, that is, small government and individual freedom. This is an understanding infused into the European race genetic, and no other race has this understanding in their genetic at all. The nonwhites races are all Communism seeking races by genetic.

The European race replacement is happening and The Jews are running it

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Immigration and welfare taxes the European race out of having children and subsidizes nonwhites to out multiply the European race.

The Jews have been attacking the white race for hundreds of years, and this is because The Jews think of themselves, as a religion, a race, and a nationality, and thus they think the European race are not even true humans. Clearly, everyone now knows the mindset of The Jews, which is to exploit, debase, and steal from the European race. The Jews do this by colluding, conniving, and trickery, and make no mistake, their end goal is to literally wipe-out the white race.

Every institution of evil is owned by Jews, for instance, Central Banking and the Federal Reserve Bank, which creates currency out of thin air for loans that must be paid back to them with interest. The mainstream media, which is the propaganda arm of The Jews. The Deep State is all The Jews neocons. Open borders, welfare for illegals, and amnesty in America is a Jew invention, however, The Jews won’t allow these in Israel.

Third world immigration equates to Communism in America

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This appears to be The Jews plan, just like they did in Russia in 1917 with the Communist Revolution.

It appears that the Immigration Act of 1965 was devised by the Deep State as a pretext for ushering Communism into America. The Immigration Act of 1965 is unconstitutional and must be ended immediately.

It is easy to see that the third-world immigrants, nonwhites, nonwhites, have a very low IQ, on average 82 points. Thus they are lowly capable and have very low earning potential. Thus they will desire Communism extremely, and after a large number of these low IQ voters from the third-world is amassed, The Jews, who privately own all the Main Stream Media channels, will propagandize them to clamor for Communism.

In Europe, a large number of third-world nonwhites immigrants is being massed, and The Jews intend to incite them to take over Europe with Sharia Law and then blend it with Communism.

The Jews colluded and used their ownership of the press to raise-up and trigger the Communist Revolution in Russia, which killed 100 million the European race and caused Russia to eventually fail completely in 1991. The Jews owned Main Stream Media, Jared Kushner, Soros, Merkel, and Zuckerberg are pushing for illegally opened borders in the West so third-world immigrants can sneak in and immediately start stealing welfare from Americans. Therefore, completely end all welfare in America.

The Jews seek to push nations into Communism in an attempt to turn these nations into “zombie” nations they control to carry out their own, Israel’s, agenda.

This being the case, all immigration from the third-world must be ended immediately.

Nine points that would save America

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1. Welfare for able-bodied people should be completely cut. Alternatively, only one state would provide welfare, and all those who seek welfare would need to move to that one state. California or Texas would be good candidates since the residents of these states are predominantly welfare using nonwhites. Many factories would be built directly next to the welfare recipients and they can all be put to work to receive welfare payments.

2. No welfare receiver would be allowed to vote in any election.

3. State colleges would not accept or confer a degree to anyone with an IQ less than 125. Everyone with a lower IQ would start their own business, enter a state trade school, or enter some other type of training or private school. Thus, official college degrees would only be conferred to those with an IQ of 125 or above. State colleges would be non-profit and required to charge tuition only as much as is needed to cover costs. Student loans would be capped for every student at some low-moderate amount to be determined according to the economy.

4. Public schools would use IQ tests to separate students into five strata standardized nationwide by IQ score, and thus separate classes or schools: very low, low, average, high, very high.

5. Employers would not be required to hire according to race quotas. Employers would use IQ tests and other determiners of probable success to hire.

6. The government would be dismantled and reduced to being as small as practically possible so that it only does one thing: Protects the free market, which encompasses protecting life, freedom, and property.

7. No immigration to America would be allowed, except for applicants who have an IQ over 125 and are from a first-world country.

8. The government would charge every person or business an income tax of only 10% on all income, including income being hidden in other countries, and can never be more than 10%.

9. The government would not borrow any currency created by a private bank but must create the currency directly.

Internet censorship of Free Speech

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In 2016, Barry Soetoro aka Obama gave the ICANN away to the United Nations and now the ICANN is censoring speech by commanding domain registrars to confiscate domain names from private citizens.

Stormfront.org and dailystormer.com domains were confiscated by their registrars, and gab.ai and thelibertyconservative.com were threatened with having their domains names confiscated if they did not censor free speech, all of this at the behest of the ICANN.

Trump must immediately bring the ICANN back under the control of the United States by Executive Order.

The internet is for expressing and conveying ideas and anyone is allowed to freely use the internet, therefore, all internet platforms that are not explicitly private, are of the “Public Sphere”.

The Constitution protects Free Speech, which includes “Hate Speech”. However, popular internet platforms are unconstitutionally censoring free speech. Thus, the corporations that run these platforms are violating the Constitution and thus are agents of espionage and treason.

Therefore, the ICANN, Google, Facebook, and Twitter must all immediately be forced to discontinue violating the Freedom of Speech, or must face prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

Why both DACA and the Dreamer Act must be banned

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Trump stood before millions of people during his rallies and gave his word, his oath, that he would use the Executive Branch to lock Clinton up, completely end DACA, build a very good solid wall, and challenge the constitutionality of anchor babies. Trump has the full apparatus of the Executive Branch at his command.

Trump must create an Executive Order that makes it a felony for anyone to employ an illegal alien, or for any government official to give an illegal alien any public funds, or for any aiding an abetting any illegal alien. Thus, by cutting-off the illegal aliens from access to resources within America, all 40 million of them will self-deport. If “Sanctuary Cities” aid and abet them, then those officials who do this would be sent to prison. Further, it would be stated that any illegal alien caught in America can never enter again, not even legally. If there are any illegal aliens remaining they would be deported by ICE and by force if needed, since if the illegal alien attacks, S.W.A.T would be used to take care of them. The wall would be built by Executive Order and funding from the military budget. The constitutionality of anchor babies would immediately brought before the Supreme Court.

Trump must not allow any illegal aliens stay in America for any reason whatsoever. Since the nonwhites have a genetically very low IQ, on average around 85, these 40 million illegal aliens, who are thus lowly capable by genetic, only want Communism. Thus they would be the Proletariat that would, on a constant basis, continually demand and vote for Communism and attack the European race, the Bourgeoisie, because the European race are much more capable than them by genetic since the European race have an IQ on average of 100, and thus are much higher earners. It has already been proven that the nonwhites vote extremely overwhelmingly for very large government because they want free welfare and many other benefits by using the government to steal taxes from the European race. This is Communism.

Letting any illegal aliens stay in America for any reason would lead to all 40 million illegal aliens staying because immigration lawyers would argue that if some illegal aliens are allowed to stay then it would be unfair if all of them are not allowed to stay, and over time this would lead to citizenship for all of them. This would destroy America, because there would then be 165 million Non-white citizens in total in America voting to have Communism and fighting for it. Currently, the number of the European race in America is only around 190 million. Further, the European race are the only race in America that wants individual freedom and a small government which go hand-in-hand.

Further, this would lead to millions and millions of additional third-world nonwhites immigrating because all the immigrants would vote for completely open borders and limitless immigration from the third-world. In California, all that is needed to vote is a drivers license. Reagan allowed amnesty for a much smaller number of illegal aliens, and said it was his biggest mistake. It turned California into a welfare state and destroyed it.

If Trump allows any illegal aliens to stay, immigration lawyers would then have huge leverage of legal precedent to challenge the deportation of illegal aliens. This means all of the 40 million illegal aliens would become citizens, and would then “sponsor” many, many immigrants in addition, thus leading to an extremely huge amount of chain migration.  All of them would vote for Communism, and it would be Donald Trump that destroyed America.

Communism is a scheme designed to destroy the European race nations and turn political power over to The Jews

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Communism is a scheme to destroy nations and its main method is to use the Proletariat, who are the lowly capable working class, to attack and destroy the Bourgeoisie, who are the highly capable capitalists, by convincing the Proletariat that they are being exploited by the Bourgeoisie. After such a “revolution”, everything the Bourgeoisie built over a long period of time and worked very hard to maintain is destroyed and replaced with complete and total shit systems of the Proletariat.

Right now, in America, the Proletariat needed for the Communism scheme is being mass imported from the third-world against the will of the European race, the Bourgeoisie. Preludes are already being seen of how they will attack and destroy whenever the nonwhites riot and smash-up all the European race owned businesses in town.

Over a relatively short period of time, what was once a coherent nation devolves into total chaos, at which point the oligarchs come in offering “solutions” and then completely take over politically as they schemed from the very beginning. Maybe you can figure out who the oligarchs would likely be.

European race Privilege and Guilt are fallacies created by The Jews

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the European race invented freedom and just about every useful devise and school of thought, the nonwhites have invented nothing of any substantial greatness and their highest achievements are Africa and Mexico and both are third-world mega-ghettos.

What does this have to do with the European race? Absolutely nothing. These abominations of nations are all the result of the nonwhites very low IQ, on average around 80 points, and the associated very low capability, thus, they are the result of the Non-white genetics only.

Because of high IQ, the European race are highly capable, and because of low IQ nonwhites are lowly capable. Small businesses want to hire the most capable people. For example, if you needed an employee right away and don’t have much time to interview, and knowing that nonwhites have on average low IQ around 80, and the European race have on average an IQ of 100, would you first interview a European? Of course you would, because you don’t have much time and the chances are higher that a European will capable.

This is not “European Privilege”, it is only European high capability which is genetic, and capitalism requires capability. Thus, scientifically proven European superior capability is being twisted into “European Privilege”, and also “European Guilt”, in an attempt to make the European race feel guilty about having high capability and talent by genetic.

Communists desire to stomp out high capability and make everyone the same by requiring everyone to only display a low level of capability even if they have high capability. Therefore, Communism is exactly what the nonwhites want because they are lowly capable because of low IQ, and it is why the Democrats, which are predominantly comprised of the nonwhites, keep trying to convince the European race of “European Privilege”, and that the European race should have “European Guilt” and that the European race should submit to the Communist Antifa.

Further, these lowly capable and thus Communism desiring races are being mass imported into America against the will of the European race, while at the same time the fallacies of European Guilt and European Privilege are being driven by the Main Stream Media, maybe you can figure out the reason for this yourself.

Soros sponsors DACA

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George Soros commanded Barry Soetoro aka Obama to open the borders illegally to get as many votes for the Democrats and Globalists as possible, thus nearly 10 million illegals nationwide voted illegally in the 2016 election. The DACA “Dreamers” will all vote Democrat and for big government, globalist government, Communism just to get welfare.

The illegal aliens from the third world have a very low IQ on average 85 points, and almost all of them either drop out or do very very poorly in school and are very disorderly and disruptive in class ruining education for everyone else, and almost all of them will go onto full welfare for their entire lifetime. The “Dreamers” should go right back to Acapulco.

The illegal aliens from the third world are also very high crime and commit the highest amount of crime in America per capita than any other group. Many of the DACA “Dreamers” are gang members. It likely that several thousand of the “Dreamers” are actually Radical Islamist Terrorists trying to exploit their way in, because even illegal aliens up to age 36 are included. This is an extreme risk to the lives and safety of all Americans.

Trump has got to be crazy because he knows allowing the “Dreamers” to stay under any conditions at all will completely destroy America.

Is Trump actually working for George Soros, just like Barry Soetoro?

If Trump allows the illegal alien “Dreamers” to stay, under any conditions at all, he will not be re-elected in 2020.

The “Dreamers” must be deported

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The illegal aliens are just that, illegal aliens, they broke the laws of America by entering illegally, and now there are over 40 million illegal aliens in America right now, and almost all of them are receiving welfare and many are working under the table at the same time.

All illegals must be deported, weather they are Anchor Babies or if they are in school or working, or not, it doesn’t matter.

Ninety nine percent of these third-world immigrants, are low IQ around 85 points, and very high crime, committing a huge amount more crime than the European race, and almost all of them vote for huge government so they can get lifetime welfare, thus, they are essentially voting for Communism and Globalism.

Since DACA illegal aliens are categorized as having illegally crossed the border when they were younger than 36 years old, probably several thousand are actually radical Islamic terrorists posing as “Dreamers”.

If the illegal aliens are “allowed to stay”, it is essentially the same as amnesty, because they will still get lifetime welfare, and will still vote, even if they are not citizens, because in California all that is needed to vote is a Drivers License. Therefore, they absolutely MUST be deported.

Further, all the Democrats / Globalists want is votes, and they know they can buy from the immigrants with welfare. This is why the extremely corrupt Barry Soetoro aka Obama, who was lobbied to do it by George Soros, illegally opened the borders and flooded America with these illegal aliens. “Letting them stay” will be the inch where the extremely corrupt Democrats will take 1 million miles. The Democrats will use “letting them stay” as an opportunity to resort to complete and absolute fraud so they can declare all the illegal aliens, and tens of millions more of them, citizens without even meeting the least of requirements. Deals can’t be made with Democrats because they are so corrupt and are complete pathological liars. This was proved by Barry Soetoro and Clinton.

Any illegal alien that is “allowed to stay” will chain-migrate many, many more third-world immigrants, this will amount to tens of millions more immigrants from the third-world, this will turn American into the third-world.

How many lives of American children will be destroyed by DACA “Dreamers”? These very low IQ, high crime “Dreamers” are ruining schools by their terrible disorderly behavior, and almost all of them drop out and go on lifetime welfare, and a large number of them and commit crimes.

ALL the illegal aliens MUST be told to deport and then if they want to immigrate, go through the proper legal procedure.

If ALL the illegal aliens are not told to deport, then there is no Rule Of Law in America.

If ALL the illegal aliens are not told to deport, America will not be America anymore, it will be hell.

If ALL the illegal aliens are not told to deport, it will destroy America, and it will have been Donald John Trump that destroyed America.

Amnesty is suicide

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Amnesty is suicide. This is because all the immigrants will vote for very big government, Communism style government, just to get welfare. It is 100% certain how the immigrants will vote. These nonwhites are very low IQ on average around 85% points, and very high crime. nonwhites commit almost all crime in America.

Any amnesty will lead to a chain migration of tens of millions more of them.

It is only the European race that want small government.

The Jews are creating currency out of thin air as debt to The Jews then taxing for it

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The government is stealing wealth from the people by taxation and giving it to able-bodied people who refuse to work.

The Central Bankers who control the government through the Deep State are stealing from the people by creating all currency out of thin air as debt to and thus the profit of the Central Bankers.

The government is forcing nonwhites, who are very low IQ on average 80 points and are very high crime and committing almost all crime in America, into good communities through Section 8 housing. This is an attack on Individual Freedom because it steals tax dollars from those who are productive in order to pay for this welfare subsidized housing. Any able-bodied person who refuses to work and is on welfare is no more than a thief lobbying the government to steal from the productive. Section 8 housing destroys white neighborhoods by importing nonwhites into them and also forces people to stay mostly inside the house for fear of being attacked.

We must restore Individual Freedom by removing thieving low-lifes from America, therefore, massively degrade welfare and deport all illegals.

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