The Jews are all working together to murder the European race

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The rot out of the West being run by the Jews became very apparent to some of the people, so they started to search out where it was originating from, and the people found without question that it is the Jews. The Jews completely only murderously lie to brainwash the people until the Jews have fully infiltrated, and then the Jews start killing off the natives by proxy at first and then outright under Communism. The “events” being seen today are a part of a Communist takeover of the world being run by the Jews, and all the Jews are working toward this. The Jews print unlimited currency out of thin air to run “events”, immigration, wars, bought up all government and all media. After many years of infiltration, and trillions in paper currency printed right into the Jews pocket, the Jews now completely own the government, all the monopolies, media, and all central banks in the world.

The Jews are a criminal race with the goal to murder the European race to prevent any opposition to the Jews killing billions and enslaving the rest. The Jews are a criminal race whoes goal is to murder the White race. The Jews are an extremely evil and sinister people trying to murder us, our race. Thus, there is a worldwide war, and all countries must be taken back from the Jews. Therefore, the European race must retaliate and end this menace as required by God. One way is to take all the Jews wealth and not let them own anything or be in a country at all. Thus, a fascist, all white Christian limited government nation is what is required. Government and markets are not bad if they are under this style of government. Having no government at all would allow the country to be crushed by attackers. The Jews must be kept out or they will infiltrate the government and the markets, and use them to subvert and destroy the people.The reason why the Jews hate Jesus so much is because Jesus told the Jews that they are not supreme over other races and are not to enslave other races. Because enslavement of all the other races is the core of the Jews belief system, if the other races cannot be enslaved by the Jews, then the Jews entire belief system is invalidated. To avoid this invalidation is why the Jews are so driven to enslave and kill off the other races no matter what the cost.

The Jews print the money out of thin air and buy everything with it. Nonjews can only get this paper if they receive it as payment for work or as a loan. The Jews need people to accept this paper, so the Jews can steal people’s land, work, and inventions with it. The Jews only way of existence is to intentionally cause devastating damage by attacking by proxy, lies, and brainwashing to force people to accept “solutions” that destroy further.

Some people are only cowering, waiting, and watching as the Jews lead the extinction of the European race and Mankind by establishing even more control over the people by printing currency for themselves and lending some of it to the government and everything else the Jews own and control: Big media, Big government, Big tech, and Big monopoly. The Jews are a race and are satanic by genetic and religion, are actively trying establish Communism so the Jews have full power in forcing the people around and killing them.

America is as a colony of Israel. 9/11 and Corona among many other are events run by the Jews as part of a Communist takeover of the world run by the Jews. The Jews flood the European race with poisons to murder the European race: nonwhites, degeneracy, infiltration of government, media, banking, and monopolies, forced ingestion of poisons, debt, murderous lies, and brainwashing. The people of a country are, in general, of a certain mindset. Thus, since nonwhites want Communism, Communism is what will happen if they are brought in. Nonwhites have no problem accepting the tyranny of the Jews. All the mainstream media and news is owned and written by the Jews. One must be virtuous and follow the Constitution, carry a gun, and when the tyrants come around to stop one, they shall defend the Constitution. The only likely answer now is armed resistance because all of government and the markets have been completely infiltrated by the Jews. Every race should adopt the Nazi ideology, not to fight each other but instead to achieve their separate exclusive geographical area in North America.

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