The Jews own and run all political parties

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If the Communists win in November, the Jews will quickly murder the European race. However, if Trump is elected, the Jews will not be able to murder the European race as quickly.

The Jews have taken over all levers of power in the world over thousands of years of infiltration and subterfuge. Freedom in America is nearly gone because the Jews infiltrated. All the Jews have extremely evil intentions, and are an extremely satanic enemy trying to kill off the European race. The Jews infiltrated the West and then brought in the Blacks as a weapon to attack the European race for a Communist revolution and to kill off of the European race. The Jews did the Communist Revolution in Russia in 1917 and murdered 100 million European race Christians. More recently, the Jews did the same thing in South Africa. Now, the Jews are attempting to do the same thing in America and the West right now.

The people think the news is a source of truth from the Christians, when it is lies from the Jews.

The Jews make the vaccines and want to kill the white race off, thus taking it is clear suicide.

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