The European race should leave America

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The Jews have infiltrated America at all levels, and have taken over the American political system. Benjamin Franklin warned that this would happen when the Founding Fathers were writing the Constitution and wanted a clause that kept The Jews out of America. Benjamin Franklin, when asked what kind of government was going to be provided by the Founding Fathers, replied “A Constitutional Republic, if you can keep it”. However, the European race were not able to keep it.

The Jews totally took over the American political system and economy including all the media and internet, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and all the banks including all the central banks in the world including the Federal Reserve Bank, where The Jews print currency out of thin air as debt to themselves to fund all The Jews monopolies, which is all of the American economy. All The Jews monopolies are supported by the American Government and the intelligence agencies.

All the politicians are cowards and are unwilling to sacrifice anything at all to take America back from The Jews. Even Trump, a multi-billionaire with the full support of the intelligent section of the American electorate, won’t stand up to The Jews and take America back and give it back to the European race, when it was the European race that founded America. If you are in the military, you are working for The Jews terror machine. Walk away.

The Jews literally are the Deep State. The Jews literally are satan incarnate. The Bible explicitly says The Jews are the enemy of mankind. The Jews killed Jesus. The Jews are genetically a distinct race, they are genetically psychopathic and religiously satanic. It is accurate to say that another Civil War will not benefit the European race because The Jews will recruit the nonwhites against the European race and make sure the nonwhites have the better weaponry and that the European race ammunition won’t fire.

The Jews plan is to propagandize to the European race to give false hope that The European race will take America back in some Civil War or by voting. However, The Jews intent is to keep the European race contained in America, which is actually a “holding can” where The Jews can slowly kill off the European race in America over a moderately long period of time while at the same time propagandizing for miscegenation to make the population nearly all non-white and have an IQ of around 90, only intelligent enough to work well enough as a slave of The Jews.

America is now a foreign country. The wall will only be built after many more than 100 million nonwhites have entered America and will never be removed by Trump or anyone else. The Jews are propagandizing the European race for miscegenation. The Jews goal is to exterminate the European race because only the European race has the intellectual ability and drive to stop The Jews from ruling the word and killing every one or making them slaves. The Jews publicly announced this intent many, many times. The Jews find it very easy to push the nonwhites around wholesale since, on average, the nonwhites have low IQ, around 80. The nonwhites will only vote for Communism.

The Jews have stolen America from the European race and now own America. However, The European race are the only ones actually keeping America running. The Jews are only using the European race as the “intelligent slaves” for now and also for fodder for miscegenation. Many, many roles and jobs in America depend on having the ability to ie. correctly turn the screws to the correct tightness, to measure things out and line them up correctly, to figure things out at the basic mechanical and technical level. However, the nonwhites do not have the ability to do these things, because on average they only have an IQ of 80. The miscegenation intended to create mixed-race slaves of a IQ of around 90, which The Jews are depending on, has not happened wholesale yet.

Therefore, right now The Jews are absolutely depending on the European race to keep America running during the miscegenation phase of The Jews plan to exterminate the European race. Thus, the European race should move out of America and let it completely crash and burn right thus letting it rot out completely at a national IQ of 80. The Jews will not be able to keep America running without the intelligence of The European race because nonwhites cannot fulfill any role that requires a certain level of intelligence.

To sum up, if The European race leave America before wholesale miscegenation, nonwhites alone will not be able to perform the required tasks and keep America running because the national IQ would be too low at 80, as mentioned above. This would cause massive failure across America at the mechanical, electrical, and technical level.

At this point The European race should desire a total collapse of what is now a garbage can totally owned and controlled by The Jews. There is no way to get America a back again. Again, not even Trump a multi-billionaire with the full support of the intelligent section of the American electorate could take America back from The Jews.

Nation is blood. However, the European race were brainwashed by The Jews, which own the entire media, over a long period of time to forget this fact. If you leave America, go to a place where The Jews have not taken over the political system and economy, and keep The Jews out or they will again destroy and take over that country too as they have now destroyed and taken over America, and just as they have destroyed 108 countries before this.

Now, The Jews have total control of America and fatally threaten the entire world because America and Israel have nukes. Thus, any the European race that live and work in America are only unknowingly helping The Jews build America into a weapon of international terror, a weapon The Jews intend to use to try to rule the world and kill off or enslave everyone else: a nuclear-armed garbage can America.

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