Non-whites want Communism, thus, move the non-whites to their own continents

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The natural trend is that non-whites cannot be reasoned with, this is a result of their genetically low IQ. On average, non-whites have an IQ of 80 – 85. Whites, on average have an IQ of 100. On average, it is impossible for non-whites to be as successful as whites, thus the non-whites will always clamor for Communism, for the government to steal from whites and give what was stolen to the non-whites.

Thus, non-whites must be moved from America to other continents where they will be happier. We will give the non-whites financial incentive to leave America for good. Thus, in America, welfare must be completely cut for all able-bodied people and given only to those who leave America for good. We will give them welfare cards that pay them welfare for life but can only be cashed outside of America.

We can make deals with countries that the non-whites could move to and build factories there so the non-whites can work if they want to.

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