Non-white DNA is low grade, junk DNA, and produces low IQ, and lazy, highly disorderly, violent, criminal behavior

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The natural trend is that non-whites, on average, have very low IQ and high crime behavior compared to european-whites. Almost all non-whites, have an IQ of only 80-85 and lower, this is the very basis of non-whites having junk DNA compared to european-whites. Low IQ leads directly to the stupid behavior, that all the world can see, of non-whites.

Almost all european-whites have an IQ of 100 or higher, a full 15-20 points higher than non-whites.

This being the case, it is very easy to see why non-whites are lazy, highly disorderly, highly violent, and have high criminal behavior compared to european-whites.

But it goes further than that, non-whites have literally evolved to be lazy, because they never had to deal with a cold, harsh climate of the northern climates that the european-whites had to deal with over thousands of years. IQ and behavior differences resulting from evolution is certain truth, proven over, again and again and again.

It is clear non-whites are only capable of creating shit hole countries such as Africa and Mexico. Again, this is because, compared to european-whites, non-white DNA is low grade, junk DNA, and produces low IQ, and lazy, highly disorderly, violent, criminal behavior, and communism.

Thus, if non-whites are allowed to proliferate, non-whites will destroy America.

Because of the low IQ genetic characteristic of non-whites, non-whites also have junk sentience and thus are not capable of being aware of the Higher Principles innate in european-whites like freedom, the supremacy of the individual over the collective, commitment, the family unit, and an orderly civilized society.

Whereas, european-whites in general, almost all live their lives by the Higher Principles innate in european-whites. All non-whites must be moved out of America, this can be done by making it attractive.

America can only function properly if it is free of Jews and non-whites.

America cannot be made great if there is non-white DNA burdening and attacking european-whites and their ideas and plans, such as freedom and small government.

In general, non-whites have very high criminality and communism in their DNA

In general, european-whites don’t have these in their DNA.

non-whites, who are almost all genetically low IQ, are envious of the goodness and high capability of european-whites, and thus want to tear european-whites down just because they are white.

non-whites are literally a poison to european-whites, and this is why (((a medium-size group of Jews))) are attempting to pump as many non-whites as they can into white countries.

(((a medium-size group of Jews))) are attempting to destroy the european-whites so that (((a medium-size group of Jews))) can rule over and enslave everyone.

We are being compassionate by speaking the truth and we want to move non-whites out of our countries so that all races are happier. Each race should have its own geographic place.

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