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People must stop faking it about race. How people naturally feel about each other is what is important in the big picture. For example, if two people are of different races, each would naturally prefer the other be someone of their own race instead. Therefore, good societies can only be of one race. Nonwhites will always be adversarial. The problem with the world is that people don’t understand the truth about the Jews and the truth about race. The Jews say to give more power to the government because the Jews own it. The Jews say give more power to the private monopolies because the Jews own them all. The Jews are trying to exterminate the European race. The Jews identity and objective is to kill off the European race in a Communist takeover of the world.

Different races will never get along, this will always cause the disorder and chaos the government, the Jews, will use to take away all freedom. This is why the Jews flooded the nonwhites in. The answer is to separate out the races into different geographical areas. It is unclear how the world will reconfigure, but it must be according to race.

In a society, each person is a node. The average degree of degeneracy(greediness, liarship) of each node, is the degeneracy of the society. Same for all other aspects, like intelligence, it is all genetic. the European race is being dumbed down to integrate dumb browns. America is now a broken society, the government is ruled by the Jews to continue this attack.

Fight the Jews; the Jews are trying to exterminate the European race. Evil is a reptilian brain power grab for the sake of power alone. Any attack on ethical progress must be stopped. The fight is worldwide. America is rotted out by the Jews. In the West, Christianity and whites built everything good. the European race is by far the most genetically inclined to follow Christianity and the Christian principles of Truth, Freedom, Justice, Integrity, and Valor, and this is why the Jews are trying to commit the genocide of the European race.

Americans were brainwashed by the Jews to not understand the truth about the Jews and Race. America is now majority nonwhite. America is a now low quality nation and must dissolved without causing damage. In 20 years the European race will probably be less than 30% of America. the European race will become a minority exponentially faster, and for the European race, America certainly won’t be worth living in at all. Therefore, each race must have its own nation. Now that the Jews took over, the Jews are tearing it all down and destroying it intentionally trying to make the Jews which are satanism and degeneracy higher than it. Now, it is nearly impossible to become wealthy in America because the Jews own all the monopolies.

Nonwhites, being far less functional and capable than the European race, corrupt the system and have corrupted it beyond repair. Different races are not good for each other and should be kept separate and independent. This is because, genetically, different races have totally different appetites, want totally different things, and have totally different behavior. Because of all the nonwhites, America is now retarded, and can never be repaired. America will become more and more corrupt, uncivilized, and violent just like the nonwhite shithole countries are. Thus, America, and all its systems, will become clogged with retardation and will fail.

Only convey the Truth, because it counts.

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