The Jews planned to rule the world using China

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The Jews planned to use their complete infiltration and control of the West and their monopolies on all the vital systems in the West as the barganing chip to sell the Communist Chinese the status of “center of World Currency”. Thus, the Jews planned to rule the world using China as the current puppet hegemonic world power. The is because the Jews main goal is to commit the genocide of the European race, and later all the nonjews. Sending European race jobs to China caused the European race to not be able to afford families. However, the Jews “China plan” is now destroyed because Trump was elected by the people. This is why the Jews released the Corona virus to try to topple Trump. The Jews run all the bioweapons labs with the fake money the Jews print out of thin air for themselves via the Federal Reserve Bank which the Jews privately own. However, the Corona virus shall destroy the Jews and shall wipe Israel off the map.

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