Moving non-whites: The Reasons

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From the nature of (((a medium-size group of Jews))), to the nature of the non-whites, to the nature of the european-whites, it is clear that evolution has rendered these races completely different in nature and behavior. European-whites have, on average, a 15 point higher IQ than non-whites. Thus, in America, almost all non-whites will never ever be as successful as the average european-white. Thus, it is clearly understood that different races cannot, and will never, peaceably occupy the same geographic place. Therefore, moving the non-whites out of America is an absolute necessity. This will be done with great respect and honor, and the well-being of all those moving out of America will be handled.

Here is how almost all the non-whites are moved out of America. First, we create a high financial incentive to move out of America. We do this by completely cutting welfare for all able-bodied people. Then give outside-of-America welfare cards those who will no be getting welfare because they are able-bodied. These welfare cards will set them up with a lifetime of welfare payments and they never ever have to work at all. However, they must leave America and never come back.

Of course, there will be able-bodied whites who will also lose their welfare in America, and they as well will move anywhere outside America with the same outside-of-America welfare cards. Doing this will quickly remove almost all non-whites from America because they need to follow the welfare. Further, it will also remove almost all Antifa because almost all Antifa are on welfare. These able-bodied people can move to any country they want, and since they have a guaranteed income for life, the countries they move to will accept them with open arms to benefit from the fresh currency they will be bringing in with them.

Further, it would be possible to create a joint partnership with Russia, and China to colonize Africa to utilize the resources there and build factories, and this could be another place that these able-bodied people could move to. The factories could be very profitable and build such a colony into a beautiful place. Further, all the non-violent offenders in American prisons can move to such a colony. Not only can funds be gotten from profits from such factories but also funding for these projects can gotten by striping the Rothschilds and others of the 500 trillion that they stole from the people through thier Federal Reserve Central banking scam since 1913.

(((a medium-size group of Jews))) central banking scam is where (((a medium-size group of Jews))) literally print currency out of thin air as debt to themselves and then lend it to governments. Then when the people get taxed by the government to pay (((a medium-size group of Jews))) back, (((a medium-size group of Jews))) buy gold and land with it. (((a medium-size group of Jews))) also use this stolen wealth to fund the Deep State, which is attempting to move America into Communism. Therefore, the Rothschilds and others have this stolen 500 trillion in wealth right now and we need to strip it from them or they will continually and repeatedly keep setting up more Deep States for centuries into the future in an attempt to move America and the world into Communism.

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