Secession by all states is a requirement

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The following monopolies are all controlled by The Jews: American government, mainstream media, all banking institutions for civilians and the government, and the crony capitalist corporations. Google, Facebook, Amazon, and the Federal Reserve Bank are all completely owned by The Jews and are protected by the government which is completely corrupt. These monopolies owned by The Jews engage in authoritarian censorship, conspiracy, and illegal surveillance of Americans, and are the corporate Deep State. In other words, the whole system is rigged so The Jews stay in power. The Jews are pushing for degeneracy and Communism in America as a means of control and this is clearly shown by just looking at the Democrat Party.

The Jews have a complete and total monopoly on America’s government and economy. The Jews want only the government to know the “secret government history” and the “truth” and to hide it from the People. This is because The Jews want to hide much, including the atrocities committed against America by The Jews and Israel. This is why The Jews want America and all other countries to have governments with absolute power and unlimited powers of surveillance to command the People to think and do entirely what The Jews want. The Jews simply infiltrate the governments and also pay off all the politicians. The Jews seek to enslave everyone in the world this way.

The Declassification is only a small amount of the truth. Government will never reveal it in full, but will only give out small crumbs of truth here and there over time to appease the People as they trudge along to extinction under literal slavery under The Jews. The Jews completely usurped the government of America. America has been taken over from the inside out by The Jews, and is now beyond repair because the demographic of America is now majority non-white, a situation which The Jews created by passing the Immigration Act of 1965.

The Jews intentionally brought the nonwhites into America as a attack on the European race. The nonwhites are enemy tribes against the European race, and The Jews are by far the most satanic tribe. The Jews have opened the borders to push enemy tribes into the same geographic area so that they will eventually kill each other off while The Jews sit back and watch.

All the above considered, it is certain America must be broken up into many separate sovereign countries so that the People can finally break the chains of slavery imposed upon them by The Jews. All states should file their secession papers immediately and become separate sovereign countries. This is the one and only way the world can defeat The Jews.

Also, an immediate worldwide boycott of The Jews and Israel must be put into effect.

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