The Jews are viciously attacking the European race by proxy

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The Jews literally infiltrated and now own and run all systems in America by monopoly; government, banking, all corporations, and everything else, and are using them to viciously attack the European race:

Force import savages from the third world who violently attack the European race.
Brainwash these savages to violently attack the European race.
Force the European race to die in the Jews wars.
Force the European race to kill each other off in wars that the Jews intentionally start using murderous lies.
Move the factories and well paying jobs to nonwhite countries.
Force import nonwhites to take away the job of the European race.
Use the media to push degeneracy/liberalism.
Poison the minds of the youth using the school system.
Use the media to brainwash the European race to not understand that the Jews are attacking the European race.
Poison the water, food, and vaccines.
Alcohal and cigarettes.
Force the European race to pay high taxes.

Because the Jews own all the currency printing presses and all the banks in the world, the Jews literally print currency out of thin air directly into their pocket and only lend some of it to the governments that the Jews completely run and control. The European race is then forced to work to pay taxes to pay back this paper the Jews print as much of as they want directly out of thin air.

The Jews plan to hand weapons out to the nonwhites for free and tell them to kill the European race and they won’t go to jail.

It is clear that the only course of action for the European race is to arm to the teeth. Also, relocating to Russia is a good idea. Putin is Christian and Russia is Christian and not completely controlled by the Jews like America is, and this is why the Jews hate Russia to the extreme. An option is to force the Jews out of America at gunpoint.

Apart from that, Biden, the puppet of the Jews, if president, would literally call in air strikes to kill the European race if the European race tries to protest or even peacefully protest against the Jews. Further, Barry Soetoro, who was never actually president, because was not born in America, already fired all the generals who refused to sign the aggreement to kill Americans, and stacked the military with all generals that are Jews and their puppets who did sign the aggrement. For instance, a Jew is literally the head of the Air Force. Apart from that, Trump is building up the military of America. America is a terrorist state completely run by the Jews. This is the most retarded thing ever possible, because after Trump the Jews plan to use the military Trump built to kill off the European race and 90% of the world.

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