The Jews own and run “black lives matter”, the police departments, and all the systems in America

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The Jews run “black lives matter” and the police departments such as the NYPD, and the Jews want to kill off the European race. The Jews want to defund the police departments so that the Jews can use “black lives matter” to kill more of the European race because violent crime against the European race by blacks is extremely extremely large. However, the Jews wont write this fact into the news, and lie that it is the opposite, lying that the police kill the blacks at a higher rate than other races, when in fact the police kill blacks less. The Jews have total control over what people think becaue the Jews own all the media and write all the news.

The Jews own the systems in America, and thus orchestrate all these elements with each other to achieve the Jews goals. For instance, the Jews through “black lives matter”, tell the Jews who also control the NYPD to defund it, and they do it. This is done with the goal of killing off the European race.

Apart from that, the Jews own and run all the media and write all the news. Because the Jews are using the media to kill off the European race, the Jews must not be allowed to own and run all the media. The Jews monopoly on media was the result of the Jews printing all the currency out of thin air directly into the Jews pocket. The people believe the media is a source of truth, however, it is only murderous lies by the Jews. Therefore, the Jews media monopoly must be broken and the Christians must write media.

Suicidally, too many people won’t say the fact; that the root problem in America is that the Jews are extremely highly embedded into all of America’s systems and mostly the government and cannot be gotten out, and thus will only continue to kill off the European race using the Blacks and nonwhites just like in South Africa, and by many other methods also. As long as the Jews are embedded in all these systems, absolutely nothing at all will ever fix America or save the European race in America. In fact, it is a one-way ratchet, as long as the Jews are emnbedded in all of the systems in America, the Jews will use all the systems in America they have usurped to kill off more and more of the European race, and it will not lessen, it will only increase. The fact that the Supreme Court is now only following the Jews orders and making unconstitutional decisions clearly proves this. The Jews, using all of America’s systems, all of which have been infiltrated and taken over by the Jews, including all the banks, corporations, media,, and goverment run “black lives matter”. Thus, all of these in concerted effort, are killing off the European race.

Apart from that, it is easy to see that the “black lives matter” riots are the same as 9/11, simply meant to get the people to accept a police state and more power to the Jews systems. The Jews run all the systems. The Jews make moves with these systems all working together to create happenings to take away freedom and increase the power of the state and the monopolies and these are owned and run by the Jews.

The fact that the Jews own and run all of America’s systems is kept secret by the Jews because if the people knew, they would want to end America completely. However, the Jews need America to control, enslave, and kill off the European race, and also to enslave the whole world and to kill billions of people across the world just as the Jews have loudly proclaimed on the Georgia Guidestones.

The Jews own and run all political parties.

The use of Communism to kill off the European race is the Jew’s main goal, in America and Europe. The Jews hate Russia because Putin enacted governmental policies that keep the Jews from infiltrating and taking over the Russian systems and government.

Because all the systems in America have been taken over by the Jews and the Jews goal is to kill off the European race, America in no longer inhabitable by the European race and therefore must be broken up into separate countries.

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