Under Trump, it is still going to be Communism

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However, the Jews won’t be able to kill off the European race as fast under Trump and they would under the Democrats. The Jews goal has always been to use Communism to kill off the European race. This is because the European race is the only race that can stop the Jews from taking over the world and killing off 95% of it. This is why for centuries the Jews have infiltrated all the highest echelons, levers power, in the systems that run European races countries. After such inflitration, the Jews then, according to plan, use the levers of power to kill off the European race. The main lever of power that the Jews stole from the European race is the creation of currency. After that, with an unlimited amount currency being printed directly to the Jews, the Jews bought off all the politicians and all corporate monopolies and then shipped all the factories to China to prevent the European race from having enough wealth to have families. The Jews flooded the European race with savages from the third world, to make it too dangerous for the European race to have families.

Thus, Jews infiltrated and took over America to use America to kill off the European race, and then plan to kill off 95% of the world, as the Jews have stated on the Georgia Guidestones.

The Jews are a conspiracy against the world.

Therefore, America is no longer America and must be split up into separate countries to prevent the Jews from killing off the European race.

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