Moving non-whites: Geographic greatness

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This is how to move almost all the non-whites out of America.

America will give non-whites financial incentive to move out of America for good by giving them welfare cards that pay them welfare for life from America but only are functional from outside of America. Thus, welfare for all able-bodied people must be cut in America, and any able-bodied person who was receiving welfare can have such a card.

The entire world will welcome such people moving to their countries because they will be bringing fresh currency with them to spend into those countries. This will improve the economies of those countries and thus improve the world.

In addition, America can colonize places in the world for such people by buying land on those continents and developing it with infrastructure and factories, and can utilize the natural resources that are in the land that was purchased. Such places could be made very great, and non-white leaders can actively help to make them great. Some possible geographic locations are Africa, South Africa, South America, and the Caribbean.

It is an extremely more natural, orderly, and a far superior setup for every race to have its own geographic area so they can pursue their own greatness.

America will make this happen.

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