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Patent protection must be ended, nobody owns inventions

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Patents are stifling to development, thus all patent protection must be ended completely

Nobody owns inventions, and if one invents something and someone else copies it, this should be appreciated.

Immediate widespread adoption of an invention should be the goal, not limiting implementation using patents so all profit is returned to the patent holder for 20 years.

The more people implementing an idea, the faster it will improve and then again be improved upon, thus leading to entirely new ideas and areas of development.

If a patent holder is concerned about making a profit, then instead of using a patent to stifle development and capture all patent protected profit, simply keep creating better and better products then the competition and sell them. Quality makes profit. If someone copies an invention, their implementation of it might suck. Whoever has the highest quality implementation will sell more.

The Federal Reserve Bank will be abolished, no gold needed

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When the Federal Reserve Bank and the Federal Reserve Notes are abolished, the debt to the Federal Reserve Bank must not be paid. The 21 trillion in National Debt is Jews printing currency out of thin air as debt to themselves, thus it is null and void

When America begins using the new American dollar, there is no need to back it with gold, it can be backed by blockchain. A blockchain ledger will record all the creation and usage of the new America currency by the government. Thus, the government wont be able to lie about how much currency was created and how was spent. Thus, the new America currency will be an honest currency being used to exchange wealth in the biggest economy in the world. This in and of itself will give the new American currency worth. Thus, there is no need to back the new American currency with gold.

It can be backed with gold or silver or something else, but that is not really needed. Actually, it would be a mistake to back it with gold because The Jews own almost all the gold. Thus, backing it with gold would increase The Jews wealth exponentially, giving The Jews the ability to continue creating new Deep States far into the future by buying off politicians and government officials.

Usage by the biggest economy in the world and blockchain ledger is actually all that is needed to back the new American currency.

“People losing confidence in the Dollar”, actually means that people will use other forms to hold wealth instead

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The only thing that backs the Dollar is usage of the Dollar. If the economy – the job market is terrible, then dollar usage will be very low, thus causing the Dollar to have very low value. If people don’t even have dollars to use, they won’t use them. Further, people might not even really want to use dollars. Thus, they will go to an alternative such as to trade work for food, or self-make their own requirements like clothes, and they make economic arrangements with others, and they don’t need or want dollars. They need food, clothes, and other products, and they barter.

Thus, the degree the Dollar is not used is the degree the Dollar is irrelevant and its value is diminished as an instrument for wealth exchange. The Dollar is actually just worthless paper that the people have decided to use as an instrument for wealth exchange right now. However, the people will choose to use other forms for wealth exchange in the future, thus causing the dollar to become worthless.

However, hard assets maintain their value and is what should be used to hold wealth.

Bitcoin (BTC) vs. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) which is better?

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Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin, planned that common Bitcoin users who decide to become “miners” by processing blockchain transactions for the Bitcoin network would get paid a fee in bitcoin themselves for doing this processing. Now, the Bitcoin Core (BTC), the team that is developing Bitcoin (BTC), wants to restrict these payments to just themselves by offloading blockchain processing onto the “Lightning Network” which they totally control, where they syphon cash off of the users. Thus, Bitcoin (BTC) no longer has a decentralized creation of currency feature.

Bitcoin Core claims that the “Lighting Network” that they own is required because of the difficulty feature of Bitcoin, where transaction processing is purposely made more and more difficult as time progresses so that Bitcoin is a deflationary currency. However, Satoshi Nakamoto said that if mining becomes too difficult for common Bitcoin users who want to mine Bitcoin, simply adjust the blockchain block size to larger blocks and adjust the difficulty feature by reducing difficulty to a level that works well. Bitcoin Core refuses to do this because they want the difficulty to remain high so that they can justify offloading blockchain transaction processing to the “Lighting Network” that they control and where they siphon cash off of the users.

Satoshi’s vision was to decentralize currency creation, now Bitcoin Core is trying to centralize Bitcoin currency creation/mining, which is everything crypto stands against.

Bitcoin core is transferring wealth that should have been earned by the individual miner to the few who control the “Lightning Network”.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), however, which is the new coin that hard forked off of the Bitcoin blockchain onto its own separate blockchain on Aug. 1st 2017, remains committed to Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision of keeping the creation of currency decentralized by increasing block size and reducing difficulty as necessity requires, so that common Bitcoin users can be Bitcoin miners and make a profit by processing Bitcoin transactions for the Bitcoin Network.

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