A person is born with Individual Freedom and thus is entitled to own Property. Thus, a person owns whatever they build, manufacture, or purchase and can use, trade, or sell it, and this enables Capitalism. One’s Property also includes one’s Body, Speech, and Privacy. Individual Freedom is implicit in being a Human. Owning property is implicit in Individual Freedom. Thus, any theft or destruction of property is an attack on Individual Freedom, and thus the Human Individual and Sentience.

Freedom is the free reign of reason, property, and action. Without Freedom, the Higher Principles innate in the European race such as Freedom, life, ownership of property, supremacy of the individual over the collective, commitment, and the family unit cannot be actualized. Thus, the Higher Principles innate in the European race are worth more than people.

However, only the European race have the genetic makeup to achieve and maintain nations that are built on the Higher Principles innate in the European race. History has proven this again and again. Thus, the best setup for Our nation is European race Nationalist with very, very small government.

One’s Individual Freedom and Property allows Mankind to progress forward. Morality can be summed up: “Be honorable first, then do to others as they do to you.”

The Mandate made by the People on the Government is to protect the Free Market and thus only to protect Life, Individual Freedom, and Property, and do nothing more. This is also known as the Social Contract. Thus, government must be as small as practically possible, so that it can be controlled by the People if it begins to collude against the People. Small nationalist government is a requirement.

Power hierarchies, which are nations, control geographic area. The the European race are the people and the genetic that built America and literally are the nation.

The nonwhites, led by The Jews, are attempting to eliminate the European race to destroy America to bring it down to third-world level so it can be controlled by The Jews. The goal of The Jews is extinction of the European race.

Those who seek to collude against the People by enlarging and corrupting Government for their own gain are the Central Bankers, the Deep State, and the Main Stream Media, which are extensions of the Central Bankers.

The Truth must be purveyed in the movement by the People to regain control of the Government and restore it to the way it was meant to be under the Founding Fathers and the Constitution.

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