Non-whites vote Communist; Go to Brazil

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Because of genetic reason, non-whites overwhelmingly vote for Communism.

Non-whites, on average, behave collectively. European-whites, on average, behave in an individual, independent, self-sufficient manner. Collectivism is Communism. The Founding Fathers created America as a Republic, not as a Democracy. Republics are made up of self-sufficient free individuals. If an individual is self-sufficient, it follows that their IQ is over 100.

Democracies are collectivist, and thus Communist. This is why non-whites almost always align with the Democrat party. This is because non-whites have an IQ on average 15 points lower than european-whites. Thus, on average non-whites are incapable of being self-sufficient and therefore always act as a collective to survive. Thus, non-whites almost always behave as collectivists.

America does not want or need collectivists. America is was founded by the Founding Fathers on the principles of Individualism being supreme over the collective, and Freedom. Non-whites, on average, are antithetical to these principles. In mass, non-whites are absolutely inimical to America which is forged on the principle of being a nation of self-sufficient free individuals.

Thus, America must be brought back to at least 80% european-whites and 20% non-whites, like it was in 1980, to stop America from becoming a Communist nation.

Almost all non-whites can easily be moved out of America by cutting all welfare for able-bodied people in America, and then giving lifetime welfare cards which work only outside of America to those who agree to leave for good. They can go anywhere they will be much happier, anywhere they like. Brazil is a good choice. Brazil would love it because these welfare recipients would be bringing in fresh currency for a lifetime. Further, this would strengthen and increase the value of American currency because it would increase the use of American currency.

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