Moving non-whites: Benefits to America

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Internal welfare for able-bodied people would be removed completely. This will remove the entire government welfare department, and almost all welfare fraud, thus saving the tax payers a huge amount of wealth.

Further, by removing government departments and removing government posts, thus reducing the size of government, the ability for (((a medium-size group of Jews))), the Deep State, to infiltrate government will be drastically reduced. Also, small government reduces government impact and this is important because all government is corrupt to some degree. The more government posts there are, the more officials in government position that Jews, the Deep State, can buy off. Further, America must be rid of welfare for able-bodied people because it is Communism.

The larger the government the more the government will move toward Communism. This is because Communism gives the government all the power, and power is what all the government officials want. Thus, government officials,  all of them will always be corrupt and bought off, will always attempt to move the country into Communism.

This is why America has a Constitution and is a Constitutional government based on Capitalism, not cronyism. America is designed to run with a very, very small government. The Constitution is a contract that was meant to completely replace the need for big government. This is why America must be almost all european-white. European-whites don’t need government because the natural trend is that european-whites are extremely more intelligent and orderly than non-whites. Also cronyism doesn’t occur on a large scale when the government is very, very small. Under Communism all private enterprise is cronyism, and everyone is a slave.

This is why (((a medium-size group of Jews))) are trying to move the world into Communism. The goal of (((a medium-size group of Jews))) is to rule the world and have everyone as their slaves. Thus, the interim goal of (((a medium-size group of Jews))) is european-white extinction because european-whites will not let (((a medium-size group of Jews))) move the world into Communism. However, (((a medium-size group of Jews))) have opened the borders in all european-white countries because non-whites will literally bring Communism in with them, because they will only vote for Communism. The non-whites will want the government to steal from european-whites and give what was stolen to the non-whites. This is because european-whites are, on average, much more capable than non-whites due to a 15 point higher IQ on average.

The plan is to move almost all non-whites out of America.

This will be done by dismantling large portions of government. In the end, we want a very, very small Constitutional government. As mentioned, welfare for able-bodied people in America is the first thing to be removed. This can easily be done by ending welfare for able-bodied people and giving them lifetime welfare cards from America that will only work outside of America, so that they leave America for good.

A further benefit of this is that it will create a demand for American dollars in the countries the welfare recipients move to. This will be a great effect especially after we rid America of the Federal Reserve Bank and its fraudulent Federal Reserve Notes, because it will create a very large demand for the new American Dollar.

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