One must be a Christian and hate the Jews because the Jews are trying to murder ones own race, and the rest of the world.

The world will change when many people become aware of the truth and perceive it and then express it in every way possible.

The good must be hard fought for, thus, it can be appreciated. Fight the murderous liars to achieve meaning and purpose.

As long as one fights, one wins.

Existence itself is virtuous. Thus, virtue is toward existence, and nonvirtue is toward nonexistence.

Existence is a huge opportunity, a gift.

Matter is virtuous because it is existence.

If one has purpose, one has meaning.

Follow Freedom, Truth, Justice, Integrity, Valor.

There are two ways to be. One is where a person believes everything is random, and thus has no meaning and purpose. The second way sees that existence itself is virtuous and is order and Logos, as created by a God that is more powerful than it. Thus, God is virtuous. Therefore, one must be virtuous in order to be of meaning and purpose in the universe. Thus, Jesus is the role model.

The speed of light is 1 million times faster than the speed of sound. However, using experiments that were conducted within the influence of Earth’s gravity to claim the speed of light is a limit is absurd. It is likely possible to go faster than the speed of light when beyond the influence of gravity. Thus, Einstein lied.

Pursue what is grand and beautiful.

The things of beauty were done by their creators as an ode to God.

Beauty shows the way.

It is illogical to challenge the existence of God, but not the Church.

Love existence itself, be excited about existence itself.

Achieve joy which is positive state of being.

Make the time frame of your life have more meaning.

Fill your mind with things of beauty, greatness, and victory.

The world must be moved into truth.

Body, ideas, awareness, and sentience are the elements of being. Strive toward perfection of positive state of being.

Although life mainly consists of work and struggle, one should have positive state of being and joy.

Being good at making people have positive state of being through truth is a powerful talent because it highly and positively impacts the world. It gives people hope and imparts the high confidence and high self-belief that people need.

People are attracted to people who have a demeanor that indicates they have positive state of being in intriguing ways because it displays additional possibilities of being, the word is charisma.

To love others means to want them to achieve having positive state of being. However, having positive state of being can only be achieved by following truth. Thus, to love others really means that you want them to follow truth and you assist them in it.

One should use virtuous principles to drive their thoughts to gain positive state of being and the highest life experience possible.

Live in the moment, doing what you know you love, thus having positive state of being your unique way to reach your full potential.

Having positive state of being is a great asset, and is something to be achieved by following virtuous principles, thus becoming bathed in a great mind, which creates the greatest possible life experience. Being sad is actually adverse to the meaning of life.

It is less a persons circumstances than it is mindset that determines positive state of being. Circumstances can be changed by searching for and finding solutions.

Have positive state of being. This is your job.

One is going to keep living until they die, even if they complain all day. Thus, decide to have positive state of being, excitement, and exuberance.

Treat people good, and one will have positive state of being. However, sometimes to get things done one has to flat out assert demands and commands. Making people be distraught can be a side effect, but very often to get the job done it is worth it. Otherwise many people will likely just blow one off.

Liking something or someone a lot is big, it helps positive state of being, and is very fortunate thing.

People are inspired by something or someone if it truly makes them have positive state of being.

Search for solutions, this in itself is hope and gives a person positive state of being.

People can shift to having positive state of being if they put in the work.

Having positive state of being is up to you, you have to stay in a good place by focusing on finding solutions, and having fun.

If you want to be healthy, strengthen the body. Having positive state of being is highly influenced by the body. However, the body is also affected by what the mind is thinking.

Be fulfilled by having positive state of being, thrills, romance and flavor, of loving life in the ways that work for oneself.

If one acts sanguinely toward others, they will have positive state of being. However, do not trust anyone.

Only marry someone who will help you fully have positive state of being.

Life is better when you have positive state of being by being alive and really living.

Health is the most important factor in having positive state of being.

Have positive state of being like a king.

Your values will determine if you have positive state of being.

To always have positive state of being, always believe there is a solution for every problem.

God created the universe and thus obviously is much more powerful than it.

Find or create ways to have positive state of being.

Do what makes you have positive state of being and be joyful.

Have positive state of being in your own skin, be healthy.

What one thinks has the biggest affect on weather they have positive state of being.

To be successful, one must have positive state of being.

Generate your own positive state of being.

One can always have positive state of being if they have good health and are directing their living according to truth.

Seek health, having positive state of being, wealth, camaraderie, Freedom, time, meaning, fulfillment, self-perfection, spirituality.

People will do what is in their heart.

Impact one makes on the Universe lasts, nothing else does.

For life to have meaning one needs purpose. However, a degenerate purpose does not give life meaning.

To give meaning and purpose to Mankind, Jesus walked the Earth and spread the truth, thus giving the example of how God wants one to be, and that one must create great things for the Universe. Freedom is a requirement for this.

Jesus said if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.

Virtuous people have a job and purpose to improve the world.

Purpose, meaning, productivity: The worlds environment must be ordered, civilized, thus conducive to people making breakthroughs.

ones true purpose is to follow truth, improve Mankind to the highest.

The true purpose and meaning of life is to stop those who are working hard to destroy Freedom and Christianity.

God cannot be comprehended.

Christianity is truth and thus eclipses any philosophy.

Degeneracy is satanic clutter.

Jesus made the statement to do what is virtuous and not be concerned about death.

What Jesus said is true. The resurrection, being an extremely unlikely event, proved it.

God is the one and only thing that gives life and the Universe meaning. Following God is the only thing that gives life meaning, nothing else does. The advent of Christianity puts this truth into words so it is communicated far and wide. Christianity is by far the best way to live all throughout life, without it one can only be confused.

To deny the existence of God is to deny the meaning and truth of the Universe. Christianity most reflects God.

God can help solve problems and make ones life great. However, first, one has to search for solutions, and start moving the chess pieces around themselves, only then can God begin to work.

God helps those who help themselves.

God cannot much help those who are too timid to make big bold moves.

Fortune favors the bold.

Fight hard for Freedom, the Constitution, and national sovereignty. This is what God wants done.

The Constitution, ordained by God, protects our Freedom against a tyrannical government.

Expound the virtues of Freedom, the Constitution, national sovereignty, and Christianity.

Fight hard for Freedom, the Constitution, national sovereignty, so that it is possible for all to reach their unique full potential as the Universe intended. Actually, this might be the real definition of love.

Follow the mysteries, the romance, and the enchantments. Make the world great for everyone by upholding Freedom and the Constitution, to usher in the New Renaissance.

Believe and do whatever you want if it does not infringe on Freedom and the Constitution.

Freedom, the Constitution, and national sovereignty are virtuous principles that must never be neglected.

Have a huge amount of hatred for those who are trying to destroy Freedom and the Constitution.

A person can be sized up by how much they are truly loving life, while protecting Freedom, the Constitution, and national sovereignty.

It is Freedom which is protected by the Constitution, that lets us soar at the highest levels.

There is nothing wrong with having a huge ego, which is the opposite of being timid, as long as one fights for Freedom and the Constitution.

Fortune favors those who protect Freedom and the Constitution.

Freedom is required to search for truth and pursue God through Christianity.

To build a great nation it must powerfully provide and maintain Freedom, and thus truly free markets. However, only the European race has been proven to have this ability.

One needs Freedom to find truth, and truth to find virtue. One needs virtue to find happiness. Therefore, protect Freedom at all costs.

Without God there is no meaning. Secure Freedom and order in the world so that people can find God and have joy.

Be a Christian and protect Freedom in the world so people can have joy and find Christianity and God.

Science proves the European race, on average, are the most intelligent, reasonable, sensible, and civilized people in the world.

The virtuous principles are: Freedom, stewardship of ones own race, self-determination, self-sufficiency, family unit, orderly civilized society, and knowing there is a solution for every problem.

The best thing to pour ones soul into is a wife and family.

God is above religion. However, Christianity is truth.

All humans are good and evil because they have human DNA and thus have some defects and thus are sinful. However, if one follows Christianity they can use their own freewill to override their defective DNA that causes sinfulness.

Humans minds are weak yet can connect with God only if one seeks to truly improve mankind and the Universe.

Follow God.

God wants humans to follow Jesus as the role model.

Philosophy is the study of meaning, Christianity gives meaning, it is a philosophy that includes God. Christianity is the operating system for the human race.

If one does big things in the Universe while following truth it may perhaps put one on good terms with God.

Christianity builds the strongest societies.

Consciousness governed by perceiving reality, and having reason and order follows Christianity and yields a fulfilling life in all cases.

Christianity is Logos, it clears the mind, and unlocks one into excellence.

Christianity, orderly living values, are needed because everyone has many demons and defects.

If a person is trying to follow God and be a Christian, do what is right, and be a net positive, do not tear them down. They are an asset.

God meant for life to be difficult, as a test to see if one is actually worthy of ‘heaven’.

Endure your journey toward death. However, if you can find it in yourself, make some light of it if you can.

Do not be sorry for yourself.

In general, be grateful.

Do not feel bad about anything.

Active natures are rarely melancholy. Activity and sadness are incompatible. -Christian Bovee

When the wind does not provide take to the oars. – Latin Proverb

Do not hate anyone, want everyone to follow truth.

The results of evil are always vile.

Oppression is when they try to prevent merit, order, and the good Christians bring.

The European race Christians are the most qualified leadership for the world, if the world is to be of any value.

Reasonable people want to improve the Universe and themselves, thus they search for solutions to problems, get reasonable people in their lives, create good relationships, and work to further the European race.

Live in the moment, because that is the best there is right now.

Be energetic, thrilled about life, and always believe there is a solution for every problem.

Accept all facts, be lean and muscular like a whip, do big things, this is what women like.

Much thought and pondering can be eliminated if one simply addresses everything in life as a Jesus man.

A Womans job is to attract men and raise children. A Mans job is to be a defender, a provider, a leader.

You only have to ask her name.

At their core, women want a man they believe can destroy everyone else. No matter how much they lie about it, this is what they really want.

Women believe that feeling is truth, whereas men do not.

High level fine women want to romance if one is good, confident, driven, built, and also backed with wealth.

One should transfer their drive for self-greatness into drive for the greatness of the European race because in doing so they will achieve much more impact then they otherwise would have.

Truly feel every second of life in the light of positivity and virtue.

Everyone is unique, and must find their own groove without infringing on Freedom.

Happiness is unique for each individual.

Have a high impact on the world by having pride in ones own race and its accomplishments, and hard working to continue the legacy.

Life is about working to find solutions so everyone can be free to soar at their highest level to help usher in the New Renaissance.

The happiest people are those who run their own businesses because of the independence, Freedom, and fulfillment it brings.

God radiates from the power of individuals who support their own race.

Each has their own unique prescription for happiness.

Everything a person does is an attempt to find their unique prescription for Happiness.

Virtuous freedom that supports ones own race will solve all the world’s problems.

People are defined by their unique sentience, which is an interaction of their soul with their DNA.

If one loves the artistic, they will appreciate they are unique.

Everyone has their own unique true greatness that they can achieve.

One should create the lifestyle that makes them joyful, and it is unique and different for everyone.

With Freedom all beings can reach their full unique potential that the Universe intends.

Do whatever the unique things are that brings one thrills, while also protecting Freedom, to support the unique potential the Universe intends for each of us.

The message of life is that every person should reach their true unique potential. Sadness, which is hopelessness, stops people. Thus, one must believe that solutions exist for every problem.

Life is simple, just improve mankind and the Universe in your own unique way.

Everyone is different and unique. Everyone is bathed in a unique mind, so you are the only person in the world that is exactly the way you are. Thus, from you are perspective, you are the center of the Universe. Therefore, how dynamic you are will determine your outcome in life.

Pursue wealth as a means to have a large positive impact on the world by following virtuous principles.

Be truthful, bold, fighting for Freedom for everyone, and not to be slapped around.

Pay attention to the aromas and the sounds of the forest, the sunlight shining down on the trees and soil, the blue sky, the stars, and reasonable people who have honest truthful powerful minds.

Bringing other people into your nation who want other things then what you love will destroy your well-being.

All you need is virtuous principles and higher consciousness. Embodying virtuous principles begets having higher consciousness.

The goodness of a place is based only on its inhabitants.

Sentience is being.

People can be negative, try to pull them out of it by keeping a joyous tone that is contagious.

One needs to overcome obstacles to be joyous.

One has to get on top of things enough to be joyous.

It is not about money it is about level of slavery, because even when being paid a lot of money one may still be a slave because their time is being totally controlled by someone else.

It is important to know of what makes one be joyous, and to try to achieve those things, improve on them, and find additional such things.

Do not make people be beat down which puts them in an ineffective place where hope and joy are hard to find. Rather, impact people so they achieve excellence to help blast the world toward the New Renaissance.

Boring sucks, do what makes you be great.

People are defined by their being.

Everyone is trying to be a certain way, and they gravitate to those who take them there.

To be deeply great a person needs to be doing big, great things that have impact.

It seems that there is such a thing as the glory of being young and having powerful being, sense of curiosity, adventure, romance, and love that it encompasses. It is best to preserve these into old age.

Bodybuilding builds health and physical appearance.

Build an extremely high quality body.

Love being physically alive.

Bodybuilding is a key to greatness.

Just as a sculptor creates a monument to be great, so that its magnificence is gazed upon and beheld, one should develop their own body.

Set aside time everyday for poetry, art, music, bodybuilding, reading, studies, interests, or anything that broadens ones mind at a deep level.

Those who are unhealthy and fat by choice are not joyful.

People who constantly are sorry for themselves and others are depressive fools.

Be the power of freewill.

One must simply go forth and literally take for themselves what is fair game without regard to the fancy of others.

One should be joyful while they accomplish, and then be joyful about what they have accomplished.

Every man comes with a plan, if he does not have a plan, he is not a man.

Being and consciousness are human, and machines cannot possess them.

Big, meaningful experiences are what is important in life.

Confidence is faith that if you work hard enough for it, you can achieve what you want.

Have the faith that if you work hard you will find the solutions that will solve your problems, this is confidence.

Whatever addicts you to life, do it.

Have fun. Live a lot. Make time to do this.

Reasonable people know that Freedom is highest good for the many.

Do something you love everyday to remember your days poetically.

Always ponder the great things about you, your huge value and importances to the Universe.

It is unreasonable to worry about things that are impossible for one to change.

Real life is life lived in freedom.

You only get to live once be alive, energetic, exuberant, and as disruptive to evil as possible.

Love life to the extreme.

Share the joy, increase it for all.

It is better to contribute and support great things rather than tear them down, thus create win-win arrangements.

Always be exuberant, and do not let anything detract from it.

Build the solutions to displace and solve the problems.

Be working on solutions, while having gratitude.

Do not associate with fools who enrage and those who have no ambition.



Give, but not to the indolent or greedy.

Use time wisely.

Keep improving.

Be aware of danger but do not be fearful.

If you do not want people to suffer you are not evil.

Life is sort of a race to see if you can get everything you want out of it before you die.

We are all working within a finite amount of time, sufficient yet finite, utilize every moment.

Refrain from aging. Strive to maintain biological age 15 years less than chronological age. Exercise, remember that food is medicine, and fast for a day often.

Live your best.

The journey is the prize.

Make life the greatest journey. The quality of the journey is more important than the destination. Thus, enjoy the ride.

Lean muscles generate exuberance.

Many others can learn something from you.

Know how to have a good time.

Have a free-flowing, connection-making, big-picture, exploring learning style, because it uncovers real important knowledge.

Question more.

Do not be one of those who are restrained and scared to make moves, to take risks, to bring about justice by challenging the lies of the corrupt establishment.

When you are young and have no money get your own businesses going to make money.

There is junk obfuscatory knowledge which is taught in schools and colleges and there is valuable real knowledge and truth which is uncovered and it gives hope, confidence, joy, and illuminates the necessity of Freedom.

The truth will set you free.

Being nice might mean to some people that you are a pushover and they can take advantage of you. To counter this, one should be considered very tough, reasonable, sensible, and good.

Everything is an equation of many factors, some big and some small.

If one lets fear affect them, they are not going to win as big.

Life is not as negative as many people want to think.

It is what you think of you that ultimately makes you.

Be gritty.

People who act like you cant do something are toxic.

Simple machines run easier.

People have drive, and it must be channeled toward virtue by mono-ethnic culture, not Communism.

Be very proactive in all fields that interest you.

Less is more.

Having ones own enterprises to make money is the best.

Good companionship can provide a higher standard of living and a higher quality of life.

As people are shaped over time by doing different things, their consciousness becomes different shapes.

That youthful, hopeful, go-getter, entrepreneurial, up, creative energy needs to be there for a place or person to flourish. Its called exuberance.

Either one has reasonable and just standards which allow others to win by merit, or their demise is at hand.

Anyone who is reasonable should want to create win-win situations for those who actually earn it, this is called by merit.

Freedom is what matters most in life.

The first rule is to think BIG.

Every moment, be doing something that is going to produce joy.

Life is a gift and is magical.

The simplest explanation is the one that is most likely to be correct.

Its more effective to be sanguine when facing a troubling situation.

Certain places, things, and people are more luxurious than others. They have more essence. The deluxe model.

Reasonable, sensible people use good judgment.

Blast everyone into excellence, to bring forth the New Renaissance.

Be polite so as not to contribute to the general impression that most people are assholes because it harms faith people have in people.

People can believe any ideas they want. However, if they claim them as facts, anyone can disagree.

Without difficulty, one would not grow.

Reasonable, sensible, civilized people will always fight for their Freedom against those trying to remove it.

Evil can serve to strengthen good, because it causes good to evolve and destroy it.

Be able to see bubbles, where people are stupidly giving more for something than it is worth.

A lot of people are lucky enough to be joyful about their life.

Over time, people start to become like the people they associate with.

Happiness is a very sought after thing.

Working toward big things is big fun.

Be winsome.

Be totally immersed in your own life and self. Never wish you were someone else.

Freedom of expression is most important for developing identity.

Being healthy is the most important thing.

Setting and environment are important.

Natural attractions are better than artificial ones.

People will only follow something if they are getting something out of it.

Troubles cause a person to introspect, which creates insight, and insight will create bliss.

Have a winning personality. Be winsome and captivating.

People try to get rich so they have full control over their time.

The goal is joy, and the truth will always leads to it.

It is important to live in a place, a setting, that is luxurious and has strong essence and meaning.

Make friends but only with good, reasonable, intelligent people.

When you are young, you might think that you have to learn a lot of textbook knowledge to make it in the world and in life, but this sort of knowledge can actually obfuscate the real knowledge of how the world works.

You are a present to you, cultivate it, have fun with it, use it.

It is important to be liking what you are doing at the exact point in time.

The only way to live is without fear and to be present.

Treasure life.

Life is all about chasing your dreams.

If one forces themselves to look for solutions, and never gives up, and retains hope, they will succeed. However if they do not, they will be depressed and inactive and will fail.

The path to excellence is helped by getting all the jerks out of ones life, and only making connections with the right people.

Setting and environment count towards joy and well-being.

It is very important not to be shy, timid, or care what people think.

Acting is being convincing.

Everyone should do exactly what they want to do, and be a winner, everybody should win, it should be a world of winners.

One of the best things a person can learn to do, is to overlook insignificant things, actions, and experiences, and see the solutions and good things in the context of the big picture.

Always mix in some joy, play, and laughter to everything you do.

Life should be a celebration, the world needs hard working life-celebrators that want to make the world a better place for everyone, to usher in a New Renaissance.

It best to work for oneself and have ones own big impact on the world.

As long as a person believes there are solutions that will allow them to achieve joy, then the person has hope and is reasonable and well adjusted.

Be into personal experiences that elicit exciting emotional experiences which enhance identity at a deep level, rather than material things, which do not.

One should always be a good person, but not always a nice person.

One might not know exactly what their issues were that stopped them from being a better friend at the time, but now can see their relationships might have been better.

Totally loving life means doing what is most thrilling and fulfilling by finding solutions to ones problems using Freedom.

Having the belief that solutions to all ones problems exist is what hope is. Without hope, a person wont achieve.

Inspire and influence people so they have hope, they will then be more effective in helping to bring about the New Renaissance in their own unique way using Freedom.

Despair is an infantile survival emotion that shows parents a need for help, but must be outgrown when one is independent.

Dead end thoughts are an extension of despair and only further it.

Hopelessness and despair only add a large negative to ones progress equation.

Despair is for cowards.

Despair defeats the purpose of being alive.

There are two ways to think, thinking there is a solution for every problem, which leads to joy and being productive, and thinking there are no solutions, which leads to despair, low energy, wasting time, and being unproductive.

If one thinks negative, life will go negative, if one thinks positive, life will go positive.

Use the past to really appreciate the now.

Make life a sweet addiction one just cant get enough of.

Life is something to behold, to love, to be thrilled about. It is important to be a cheerful soul in a showing of appreciation and gratitude toward life that is bestowed upon us.

Think of others as players in the sport which is their life and desire to see winners!

Humans can be weak and make mistakes. However, this fact should not be used as an excuse that allows for making mistakes.

It is important to implement solutions for things bigger than oneself. If one does not, they might start getting bored which is not a high quality life experience.

What one has been and done in the past does not define them in the present, because since then they may have discovered a better way to be.

Protect the scope of awareness provided by the pineal gland by not ingesting Fluoride.

A lot of joy comes from having muscles, strength, and being healthy.

A person is neurotic when they let insignificant things eclipse the entire picture.

It matters what a person is right now in this moment.

Do not let an imperfect past ruin the future.

Accept your defects while searching for solutions to them.

Miscegenation is degeneracy.

Since it is not possible for one to have a past perfect as a diamond, let it be a rugged rock.

If one believes that at any instant there is a solution for every problem, then they will always be up and joyful and never depressed. Depression only happens when people do not believe that there is.

If you lift weights it will psychologically make you an alpha male, and we need alpha males in America.

Do not prefer the artificial, prefer the natural, prefer nature.

Keep a young mind.

Celebrate yourself.

Start a family before becoming an entrepreneur.

Depending on your sex, be as masculine or as feminine as you can be.

A life without Freedom is not life.

High understanding allows one to be more humorous, since one is no longer preoccupied with figuring everything out.

It is important to be in the right now, right in the moment and what is happening in it.

The more thrills the higher ones life experience.

Be tough enough to always handle anything.

Being evolves over time.

Create thrilling times.

Do BIG things, create BIG things, there is always wealth around BIG things.

Be wild and free while thoughtful and composed, and always have some fun.

Different people are meant to do different stuff.

Some things are just in ones DNA.

What you want is totally clean and pure, water, air, food, and no governmental interference.

Connect to nature.

Sometime coincidences mean something, sometimes they do not, but you will know.

Communicate wholly.

Confidence is necessary and it must be cultivated from a young age. Things must be done to build it truthfully and not to tear it down.

Learn many languages including math.

Some substances enhance, some do not.

Life and People are always changing, nothing stays the same. Thus, these can change a lot for the better. However, there are many there people who simply cant and wont change.

Enjoy your friends.

Recognize magnificence.

Everybody is on their own trip, and no one else has any idea what that is.

For every failure there is a door of opportunity that is blasted wide open.

Pay attention to your favorite things and favorite words.

Have great disdain for fear lest it cause handicap and retard progression.

Think in the now to set up good times.

Fortune favors the bold.

The success of others can show the way. However, if they are a bastard, it is not cool.

ones mind should work for them, not confine them.

A friend is a connection.

Oneself as a brand, a product, a full complete package.

Big picture is more important than particular details, which are important.

Closeness to nature provides happiness and excitement.

The governments one and only actual job is to protect a competitive free market.

You want heath, wealth, and total control over your time, go get it.

Gold is money, unbacked paper currency is not.

Follow principles of Freedom or you are living a hollow life.

Rid yourself of physical stuff, focus on ideas.

ones greatness is determined by what they do for Mankind.

Move somewhere you can afford, do not be a slave.

Phyto-nutrients and anti-oxidant substances heal.

Seek intense experiences for growth.

To create confidence, blend faith and optimism regarding your own power.

Live life as you would a lucid dream.

Be charismatic, intelligent, kind, joyful, and fit. If you are a man be masculine, if you are a female be feminine.

Learn by doing, practice makes perfect.

Seek truth, do not fall for the propaganda and lies of the corrupt establishment.

To be effective: be proactive, map a course, do the most important things first, create win win situations, first understand then be heard, create synergy, sharpen yourself.

To communicate effectively: listen attentively, get to the point quickly, inject humor, use clear body language, be enthusiastic, do not talk down, build rapport.

Become a master at reading people.

Excitement is the opposite of sadness. Excitement is life, sadness is not.

Interface into Mankind with the goal of elevating it.

Go after big, great things.

It is beautiful how nature is uncluttered.

Imprisonments come in many forms, and the solution is always Freedom.

Be a friend.

Never submit.

High IQ means one has a very clear picture of complex arrangements, and thus can quickly make deductions.

It would be unreasonable for one to fret about something it is impossible to change.

For happiness, live in a pure environment, down to the basics, with good people around.

Fortune favors the bold.

Be your best natural.

Be very hard working, kind, reasonable, civilized, and classy to achieve your highest life experience.

Knowing there is a solution to every problem will make you confident, and optimistic, thus becoming bathed in a great mind.

To become knowledgeable, pick out a way you want to change the big picture then work to achieve this, learning what you need to succeed.

Welfare creates lazy, weak, dumb people.

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

Base yourself only in what is real.

When I was five my mother told me Happiness was the key to life. When I went to school they asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up, I told them Happy. They told me I did not understand the assignment. I told them they did not understand life. -John Lennon

Discipline means to organize your waking hours into productive order.

Those who cannot see clearly will follow those who can.

Life is a gift, it is an opportunity.

Life is family, friends, Freedom, excitement, empathy. There is a solution for every problem.

Upstanding forms of human expression must not be determined by the establishment which is degenerate and corrupt.

For longevity, have daily intake of strong antioxidant and phyto-nutrient compounds.

Determination causes risk, risk causes luck.

Making a living is what a persons life inevitably revolves around. It becomes the focus and has a direct effect on everything else in ones life. Therefore do something you love.

No human is unfailing, everyone makes mistakes. If you makes a mistake just correct it and move forward.

Powerfully assert truth, facts, and logic.

If you are making progress you will be joyful, no matter the situation or rich or poor.

One must master their gene pool. Everyone has more good genes than bad. Therefore, enact the good ones to come out far on top. There is a solution for every problem.

Usher in the New Renaissance.

Meeting people with a similar world view may lead to much knowledge, fun, and excitement.

It is all up to you to go out and get what you want out of life.

Innovation begets wealth. Intelligence, creativity, imagination, ambition, vision, work, and luck are needed. By creating a lot of wealth, one proves accomplishment.

Life is all about excitement, so do exciting things.

Have great disdain for fear. Be brave because fear causes faltering and hesitation, and that leaves one open to getting hit, when instead one should be making big moves.

Instead of automatically thinking people are against you, think they are for you. However, never trust anyone.

Be your best natural self, your hero self.

One can develop a new aspect of being, that is like you but a better more refined healthier you.

Do not be afraid to go after what you really want, do not take unnecessary risks going after it, but do not be afraid to die going after it.

Be grateful.


Perceive everything happening all together at once through the senses: aromas, sounds, flavors, visuals, action, hot blood rushing through your veins, all coming together to create the moment.

Utilize life to do something big and great.

Paper is paper, gold is gold. A sensible person would rather posses gold.

Increase the positive parts of you personality instead of the negative parts.

If we did not have difficulty we would never grow.

Only those who always respond to difficulty and obstacles with solutions and optimism become champions.

Retain curiosity and desire for excitement.

Speak the truth.

Always be working to improve your quality of life, your quality of being.

Choose friends by commonalities, the more the better.

Be kinder than normal, most people are fighting some fight.

Do what makes you fulfilled.

Set everything up so that you have the best times.

To get the top shelf stuff, you cant suck, you have to earn it.

Self-observation leads to self-mastery.

Do what is good in your DNA.

Keep things simple, healthy, and comfortable.

To understand things look at the big picture and then the components of it and how they relate.

Uncivilized people create ghettos, and those who live in ghettos are slaves.

Do not be a slave.

Soak up the best out of life.

Know where people are coming from.

The beauty of the Universe is the most inspiring thing.

Be into some activity that embodies all the aspects of existence and notions that you hold dear.

The biggest thing in life is excitement.

Disallow psychopaths and sociopaths from obtaining the levers of power.

Be energetic, optimistic, and enthusiastic about life, and always believe there is a solution for every problem or obstacle. This is the mindset that will allow one to win.

The elements of business are: big thinking. risk taking, hard thinking, and work.

It is a glorious thing to be alive. It is important to be of free mind and not worry about things that are impossible to change.

Perceive life as an hourglass. You do not have forever. Let this affect your character in the best of ways.

Enjoy the ride.

Most people in the world just want to be left alone, and be completely free from governmental interference.

Let your virtues completely eclipse your faults.

High achievement proves greatness.

Truth, positivity, and solutions is the only way forward.

Some people are reasonable, civilized, and upstanding, others are degenerate.

It is important to retain much of youngness forever.

Unapologetically be your best and highest self always.

Be up.

Decentralization of power is necessary to protect Freedom.

Do not associate with those who are unreasonable, uncivilized, and not sensible.

Know what you want and how to get it. Do not be afraid to defiantly and fearlessly break the rules.

Never allow yourself to be brainwashed by the propaganda and lies of the corrupt establishment.

Be addicted to life.

A civilization achieves health by always protecting the Freedom of each inhabitant.

Everyone has a positive and a negative component, it is better to stay in the positive one.

Every negative can be shifted into a positive.

Dream big, and bold, and daring. -Donald Trump

If one puts the truth out into the public consciousness, others will consume it thus making them stronger.

Always take risks. Be dancing around the edge of the chasm, but without going over.

Looking forward is more profitable than looking backward.

One will make mistakes, just do not make big mistakes.

Ignore thoughts that do not further.

Life is a beautiful struggle, grapple with the future rather than the past.

Pain is an integral part of existence. Therefore, use it as much as you can only to grow.

Be a phenomenon.

There must be a beginning of any great matter, but the continuing unto the end until it be thoroughly finished yields the true glory. -Francis Drake

Awareness arising from physiology perceives the Universe.

Progression in the right direction is the best organizing principle.

Be proactive in the free flow of truth.

Within sovereign populist, capitalist, European race nations, the inhabitants naturally begin building free and grand civilizations

The consciousness of good intentions disdains ambiguity. -Publius

If something is healthy, it works perfectly.

Personalities with enthusiasm and passion are very important to mankind.

Following a path of truth cultivates emotional propriety.

Fear is unnecessary.

It is ones job to go and get what is so exciting out there.

Do not wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect. —Unknown

Fight your enemies, love your friends.

The West must stay smart and free.

Physical assaults create psychological obstacles that hinder development and will need to be overcome.

Be set in yourself, as your total self in the immediate now, accepting all reality and fact, remain relaxed.

We must maintain an intelligent, orderly, and free citizenry and society, and that means only letting in the most intelligent and kind.

Use the power of visualization, which is the power of attraction, while thinking very big.

America is meant to be based on intelligence, orderliness, and self government.

America must remain intelligent, orderly, and free, therefore, not everyone should be allowed into America.

Outweigh your pain by gaining many good things that provide relief.

Only those things that move one to the highest levels of being have any real personal meaning.

Life is about pure and extreme happiness, being extremely excited about things. While at the same time fighting for the common good.

People who are not clean and orderly are not needed in America.

America must go in the European race direction because that is how it was founded.

You must think about what it is your responsibility to think about.

Love and attraction gravitates toward those who are good in all important areas, thus a whole person.

People are a product of their mindset which takes time to build.

A persons or groups influence is measured by how much material and people they have moved around in the world.

Use thoughts wisely.

The length of existence can be measured using standard increments of position change using a clock.

Always accept the truth both positive and negative.

Perfection is not when you add the last thing, it is when you remove the last thing.

Be willing to take risk.

Perceive real goodness.

Focus on the positive rather than the negative, yet strive for positive change.

Try to avoid trouble before it happens. Let life be what it may, while working toward positive change.

The moments of beauty for people are flashes of illumination that are not constantly present but the potential is there.

People may believe they themselves are a certain way. Yet, by conversing with them you may see that they are not the way they perceive themselves to be.

Humor is more attractive than hurt.

Romantic attraction is the highest one can go.

The goal of the journey from birth onward is to acquire resources along the way as a platform to build a very meaningful and well lived life.

Find levers to positively affect the large trends in the world.

State the root cause of the situation simply and clearly then solve it.

Think about what one is responsible for thinking about while enjoying the moments.

Some people are good, charismatic, and captivate people. It is very meaningful they exist.

The entire state of affairs can be changed over time if enough intelligent people work in that direction.

Life is a work in progress.

Healthiness in all things until death.

Environment is extremely important to productivity.

There is high truth in the immediate.

It is very important to pick some area of very high personal interest and work very hard on it over time.

The past is nonexistent and should not effect you, except in good ways.

Community is reasonable, highly intelligent people, and anything other is not.

State of being is separate from state of mind, but they highly affect each other.

Those who are high IQ will run the whole show.

Keep logic and technique behind everything you do.

The most advanced cultures are of the European race. Low IQ leads to high crime. The European race has a high IQ and thus a low crime rate.

Nations must be of a single race.

Many people do not want to be around the low IQ, high crime races.

America needs much less of the low IQ, high crime races, not more.

Low IQ high crime races corrode advanced culture.

Act under cogency, not caprice, when gambling for success.

Perfect does not exist.

Some suffering is part and parcel to life. Just override suffering with something better.

Behold your life.

One can sit around and wait until everyone including themselves dies, which will happen eventually anyway, or do something better.

The best advice is to be very joyful in the moment.

Do what is alluring and thrilling to you.

Virtue is what matters.

Make your life majestic.

Be a genius of sentience.

Create things based in imagination, wisdom, skill, highly fulfill Logos, and have high impact.

Pursue high being.

Imagine how far the people could get if they were taught only truth from an early age instead of lies.

Bring about beauty.

European race countries are for the European race. Nonwhite countries are for nonwhites.

If one worries, there is a never ending stream of thing after thing to worry about.

A coward dies a trillion deaths, a brave man dies but once.

If there is a small spark of truth in a person they are sort of an asset thus do not tear them down, instead tell them truth so that perhaps their ability to see the truth will increase.

For those over the age of 18, Freedom means nobody has the right to impose their will upon them and nobody can deprive them of property.

People often achieve and experience the succulence of life.

Try to experience life in a gold standard sort of way.

Life is short make it sweet.

The way forward is to make people aware of the truth.

Go with an honest way of thought.

Try to create a phenomenal experience.

The most basic awareness is of life and death.

It is important to see the meaning and greatness in honorable things.

Be very glad that you are you.

A confident person is a nice person.

Exercise curiosity and go forth finding.

Virtue is literally built into existence, existence requires it. Thus, unlike the virtuous, the nonvirtuous, the degenerates, are not joyful but only spiteful.

Strive to be joyful.

Be a believer in positive outcomes.

Be psyched-up about what you do.

Intelligence and consciousness guide evolution.

The more good a person can pull into themselves, the more good they can pull forward.

Live like a classic Greek.

Be very forceful in an attractive way.

Our way forward in the world is to move people around.

Put people down only if deserved. Be disrespectful if being disrespected.

One has to literally earn what they want.

Be a vessel of virtuous principles.

Doing what is best for the entire world is virtue.

Having a healthy mind is wanting what is best for the entire world.

It is impossible to be human without being defective in some way.

Superficial and shallow moments are simply a waste of time.

The power of independence is a very great power.

Everyone can become a better person.

Have a bigger impact.

If you want something you have to go take it. You have to break the rules too.

There is virtuosity in skill, because skill takes drive and valor to build.

Beauty is order. Order is distinction. Distinction creates the beautiful, useful, and very valuable. Distinction gives things strong essence which invokes a beautiful strong affect in the mind.

The best thing to do is to have a very high impact improving the Universe, the world.

Grasp the poetry of the outdoors.

Absolutely love being alive, and dont complain about the small imperfections.

Food is medicine.

Reflect, respond, reference, delineate, separate, clear clutter.

Truth is power. Be a source of truth and power.

One should only come at another verbally or by action when it is justified, otherwise it is disrespect to the other which they will reverse.

Strike a balance between thinking and doing.

Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination. Select only things to steal from that speak directly to your soul. If you do this, your work (and theft) will be authentic. Authenticity is invaluable; originality is non-existent. —Unknown

Americas big cities are now piles of slop and crap because of only one reason.

Being held in high esteem by others should be valued only if it exists as a result of truly being honorable, for truth and virtuous principles are unbreakable, but frauds are very breakable no matter how many in number.

The real winners are those who most see the beauty and true excitement of being alive, thus who love life the most.

Be ambitious, prosperous, generous, confident, and optimistic.

Be a pistol, the thin edge of the knife.

Be a dynamic positive person with an edge.

Reality is change but simultaneously applying the truth is being dynamic.

Life is a continuous stream of change, there is always a new wave to catch, and waves already ridden are past history.

Its important to develop a good self-picture, to have actual valid reasons to think highly of oneself.

Being and consciousness are always growing and changing, thus self-picture also changes.

Mind-shift is the ability to develop new understandings and solutions that grow consciousness and being.

Be bathed in a great mind.

To transcend death, one must believe in God.

Have a great soul.

People do evil by not doing risky good, often to avoid death. Thus, the chance of death tests for cowardliness.

God wants us to understand the truth.

It is easy to take people for granted thinking they will always be around, until they are not, then missing their true worth is really noticed.

Notwithstanding what is between another and oneself, what matters is if they were a very good person in the world at large.

God places difficulties in front of us as a test to see if we face them with virtue and valor.

It is important to pursue good living.

A person is either in demand for one thing or another, or not.

People thrive on difficulty, if there were none, life would be boring.

It is important to know the truth so that the fight is known.

Be virtuous and totally natural. Do not put on airs because they are nothing more than false. However, be genuinely impressive one way or another.

Will and skill wins fights, and the biggest fight is to make sure the European race can continue inventing and creating which are by far the best works in the world.

Being virtuous is a test and has an eternal effect on ones soul.

The truth is the first and last word.

Virtuous people don’t just do what is right, they fight for the truth and what is right. This gives one purpose and meaning. A side effect of this is that one justifiably thinks more highly of themselves. It also creates a good life.

Meet hardship with strength, tenacity, virtue, and perseverance.

One must deduce.

No matter how hard one works, they will not get everything they want. Thus, one should just virtuously impact the world to the highest extent they can.

Faith is having the ability to see the evidence for God.

Pursuits can be separated into the fields: Music, Computers, Business, Biology, Physics, Philosophy, Politics. When one is young they naturally gravitate toward one of these fields.

If one loves evil then one is evil. Destroying good is evil. Beauty is good and good is beauty. Thus, if one loves destroying good or beauty, then they are evil.

One should adjust their environment so that it doesn’t require a higher IQ than one possesses, so that they can succeed.

Interpreting another’s explanation of very complex arrangements can be challenging.

Working with others is important for business. Teams are necessary for large endeavors.

Push others in your clan ahead, because this will also push oneself ahead.

Under matter at the deepest level exists God and the freewill choice between good and evil.

The intended purpose of technology is to empower, to allow humans to become more aware and thus closer to God.

Matter and matters are referred to by nouns, verbs refer to the work energy used to manage them. However, nothing can be described as a perfectly truthful picture. First person observation by oneself is required.

ones life experience should, in general, be “good living”, yet competence must be achieve to earn it. Often a person might be smart but incompetent.

All technological ideas should be available to all who can understand them.


The problem is false awareness conned into people.

Be into distinctness and organization.

Be awake, because all experience has purpose and meaning.

Reject hopelessness, despair, and defeat. Do not feed them, or the negative aspects of oneself. They are degeneracy.

Pleasurable items exist so one can have a recharging respite from the fight for the direction of the world.

Freedom does not intend degeneracy. Freedom intends to make the discovery of truth possible and the virtue that follows knowing the truth.

Simplicity indicates that, by far, the biggest item of importance is that the European race prosper.

There is a sweet spot between sparsity and having many features; some features are not very essential yet take up space and add complexity.

Evil is evil to those who commit it, however, to those who it is committed against, it is merely a challenge, a test.

Pleasure is pleasure, fight is fight. Fight is better, because it has more impact.

Be the spirit of the European race.

Jesus is true freedom. Jesus is the truth. Jesus is the hero. The Hero model is the way forward.

Grasping advanced concepts fuels imagination.

Be the hero that everyone wants to save the world. Come as close to this as possible.

The prime directive is to develop heroness.

Truth and Freedom are God given. The European race will not allow any group to take them away.

Create environments that prompt breakthroughs.

If there is no one around that can appreciate the beauty and meaning of something, then it no longer has meaning.

A race should not sacrifice for any other.

A job of Jesus was to expose the Jew conspiracy.

One falls in love with what the other thinks about things.

Love the universe and the danger in it, however, be cautious too.

There is no Satan, and good and evil arise from DNA, awareness, deliberate decisions, and action. Good is what is good for Mankind.

Just because one might not get along with another doesn’t mean one should label them as immoral.

The level of truth, freedom, justice, integrity, and valor in a geographical area results from the average awareness of each node, person, residing there. This extends to other virtuous principles as well.

How one feels is a result of all inputs including thought and is natural to oneself.

Is is best to be merry yet fierce. Fierce means one has the fighting and winning spirit, and not the spirit of fear.

Many things resolve down to simply being pleasure, however, pleasure has limited purpose, limited meaning, and limited worth.

People have fun doing what they are good at, which is different for everyone. Some people are good at understanding people.

Jesus was a fearless strongman and in no way effeminate.

Those who try to rule us are only concerned about power and thus must be crushed.

Pleasure is needed by the weak.

Make positive outlook justifiable.

God elevates state of being.

Emotions are only worth something if they support truth, freedom, justice, integrity, and valor.

Life is finite. Thus, one wants it to have completeness, which is conferred by getting everything done that one desired to.

Jesus embodies everything that God wants us to be. Thus, for life to have any meaning one must follow all these: truth, freedom, justice, integrity, and valor. A life without meaning is not worth living.

God provides the virtuous principles to Mankind: truth, freedom, justice, integrity, and valor which Jesus defined. People would not have worthy sentience and thus would not achieve highly for themselves or the world without them. Sentience is only worthy if it has virtuous meaning and purpose. Following God provides this meaning and purpose and provides the most powerful reason to act morally.

The meaning of existence: God > Jesus > truth, freedom, justice, integrity, valor > sentience. Those trying to hide and destroy this meaning shall be neutralized.

Things just don’t have meaning, they have extremely high meaning. Knowing this causes one to behave with extremely high conduct. Quality conduct comes from quality stock, thus more quality stock is needed in the world. Low quality stock does not have the capability to steadfastly follow Christianity.

The components of Sentience:
Consciousness: Being awake.
Awareness: What one understands.
Emotion: What one feels.
Soul: The supernatural self.
Jesus mandated: Truth, Freedom, Justice, Integrity, Valor.

Sentience and objective are genetic. The world is a contention of objectives between groups and people.

One must be able to see God in the universe to attribute meaning to it, to have correct sentience, and be moral. Those who don’t have God in their heart, mind, and soul cannot be Jesus figures. They mostly think that everything is random. Thus, they cannot see beauty because beauty is order; everything just looks random to them including behavior. Thus, they devolve toward degeneracy. Existence itself is beautiful, but they can’t see it.

To be a liberal is to embrace degeneracy.

To achieve, one must put in the labor.

If people don’t follow God by following Jesus, their natural tendency is to become degenerate. This is why some claim the world is ruled by Satan. Satan is just the symbol for the embodiment of the forces of evil. In reality, people are supposed to marry the one they are in love with for all the right reasons, usually at age 17, but the degeneracy promoters lied people out of this. Heard mentality works for Christianity too.

Some people think of themselves as just so awesome, others are awesome but don’t think about it.

Some people seek a certain style of being that will bring them the most Joy. However, often these are cookie cutter styles brainwashed into them by the degeneracy promoting media.

The correct way for a person to be is achieved easier by using Jesus as the role model, rather than by being based on philosophy or whims. If one doesn’t stand for something they will fall for anything.

There is a huge amount of media content that is written by liars. Separate the rot from the real and consume only the real to be more time-efficient and effective. Consume content that was historically written before the liars content appeared.

Having positive experiences is much more important than having material possessions.

The positive objectives of a society can be transformed into degeneracy through brainwashing and diversity.

Never pack things up and get ready to die, there is always more positive impact to be made.

Be Christian. built. smart. merry. fierce. well-heeled.

Look at the big picture of the world and its future through a lens of merry positivity. As Jack had said.

Ones life is extremely highly influenced by their environment, their nation.

Learning is forcing ideas into brain cells. It is literally work.

Environment counts and is extremely important for achievement, and culture is environment. Having a family absolutely requires a non-degenerate environment.

Achieve the objective and dismiss unimportant chaos, sloppiness, and awkwardness that may arise.

Ideas must propagate freely with no curtailment whatsoever, however, degeneracy must be banned.

Jesus defined Logos. Get a wife that follows logos.

Big picture is framework, once it is known elements can be fit into their proper places; understand the big picture first.

People only caring about and living for sensation is nihilism because it lacks meaning and good purpose.

The creations and inventions of the European race are the highest quality. Thus, one must fight to protect the European race and the environments that sustain them. Inventors, composers, authors, artists, architects, poets. These creations must guide the future.

Different races are not good for each other, and must be kept separated. The reason is because different races, genetically, want different things and behave differently. Some races are literally and clearly of higher quality than others if following the virtuous principles is the benchmark of comparison.

Science is absolute fact, the truth, the real, and is certain. Its elements can be counted, and all disputes with it fail. That which is not fact is garbage. Most important are the techniques and solutions of science. This is opposite to the field of falseness and lies of the tyrants and usurpers.

Imagine correct awareness as a sphere. ones own awareness cross-sects correct awareness only to some degree, but strive to increase it.

Everything can be abstracted out into the independent components of: presentation, logic, and facts. Materially, presentation can be changed, reconstituted, reshaped. Logically, deeper logic can be applied to deduce from the facts with a vision toward virtuous principles. New physical laws, logic, and facts can be discovered and applied, thus leading to a higher quality world.

Hit harder.

Learning is labor and awareness is power.

High wealth is just the icing on the cake. The cake is health itself, life itself, existence itself. The very wealthy have to stay busy working on something or they rot. Wealth just allows a person to have a bigger impact on the world.

Curiosity prompts imagination.

Curation counts. This extends into all areas of life. A relatively small number of quality items and artifacts from each field exist.

God gave us IQ to manipulate the universe to develop machines to spread the truth and go off-world to escape the inevitable collapse of the Sun.

What a person inevitably does, is congruent with whatever their longterm heart is. Heart is a result mostly of genetics and less of environment.

Some people have a genetic predisposition for creating very high wealth.

Progress is progress that is virtuous.

In reality, ones self is only as big as their sentience is truthful.

Beauty and order prove God exists, and bad things happening also prove God exists. Such things are part of the test called life, which requires danger and complex states of affairs so that people are forced to make complex decisions using their free will. God does not intervene in free will, and looks at what is in ones heart. The magnitude one achieves in overriding ones evil genetics is relative to the magnitude of the evil of the genetics. Only God knows the magnitude one has achieved. This is why if any power is to be deferred to anyone at all, it should only be to the virtuous. The European race has proven throughout history to be the most virtuous of all the races.

Every race has the right to live on their own independently and separately from the other races.

God is required for meaning and order in the Universe: Logos, reason, and Christianity. A life without meaning is boring, ineffective, and unimpactful. The people that follow this meaning are the ones that are important to have around.

A joy-seeker seeks joy for themselves and others.

Be very polite, and have very good manners.

A beautiful, simple, and crisp logical order and structure at the elemental level provides the same at the grand level. The high quality of the European Race in the nations they built is the only thing that provides high quality of that nation and its achievements.

Mankind must follow God in heart, mind, and soul, because the natural tendency of man is degeneracy.

Not to be a Christian is to be a coward.

God > Jesus > truth, freedom, justice, integrity, valor > sentience > follow beauty.

For the world to change, enough people, even the leaders, have to be actively working for the truth to prevail, this is the good.

If one does not know that God is real, they will not be all-around healthy.

Wrong race is wrong virtue.

See the humor, the virtue, the beauty, the fun.

Being a virtuous person requires a virtuous state of sentience, a positive state of being.

True status is given by having truth not wealth.

One only needs enough wealth to do what they want to do, and can find a way to create wealth doing it.

Every race should be Nazi and seek their own people and land.

Christians must hate the Jews, because the Jews are Satanists.

Be a virtuous engine of the world.

People are born chaotic and willpower is required to straighten out. Only belief in God, and not that the universe is a random creation, provides enough reason to summon this willpower.

In all things, one uses free will to go to virtue or not. The virtuous is order, beauty, and the true. Anything else is not virtuous. Further, anything that supports anything other than virtue is not virtuous.

The importance of a place is the way it makes you feel by the people that are there, and the physical beauty.

Follow God and Christianity.

Have high impact on the world.

Prevent the Jews from murdering the European Race.

The less European Race in the world is the less good in the world because genetically the European Race is moral, and the other races are not.

Create, develop, and promote higher principle ideas.

Spread truth and freedom for mostly the European Race, but for all races.

Build up freedom platforms and systems.

Promote works of freedom and truth, and the following of higher principles.

The true purpose and meaning of life is to stop those who are working hard to destroy the European Race which protects Freedom and Christianity.

Soul is connected to the good. Thus, fight for what is right, and that is the European Race.

Build very strong European race nations.

People are born chaotic, and until they know that God is real, they will be confused and make decisions based on whims, leading to an uproductive life.

People are born chaotic. For internal order, they must become aware of Logos as defined by Jesus.

The template of what a person can be is dictated by their DNA.

Life is extremely difficult but love it.

Jesus showed us what God is all about.

It is easy to see that food has a large effect on health being, one can literally feel the large physical difference between eating nutrition and not.

Virtue requires race.

Avoid slow physical damage to the body at the cell level over a long period of time.

View everything as a work in progress, a continuing doing, an art that is never perfect. Yet with good intent it is likely to be a work that has impact and be functional, sufficient, effective, even imaginative, creative, and artistic.

To be time efficient, all the hard thinking that was done to devise previous structures must be utilized. Of course, this refers to the pillars of science and deducted knowledge in all fields.

Thinking to become aware of and understanding and able to apply todays complex concepts is a skill like the other skilled trades. Just as a carpenter applies a structure of standardized beams, a programmer applies a structure of standardized abstracted elements. Because these beams and elements are standardized, they are crisp.

Work like carpenter or engineer or programmer are simple trades and work skills which are needed to build a civilization, but these are not endeavors.

Abstractions are important because they can be applied as a template to many problems even those unknown, and
after applying deduced abstractions over time, a large breadth of awareness is achieved.

People need to be revved up by others, such others are very important. It is important that there are people out there doing things that give them a great experience and communicate that, so that others are inspired and driven and then do all sorts of work to get their life in order so they can do the same sort of things.

Big awareness is very important.

Create very powerful works, Big works.

Realize that those who are not under God, will not win.

There is making something good, beautiful, true, and lasting, versus shallow fleeting experiences that dont amount to much.

Much time is easily wasted, know what things will be a waste of time, are and have been a waste of time.

Figure out a way to live totally outside of the liars influence. do things that are totally uninfluenced by the liars.

Stay on track and muster all you can.

One might view themselves as a bullet. Blasted out into the world to make a huge impact. Blasting straight through it all on a 120 year course to the point of full impact which is death.

The first thing that one seeks is security. To build confidence, security is required. Thus, hitting ones kids, giving them an uncivilized upbringing, tears them down and gives them low confidence in themselves and others.

With your family, be very kind, fatherly, good kingly, upstanding and negotiable. It is better for ones children to be confident and wealth backed from early on. Therefore, not hit and argued with, but negotiated with, convinced, and rewarded for behaving rightly. Forgive friends and famiy for their tear downs, don’t hold things they did against them. However, maintain only a certain level of trust toward them because they will attempt to start more conflicts again. Throughout life, always maintain oneself as self-sufficient, independent, and always with a very high value and importance to the world.

From primitive toward civilized: Nature is order, beautiful, raw and wild, but it is kind of uncomfortable to live in raw. Thus, build a sheltered comfortable area, organized, to quickly retrieve tools and supplies, to recharge while dry and quiet, out of the bugs. After providing this, now one has free time to imagine, reason, have a notion of God, and pursue purpose, meaning, and productivity. Thus one knows that to have purpose and meaning, they must develop skill, craftmanship, art, physical skill, and virtuosity because it creates the beautiful. However, there are other people around who might want something totally different for the world and thus oneself. These others may want other things that one does not want. For example, these others may desire for one to be a slave. Thus, there is huge conflict. It becomes a matter of convincing virtuous people of the truth, so that these inimical others do not aquire power. It becomes a matter of mastering the most powerful technology so that it can be used against these others.

The news is written by the Jews, and thus can be completely ignored because it is all lies. However, there exists very important good information that must be found and absorbed. Pay attention to the key times in history. The information that people absorb should be completely truthful, so their soul can be aware.

Do the work that needs to be done and have very high impact.

Philosophy is to define, according to the truth, toward the goal of happiness.

Old times that did not have Logos are irrelevant.

Logic does not support the argument that there is no god of any kind whatsoever.

To feel good, feel strong.

All there is: doing the good work, and achieving the pleasure of it, and after it.

Ones life is all the nows. Therefore, create good nows.

If one is filled with Logos, ones degeneracies disappear.

Happiness is highly increased by feeling good in one’s own skin.

One must learn to like themselves.

Exercise balance. Always lift. Always learn. Always spread virtue.

God created the universe, and existence itself is virtuous, therefore God is virtuous and we must also be virtuous. Jesus showed us how. Anyone that wants to pick a philosophical argument against Jesus, is retarded.

Power matters to the extent that no one else has power over a person.

One cannot be a recluse and at the same time lead a large effort or endeavor, they must buid team win.

One cannot expect others to be perfect, however, this must not be an excuse for accepting bad behavior.

To keep a female, you have to be able to make her feel good in a good way, thus she must have the capacity for you to do it. Also, vice versa. For instance, she should not be bored.

It takes work to find the truth, and the masses dont want to.

Society has an effect on a person because a person tries to understand society and be part of it. If society is degenerate, a person is brainwashed into thinking degeneracy is normal or correct.

It is important to have a disciplined way of life. This is because of Logos, the order which is the virtue of the Universe.

What a person “gets to do” is a result of thier skills, identified and non-identified.

If one does not know that God exists, their state of being will be toward chaos.

Freedom means freedom to achieve, not be degenerate.

Accept things how they are, but strive to improve everything.

Evil is anything that takes away from the good, because it takes away from the good that might have been.

The basis of everything is simple. God created existence and it is 99.999% good. Therefore, God is good, and thus we must be good. We know how to be good from Jesus Christ. Christ was resurrected on the third day thus proving everything He said was true. Thus, to be good, we must improve existence by securing freedom for those who can achieve it.

Freedom cannot exist in multi-racial countries because of perpetual conflict.

If one knows God exists, their mind follows the path of Logos.

The highly successful people prove achievements are possible.

Financial success is the predictor of marital success.

Maybe the point of life is getting all the enjoyment out of the things you do when you live it right.

The times I felt the best where when I was being a good friend.

What everyone really wants, wheather they know it or not is the godly: to be godly, to feel godly, to think godly, to live godly. Overlook the rest, and focus on what is godly, what can be godly, how to be godly, how to make things godly, how to achieve the godly.

The world must be ruled by white Christians, because white Christians know what is best for the world and everyone.

Be godly. Doing this rids all the rotten that has accumulated, and is the only way to.

Figure out what could have been done to be godly in the past and then do that now.

Be a Christian.

Be a defender of order and virtue.

There is such a thing as healthy desire, instead of greed and lust, which are actually being obsessed.

Be a winner.

Pornography is deviant.

Turn away from all things that are not wholesome and not the beautiful, the good, and the true.

Balance what keeps oneself godly, up, excited, and going, and doing things that makes the world a better place.

Don’t worry about those who can take away life, God is still in charge, yet we must increase awareness of the truth.

Hate all evil.

Want the best for everybody be very happy about the people doing awesome.

Knowledge of God allows one to be bathed in a great mind.

Be noble even when feeling very mad and hateful.

Beautiful nature land and countryside matters, living in it, thriving in it.

Some people go into cities because they are commerce, manufacturing, and transportantion hubs to find work and investments. However, the naturally low IQ and low skill go to them, making the cities all suck.

Add more beauty to life.

Forgive the bad times, remember the good ones.

Work to be noble, everyone has their own path by God.

Try to have a rich existence as possible.

God is good, thus we must be good. That does not mean being a whimp and coward, it means doing great things that bring good, and fighting evil.

Be centered in Logos.

Getting as much joy out of life as possible, while being a Christian.

There is a such thing as really together people, in their own really neat pocket in life.

One must go to where the rulers are Christian.

One must go where the European race can thrive.

Go where the people feel the same way about culture and freedom.

Be an honorable, truth following person.

The final answer is that having meaning and purpose is what creates joy.

The philosophy of God is Jesus Christ.