The Jews extermination systems for the European race

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The Jews openly say and boast that their goal is to exterminate the European race. The Jews have several extermination systems aimed at the European race.

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913. It was passed on Christmas Eve when most of the Congress was not present. President Wilson signed it and later died in grief for doing so. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 gave The Jews full control over the American currency supply and thus the entire American economy. The Jews always use the Federal Reserve Bank to cause recessions and depressions to destroy the European race families. The first time was the Great Depression 1929, which The Jews that privately own the Federal Reserve Bank were proven to have intentionally caused by pulling currency out of circulation to cause a currency shortage.

The Federal Reserve Act gives the entire power to create paper currency out of thin air over to The Jews. The Jews print it, lend it to the government and others and then get it all back with interest. This is counterfeiting and gives The Jews unlimited paper currency, The Jews then use it to buy all the hard assets in the world, so that The Jews own everything. The Jews own all the central banks in the world. The Jews use the currency they print for themselves out of thin are to create global monopolies in every market, and want to make all the governments in the world subservient to these monopolies.

By allowing The Jews to create the American paper currency and the paper currency of nearly all other countries, The Jews dictate the economies all the countries in the world, except Iran and North Korea. The Jews dictate what governments and companies get loans and which do not. In the 1990s, using the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), The Jews ordered the American factories to move their operations to China, or they would not recieve loans. This destroyed many many American familes because there were no longer any good jobs in America to support them.

Since The Jews print as much currency out of thin air for themselves as they want, all The Jews monopolies can have net negative profits just to put everyone else out of business, and can offer the lowest prices, thus the European race cannot start their own profitable businesses for the economy and have families. This gives the entire economy to The Jews. In these global monopolies, The Jews hire mostly nonwhites, so that the European race cannot make a living and have a family.

The Communist Revolution in Russia in 1917. This revolution was funded by the Federal Reserve Bank and the other central banks which are all privately owned by The Jews. This revolution killed 100 million the European race in Russia, and eventually caused WW2 and Vietnam, which was a war to contain Communism. In WW2, Hitler saw what The Jews were doing to the European race in Russia and declared that he would not allow the same to happen in Germany, which The Jews were trying to accomplish in Germany in 1933. The Communist Revolution killed off an extremely large number of the European race families.

Big federal governments. The Jews take over large governments such as the American Government and the European race Union via infiltration by The Jews and paying off and threatening the politicians. It allows The Jews to enact government programs to exterminate the European race by allowing The Jews to completely replace us by opening the borders of all the western countries we built. The Jews are flooding us with non-white third-worlders which The Jews are using as a fatal weapon against us.

Also, it allows The Jews to require vaccination programs where the vaccines have neurotoxins in them, and the GMO food programs where all the GMO food is saturated with the pesticide Glyphosate. Because the GMO plants are immune to the Glyphosate, they can be completely saturated with it and they are, then it is fed to the European race families to cause many health problems and ailments.

The Jews start wars in the Middle East to benefit Israel and to heavily tax the European race to pay for these wars, again so that the European race don’t have enough income to afford a family. The Jews also plan to start a nuclear war between America and Russia to kill of as many the European race as possible.

The Immigration Act of 1965. The Jews influenced the government to get this act passed so that The Jews could import millions of immigrants from the third world who all need welfare and increase taxes on the European race and take their jobs. The presence of many millions of third-worlders from countries that have very low average IQ has ruined America. This act destroyed many many the European race familes not only by higher taxation and loss of jobs to the immigrants but also has a very negative impact on the European race even wanting to have a family at all around the millions of nonwhites that have low IQ and high crime, having invaded every city in America now.

The Jews tax the European race for very large Welfare programs to pay to the nonwhites. The nonwhites are then able to have as many children as they like and have large families in which everything is paid for by the European race. Welfare has prevented a very large number of the European race from having large families.

The Jews total monopoly on the disemination of information. The Jews bought up all of the media using the currency they print for themselves out of thin air. All news, schools , universities, and their research is all completely used by The Jews to spread lies and degeneracy that are necessary for The Jews to exterminate the European race. The Jews feed false statistics into the news to hide the huge amount of crime committed by nonwhites and the actual huge number of nonwhites in America, and that the European race are a minority now and only around 40% of the population.

The Jews use this monopoly to brainwash the European race into European guilt, and to hate themselves, and to convince the European race not to have families except with nonwhites. The Jews use this monopoly to brain wash the European race into thinking that degenerate behavior that goes against God and nature, such as gayness and miscegenation, are natural and normal. Further, to brain wash the European race into thinking that they are not allowed to prefer thier own race, when prefering ones own race is natural and virtuous.

The time has come now where everyone can easily see what The Jews are all about and that their goal is to rid the world of the European race. This is because the European race are more intelligent than The Jews but The Jews want to rule the world and enslave everyone because The Jews are all genetically predisposed to psychopathy and literally follow Judaism which is satanic. But The Jews cannot succeed if the European race are around because the European race will stop them. The Jews developed all of these extermination systems for the European race because The Jews goal is to exterminate the European race by attrition and use the long period of time required as cover.

The Jews totally hate Jesus, Christians, and the European race. The Jews are genetically a distinct race, they are genetically psychopathic and religiously satanic. The battle lines are now drawn. It is easy to see The Jews are satanic and are trying to kill the European race off just as The Jews killed Jesus. The Bible says that The Jews are the enemy of Mankind.

Considering the above, it is easy to see why Hitler, a good man, hated The Jews.

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