The Communist revolution in America is run by the Jews and funded by their monopolies, with a goal of killing off the European race

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The Jews are running Communist takeover of America to kill the European race. The Jews already did this in Russia in 1917 and more recently in South Africa. The Jews own and run all the monopolies and central banks in the world and right now are literally funding a Communist revolution in America by funnelling currency through their banks and monopolies to it. This is exactly what the Jews did in the Jew run Communist revolution in Russia in 1917 when the banker Jew Jacob Schiff from New York funded it. Now, in America, Amazon, Bank Of America, and PayPal together are sending much more than a billion to the Communist “black lives matter”. Because the Jews completely infiltrated the entire government, the Jews own the government, and all the banks, and all the monopolies, and all media, the Jews are using all levers of power in tandem in an attempt of Communist takeover of America using “black lives matter” with the end goal of killing the European Race. The Jews make the vaccines and the Corona vaccine is meant to kill off the European race. Further, aside from that, after the injection, the needle will have the injected persons DNA on it, thus the Jews will steal each injected individuals DNA for criminal use. A legal war must be declared on the Jews, the Jews can get their soldiers together, and the European race shall do the same and then a real war can happen to deal with the Jews once and for all.

The Jews have completely infiltrated all levers of power in America and the West: The banking system, the governmental system, the media system, the educational system, the medical system, the technologic system, and the economic system. All these systems are vital to any nation.

The Jews run all these systems in coordination in an attempt bring about Communism to kill off the European race. The Jews already did this in Russia in 1917 when the Jews did the Communist revolution to murder 100 million of the European race, and more recently and South Africa where the Jews are using the Blacks as a weapon to murder the Europen race there right now.

The Jews centralize power into monopolies within all of these systems, so that a very small group is entirely controling each vast system.

Google, Amazon, Facebook, Monsanto, the American governmemt, the Europen governments, and the Federal Reserve Bank are only a small list of the monopolies actually owned, run, and completely controlled by the Jews.

However, the Jews will fail. The Jews require secrecy, but now everybody knows about the Jews. The Jew require infiltration, but now no one will ever allow a Jew to any position of power again, no matter how many lies there are to try to get them in. The Jews require complicity, but now no one will use the monopolies held by the Jews.

The Jews, from in their monopolies, are commanding the riots and the tearing down all the European race monuments in America.

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