The people shall overthrow the Jews wordwide

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The people shall respond to the extremely evil actions of the Jews by spreading the Truth far and wide. The awareness of the people will increase dramatically and the Jews will be overthrown worldwide. There is a race between people waking up and understanding the truth about the Jews and that the Jews are extremely evil, satanic, and the whole problem with the world, and the Jews taking over the world by Communism and destroying it. The Jews were removed from 109 European race nations for subverting and damaging the people of the nation from inside in order to take over the country. The Jews are now doing this on a worldwide scale to take over the world. The genetic objective and identity of the Jews it to exterminate all the nonjews by running a Communist takeover of the world. The Jews end-goal is to exterminate all nonjews. All Jews support extremely evil Jews, this is why all Jews are extremely evil. The Jews are the enemy of Truth and Freedom.

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