If enough of us push hard enough, we can nearly eliminate government and will move the world into a civilized place.

Non-whites are using welfare to out-multiply european-whites

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Look at what is happening in South Africa right now, because it shows what will happen in America if the non-whites take over the vote.

non-whites saying this is their plan for America on twitter

Look at what is happening in South Africa right now, because it shows what will happen in America if the non-whites take over the vote.

non-whites saying this is their plan for America on twitter

European-whites settled in South Africa when there was no one else there.

After that, blacks kept moving South Africa to be around the european-whites because the european-whites kept giving them welfare. Because the blacks behave extremely more disorderly than european-whites and commit a very large amount of crime, the european-whites then decided to keep them segregated, this was called apartheid.

However, european-whites continued to give them welfare and to provide them with running water, hospitals, good plentiful food and much more. Because of this, more and more blacks kept moving to South Africa from other parts of Africa while South Africa was under Apartheid.

European-whites then voted to give blacks political power.

After that, since there were many more blacks than european-whites, the blacks completely took over the vote.

The new government, which is all black and was voted into the government posts by the very large black majority, is encouraging blacks to murder european-whites and steal their land. This is literal the genocide of european-whites in South Africa.

This is exactly what will happen in America too if the non-whites take over the vote.

In America, the non-whites are using Welfare to out multiply european-whites and take over the vote. Welfare taxes european-whites so that they have less children and gives it to the non-whites to have many more children for free. This leads to more non-white voters than european-white voters.

However, the non-whites are more immoral than european-whites and just take as much welfare as they can get and have as many children as they can to get even more welfare. This is because the more children the single mother has, the higher the welfare payment. It is easy to see the plan of the Democrats, the non-whites, is to outnumber the european-whites and take over the vote, and send european-whites into extinction.

Most european-whites are much too proud to even take welfare, and will work 3-4 jobs just to not use welfare.

Democrat and Black professors are already making public statements to kill european-whites. Further, the Democrats, predominantly made up of the non-whites, used voter fraud in 2008 and 2012 to elect Barry Soetoro aka Obama. Further, they also have extreme “in-group” preferences and will vote for the candidate of their race no matter how corrupt that candidate is. Obama was the most corrupt “president” in history, and opened the border to let in criminal illegal aliens and terrorists.

Further, Barry Soetoro illegally used the intelligence agencies to illegally spy on Trump in an attempt to stop Trump from winning the election. Barry Soetoro told the illegals to vote, which is completely illegal.

Therefore, it is time to completely remove welfare from America for able-bodied people.

Non-whites should be given high incentive to permanently self-deport and give up American citizenship. For example, America would give them lifetime welfare cards from America, but which are only able to be used outside of America.

Further, the non-whites should be segregated from european-whites and live only in the large metropolises, or segregated to certain states.

States must make laws so that require an IQ test score over 100 points to be allowed to vote.

Further, the only those with an IQ over 120 points should be allowed to immigrate to America.

Over a long time, using these non-violent methods, the non-whites should be reduced down to 10-20% of America population.

Non-whites don’t possess the same racial characteristics of intelligence and morality as european-whites. European-whites built America. Non-whites have an immensely lower IQ than european-whites, and the high criminality and immoral behavior of non-whites goes hand in hand with low IQ. Science has proven the non-whites, on average have an IQ of 85, and are very high crime.

Non-whites do not have the ability, or capability to protect or maintain a Capitalist, free, limited Constitutional government America, where the people are independent and self-sufficient. Non-whites require and desire big tyrannical government, which european-whites don’t require.

Make no mistake, if the non-whites take over the voting blocks, european-whites will be genocided exactly like what is happening in South Africa right now. The Democrat party leadership have already publicly stated killing the european-whites is their highest desire. Let it be known that they will stop at nothing to accomplish this.

The total corruption in the now Black government of South Africa, and the total corruption and criminality of Barry Soetoro aka Obama are glaring examples of the devastating corruption that will happen if the non-whites take over the vote in America.


Prevent housing projects and Section 8 housing in white cities

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The Democrats are making a move to relocate and bus the non-whites into white cities into projects and Section 8 housing which they specifically build to move them in from elsewhere, then they go on welfare for life.

The Democrats, who are predominantly made up of the non-whites, are tactically relocating non-whites into white cities, actively recruiting them to relocate. It is easy to see that they are using welfare as a tool to “take over” White cities and the voting blocks. In South Africa, the blacks have taken over the voting blocks, now they’re trying to genocide the european-whites and stealing their land.

Everyone knows exactly what happens when the non-whites, who are very low IQ around 80 points and very high crime, move into white cities. The crime goes way up, the schools become horrible schools, the neighborhoods become very unsafe, and the cities that european-whites built are destroyed. Then european-whites leave because the can’t stand living around freeloading criminals who have destroyed their city. A study was done in New York City and found that if no people of the non-whites lived there crime would be reduced by 90%, this too provides evidence that the non-whites commit 90% of crime in America.

The non-whites must be left in the cities they are already in, not relocated and bussed into white cities.

It is well known that the non-whites are like a poison to the european-whites. The Central Bankers, who control the government using the Deep State, which is the politicians they are bribing and paying-off, know this and thus are using the non-whites as a weapon against european-whites. This is because european-whites are smart enough to eventually figure out their currency scam and overthrow them. The non-whites however, are very low IQ and therefore very easy for the Central Bankers to control. This is why the Central Bankers are replacing european-whites with the non-whites. The Central Bankers and Deep State are stealing enormous amounts of wealth from european-whites and giving it to the non-whites so they can out-multiply european-whites, who for of lack of these resources stolen from them, aren’t able to afford many children. This is proven because over the last years the number of european-whites has not increased at all and the number people of the non-whites have increased.

Welfare must be cut for everyone, housing projects and Section 8 housing must only be allowed in the big metropolises, so that white cities are not destroyed by the non-whites like the Central Bankers want.

America is supposed to create the currency not borrow it from the Central Bankers who are turning a profit out of thin air because the loans they make are created out of thin air, and they get all this back with interest.

The Democrats are using violence against european-whites

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The Democrats, who are predominantly made up of the non-whites are now making very violent threats against european-whites, imagine what they will do if they take over the voting blocks, european-whites will be genocided just as they are in South Africa where the blacks have taken over the voting blocks there.

The non-whites are genetically low IQ around 80 points, high crime, disorderly, and low morality. Make no mistakes, they want to take over the voting blocks and genocide the european-whites. It is time to completely end welfare in America, because the non-whites are using it as a weapon to out multiply european-whites, so they have more numbers to take over the voting block with.

The Central Bankers, who control the Deep State, and want to increase the size of government, are using the non-whites as an attack vector against the european-whites, and they want to replace european-whites with the low IQ non-whites because they are not smart enough to oppose the Central Bankers like european-whites are. The Central Bankers want to increase the size of government because the corrupt government protects the Central Bankers currency creation scam that transfers the wealth of the people to the Central Bankers. The Central Bankers turn a profit out of thin air because all the loans they create are created out of thin air and are all paid back to them with interest, thus giving them immense wealth to buy many politicians and create the Deep State to do their bidding like using the non-whites to replace the european-whites. The government is supposed to create the currency directly, not borrow it from the Central Bankers, because doing so give all the power over to the Central Bankers.

If the non-whites take over the voting blocks, the will always only vote for big government and the Deep State because that is who is giving them the welfare, because the Central Bankers just print and loan more currency out of thin air and lend it to the government to pay the welfare, and then european-whites have to pay the Central Bankers back out of their taxes.

End welfare now to stop the advancement and the take over by the non-whites and ultimately the Central Bankers and the Deep State who are trying to take over the entire world globally.

End welfare for able bodied people 2

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The non-whites, who are very low IQ, on average 80 points, which goes hand in hand with high crime, are using welfare to lay around government subsidized housing bedrooms fat and sloppy, to multiply because they have all the time because they don’t work, so they have a very large number of children, all by taxing the european-whites to pay for it. Since the european-whites are taxed to pay for the welfare given to the non-whites, the european-whites can only have a small number of children, and this is why there is an explosion of the non-whites in America but not the european-whites. The non-whites can have all the children they want and it is all paid for by the White’s taxes, thus the european-whites are paying for their own replacement, giving all the resources to the non-whites for free.

Go look around America and see what this has done, all the cities and towns are now infested with the parasitic welfare sucking non-whites.

It is clear time that all welfare must be ended for everyone, if a race is too low IQ to work, then they should not eat.

Welfare leads to big government, government corruption, and high taxes, because the non-whites vote for corrupt politicians that buy their votes by promising more welfare payments and this is all the non-whites really want, more welfare so they can out multiply the european-whites and take over the voting blocks, then take over America, and eventually genocide the european-whites, as the non-whites are already doing to the european-whites in South Africa now that they have taken over the voting blocks and thus the government there.

The take over of America by big government, Central Bankers, and Deep State, is because of welfare. The non-whites only vote for big government, and nothing else, because only big government will give them more wealth without them lifting a finger, by stealing this wealth from the european-whites and giving it to them with welfare payments. This harms european-whites by reducing their wealth through taxation, and reduces the political power of european-whites because they then have to spend more hours at work thus not having enough time to research politics to learn the truth and then oppose and resist the Central Bankers, Deep State, bought politicians and big government.

It is very easy to see that welfare causes a total rot-out of America by replacing the european-whites with low IQ, high crime non-whites, and also increases the size of government, because the non-whites need and want big government and therefore will always vote for it so they can have a very large number of children for free and never have to work, thus they multiply and encroach into every single town and city in America totally degrading everything there with their low IQ and high crime which devastates everything good in the community like good schools and safe neighborhoods.

Welfare must be ended so that diversity can be ended and the population of non-whites reduced down to only 10% America over a long period of time, because diversity really means replacement of european-whites by the non-whites, who are scientifically proven to be very low IQ, very high crime and vote for welfare-promising corrupt politicians who support the Central Bankers and the Deep State, who want to end White-invented freedom, the Constitution, limited government, self-sufficiency, and independence, which are the principles America stands for and what the european-whites founded America to be.

The Central Bankers and the Deep State want to end these things because if they don’t they will eventually be removed from power because of the european-whites who are now beginning to understand they are really slaves to the Central Bankers who turn a profit out of thin air by making loans to the government, because all this is paid back to the Central Bankers with interest, thus the Central Bankers are getting unlimited wealth by making loans out of thin air and then using the profit from them to buy the hard assets from the people, this transfers the wealth from the people to the Central Bankers. The Central Bankers use this unlimited wealth to buy the whole government and the media, and increase the size of government because the bought government and media protect this currency scam being employed by the Central Bankers. The government itself is supposed to create the currency out of thin air, not borrow it from a private group of Central Bankers that is doing this, because it gives them unlimited wealth and thus all the power.

The above fact chain is exactly why welfare must be completely ended in America right now for all able bodied people.

The Central Bankers turn a profit out of thin air, but you can’t because you’re their slaves

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The Federal Reserve Bank is privately owned by a cartel of all the big banks. Due to Fractional Reserve Lending, when the Federal Reserve Bank or any other bank makes a loan, they are creating cash out of thin air. Then, when the loan is paid back, the banks receive all of it back with interest, clearly this is counterfeiting. Every loan anyone takes all gets paid back to the Central Bankers with interest. As you can see this gives them unlimited wealth because they can buy whatever they want including the government. Thus they conspire to increase the size of government because the government protects this scam of theirs.

The Central Bankers create the currency out of thin air and then loan it to the government. The American tax payers have to pay this National Debt all back. Currently there is a 21 trillion dollar National Debt to the Central Bankers, who privately own the Federal Reserve Bank. This means the Central Bankers stole 21 trillion from the America people. The government itself is supposed to create the currency out of thin air. Not allow the Central Bankers create it out of thin air and then borrow it from them.  If the government was creating the currency out of thin air directly as a sovereign currency there would be no National Debt and no income tax on Americans.

The Deep State and the Main Stream Media are extensions of the Central Bankers, and only exist to protect the Central Bankers currency creation scam.

It is time to control the non-whites

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The Liberals / Democrats / Leftists are predominantly made up of the non-whites and are a cohesive attack group being used by (((a medium-size group of Jews))) in an attempt to genocide the white race.

The non-whites are low IQ and high crime, what happens when they take over politically is happening right now in South Africa where the blacks are attempting genocide on the european-whites.

The exact same thing will happen in America if welfare is not cut off, because it is how the non-whites are multiplying and thus out voting european-whites in America, and they will continue to vote for the corrupt politicians that will buy their votes with welfare payments.

The Liberals / Democrats / Leftists are weaponized by the Central Bankers and the Deep State.

If the non-whites out vote european-whites America will be destroyed because they will always vote for big government and corrupt politicians to get welfare. This will destroy the heritage of the White race and our invention of freedom, the Constitution, self-government, and being independent and self-sufficient.

The encroachment of the non-whites must be fought. non-whites don’t belong in America and actually belong in Africa and Mexico or some other countries.

A way to fight them is to cut welfare completely for all able bodied people. Do this by creating good paying manufacturing jobs and make them  available to everyone. If anyone doesn’t work, then they don’t eat and will die, this is how capitalism works, and is great.

The non-whites have, on average, an IQ in the low 80s, and this is borderline retarded, Therefore, they are not very capable at all and if not forced to work will go on welfare for life. All these able bodied people on welfare will break the American taxpayer and America. It should be that if they don’t work they are deported.

If the non-whites are not handled, they will continue to use the welfare system to out multiply european-whites and then out vote european-whites to vote for the corrupt Globalist politicians that support the Central Bankers and the Deep State. If this happens, it will destroy freedom in America forever.

The Central Bankers and the Deep State want to replace the Constitution, independence and self-sufficiency with Communism. The non-whites races only want Communism because they are very lowly capable due to genetically very low IQ.

Key, a program might be setup where just one state would offer welfare, thus almost all the non-whites would move there, thus, their vote would all be contained in just one state. Another idea is an welfare Electronic Benefits Transactions card that only works in Brazil or Mexico, that way the non-whites will need to deport to get welfare payments.

The White race invented freedom, and everything the White race fought for over thousands of years will be destroyed and replaced by complete slavery to the Central Bankers and the Deep State if the non-whites are allowed to out vote european-whites.

Non-whites are genetically low IQ and high crime, ramifications 3

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Science has proven the non-whites are genetically very low IQ and on average have an IQ of  80 and 85  respectively.

non-whites only want welfare, big government, and Communism. This is opposite to freedom, the Constitution, independence and self sufficiency. Therefore, fight against the non-whites, or the Central Bankers, the Globalists, will replace all the european-whites with them because low IQ people are extremely easier to control. The Central Bankers, the Globalists are busing non-whites into white communities to destroy them.

When the non-whites move into a town the crime skyrockets, the schools become terrible, and the european-whites are forced out because they don’t want to be near them, what they are, how they act, and what they do. This is happening right now across America.

When the economy crashes, the welfare will stop

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Everyone will see this loud and clear, the non-whites will smash their own communities up when their welfare payments stop, however, the european-whites, also without currency, will not riot. Everyone will see the difference between the behavior of european-whites and the non-whites, and that it is the non-whites that are the problem due to low having very low IQ which goes hand in hand with high crime.

When the non-whites begin to riot, they should all be thrown in jail for good, or deported and removed from America completely. They absolutely do not belong in America because they are corrupting and destroying America by voting for the corrupt politicians that work for the Central Bankers and the Deep State that buy their votes with more welfare payments. The non-whites are taking over the voting blocks right now, and if they are successful in electing the corrupt politicians, then it is certain the european-whites will undergo genocide by the non-whites just as is happening right now in South Africa.

The non-whites must be kept out of America’s communities. They must not be allowed to vote unless their IQ is over 100, which is an IQ necessary to even understand the political issues facing America.

History of the non-whites and immigration

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The non-whites have a very low IQ on average 80 points. “White Privilege” is a term which is used by Democrats to confuse people about the outcomes caused by the very low IQ and high crime of the non-whites.

The blacks started slavery in Africa, and sold slaves to (((a medium-size group of Jews))) for hundreds of years before european-whites were involved in it, and it was european-whites who ended slavery. Further, the first slave owner in America was Black.

The Aztecs are the ancestors of the Mexicans, they mass murdered millions during “sacrifice” ceremonies, and also held many many slaves. Seeing how murderous and without principles the Aztecs were, european-whites took them down.

The American Indians were wiped out by diseases the Europeans brought with them, this was not intentional, the Indians also always attacked White settlers on the huge continent, and the european-whites responded in self defense, the American Indians also fought against the Americans when they sided with the tyrannic oligarchies in England who were trying to control the european-whites.

The european-whites fought and won these wars and declared independence from the tyrannic oligarchy in England, and wrote the Constitution to protect freedom, independence, and self-sufficiency. The non-whites don’t have the brainpower to do anything similar, and this is verified because it is scientifically proven that on average they have an IQ of 80 and this results in them always voting for huge tyrannical government that has a huge amount of power to literally steal from the successful people and give all that wealth to the unsuccessful people. This is why America doesn’t need anymore people from the non-whites. The colonists came to America to be free of tyrannical government, and America was founded by the founding fathers who wrote the Constitution so America would be protected from it.

Big tyrannical government is what european-whites are totally against, however, the non-whites are 100% for big tyrannical government. IQ is the single largest predictor of success, therefore, stop bringing low IQ people into America, because they will always vote for big tyrannical government that steals from the successful to give to the unsuccessful. This is why the government is continually becoming more and more corrupt, because the corrupt politicians that are buying votes by promising more welfare payments are getting elected by the huge numbers of the low IQ races that are now present in America through immigration.

Low skilled jobs that pay well should all be brought back by forcing American corporations to relocate those factories back to America, although most blacks, non-whites, and immigrants would still prefer welfare, this is why welfare should be ended for all able-bodied people.

Further, deport all the illegals, and stop all legal immigration except for those who have an IQ of over 120 points from White countries.

Non-whites are genetically low IQ and high crime, ramifications 2

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Non-whites, on average have an IQ of 85 points and lower, which goes hand in hand with high crime, whereas european-whites have an average IQ of 100 and higher. blacks are 20% of the population in America, yet commit 52% of the murders.

Welfare is allowing the non-whites to rapidly out multiply and out vote us to get their corrupt politicians like Barry Soetoro into government. Over 3 million illegals voted in the election, we must deport them all and completely end welfare for all able-bodied people.

Non-whites are very rapidly displacing european-whites. By receiving welfare non-whites are stealing the resources that are needed for european-whites to multiply. White parents are having much less children because they are being taxed to the extreme to pay welfare to the non-whites who get much more welfare the more children they have. The population in America is 130 million people of non-whites and 195 million of european-whites.

The non-whites on average an IQ of 85 points and this is the reason why they are unsuccessful and will always require welfare and will always vote for large tyrannical government that steals from the successful to give them the welfare as long as they continue to vote for it. Because the non-whites will turn America into a third world communist country if allowed to, the european-whites must assert their dominance over them and stop ceding power to them.

Because non-whites have, on average, a 15 point lower IQ than european-whites, non-whites and are much easier for (((a medium-size group of Jews))) to control than european-whites are. Thus (((a medium-size group of Jews))) are attempting to replace european-whites with non-whites by opening the borders and giving non-whites welfare. (((a medium-size group of Jews))) fund this welfare with the Federal Reserve Bank, which prints currency out of thin air as debt to themselves.

Low skilled jobs that pay well should all be brought back by forcing American corporations to relocate those factories back to America. Almost all non-whites will still try to get welfare,  however, it is certain that welfare should be ended for all able-bodied people.

American Philosophy

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European-whites stand for American Philosophy. This is the idea that Individuals are born worthy, noble, free, meant to think and speak the truth, be independent and self-sufficient,  and pull themselves up by the bootstraps, search for truth and solutions for all, and never give up greatness by being controlled by a small number of people who have thieved their way into controlling most of the resources, such as the deep state and central bankers.

Further, the State and Government is only an afterthought to American Philosophy, and only exists to protect the people by protecting free competitive markets, and to do this must protect life, liberty, and property from encroachments by enemy powers outside and within America’s borders.

American Philosophy pulls the people together under the common cause of freedom, independence, and individualism but not as a gang, however, the people can and will always unite into a militia if the people are threatened. American Philosophy requires an intelligent voting base for its protection and preservation. America is a nation state that protects the people from a world that wants to destroy it.

Many entities are ganging up in an attempt to destroy America and American Philosophy. The Deep State is a gang, the central bankers who create the currency out of thin air and then get it all back both principle and interest are a gang, Islam is a gang, globalist corporations are gangs. They gang up to take power. The gang of the Left always votes for the State to be even more powerful, so that they can steal more from the hard-working high-earning white workers in the form of welfare. The Right wants to be free, independent, and self-sufficient and doesn’t want such gangs controlling them.

If there is going to be any immigration at all, it must only be very high IQ people. We need a high IQ population in the America to preserve America, not a lower one. A low IQ nation is a huge threat to America.

Diversity is destruction

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Anyone can see that as soon as the non-whites begin to infiltrate a community that community is overridden with crime and violent crime, this is because the colored have an average IQ of around 80-85 points, are disorderly, and unreasonable. Therefore, why on Earth would anyone want non-whites in their community, it makes no sense at all, to invite crime into one’s community is suicide.

Democrats are wrecking all the good towns by bussing in non-whites welfare recipients. Anyone can see this happening right now, just look at all the towns in America that were White and good communities are now are horrible because the welfare receiving non-whites turned them into ghettos. Welfare must be immediately ended, for everyone even european-whites. States must make an IQ test requirement score over 100 points to be allowed to vote. Everyone knows that the non-whites have an average IQ of 80 points, and will always vote for welfare, rather than work, they simply don’t have the intelligence to understand the political issues and how to protect freedom, the Constitution, independence, and self-sufficiency.

Non-whites are genetically low IQ and high crime, ramifications

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The population in America is 130 million non-whites and 195 million european-whites. If non-whites are allowed to proliferate in America, they will take over the vote, and will vote for any corrupt globalist politicians and big tyrannical government which promises them more welfare. If this happens it will destroy the freedom which the european-whites invented. It will destroy what the Constitution protects which is freedom, independence, and self-sufficiency. Non-whites are very rapidly out-multiplying and replacing european-whites. Thus, welfare for able-bodied people must be completely ended.

By receiving welfare non-whites are stealing the resources european-whites need to create and support families. White parents are having much less children because they are being taxed to the extreme to pay welfare to the non-whites. Non-whites are having many children because they get much more welfare the more children they have. This gives them the incentive to have as many children as possible.

(((a medium-size group of Jews))) know that non-whites are much easier to control than european-whites. The non-whites, on average have a 15 point lower IQ than european-whites. Thus non-whites do not have the intelligence to understand what the Constitution is, what it does, or what freedom, self-sufficiency, and independence truly are, or how to protect them. Thus, (((a medium-size group of Jews))) and are literally trying to replace the european-whites in America with non-whites.

(((a medium-size group of Jews))) (((Deep State))) goal is the extinction of european-whites.

Third world immigrants will lead to Communism

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Almost every third world immigrant to America will vote for the corrupt politicians that promise more welfare, more immigration, more affirmative action for immigrants, more third world immigrants flooding your community and schools, inevitably, when enough of them are flooded in, White Americans will have almost no political voice and not nearly one big enough to matters because it will be diluted by a massive number of violent unreasonable uncivilized welfare-wanting third world immigrant voters, who thus actually want Communism and massive government which is always corrupt and tyrannical, because it is much too big for the American people to hold to scrutiny, observation, and inspection.

The best move here is to completely stop all immigration, both illegal and legal, until Americans come to their senses about it.

Boycott non-whites

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When a non white begins giving bad customer service, immediately ask for a supervisor.

If you have something important and a non white is the customer service representative you will very likely be better off talking to a white because the white will very likely be more intelligent and capable than the non-white. You might want to just hang up the phone and keep calling back until a white answers.

On average non-whites have an IQ of 80 and european-whites, on average, have an IQ of 100. This means european-whites, on average, are much much more capable and competent than non-whites.

Central Banking is destroying America

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Central Banking is very simple, banks create currency out of thin air and every time they make a loan they get both the principle and interest back as profit. This is counterfeiting. A small private group of Jews, predominantly the Rothschilds, owns all the big banks and together these big banks own the Federal Reserve Bank, and thus hold a total banking monopoly.

Because the Federal Reserve Bank lends currency to the government, these Jews are making huge trillion dollar loans to the government, and they are getting both the principle and interest back as profit, and it is all being paid back to them out of your tax dollars. Further, the big banks also make loans to businesses by creating currency out of thin air every time they make a loan and they get both the principle and interest back as profit. Thus, the loan the company you work for took from the bank to pay you, entirely gets paid back, both the principle and interest back as profit to this small group of Jews who are at the center of the conspiracy in America and only want to stay in power, thus they corrupt the entire government through bribery. Once they get the currency back, they buy things of real hard value, and this is how they transfer all the wealth from Americans to themselves.

Question for you:

In which environment would the Central Bankers have an easier job retaining their power and control?

A. The American populace is all low IQ high crime blacks, non-whites, and immigrants that want to go around and blow everyone up. These races have an average IQ of 85 which goes hand in hand with high crime.

B. The American populace is all high IQ european-whites, european-whites have an average IQ of 100, which goes hand in hand with order, self-government, independence, and self-sufficiency, who are intelligent enough to figure out what the Central Bankers are doing and can organize and stop them.

If you chose A, you are correct, and now that you see what is going on, maybe you can do something about it, and that is to abolish the Federal Reserve Bank and give the power to create the currency back to the government as the Constitution intends, so the government can create the currency out of thin air debt free and this will completely put an end to the root of corruption in government and income taxes.

White culture is extremely superior

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Many european-whites have not been to the third world, and thus are totally unaware of the outcome of the genetic of the non-whites. Low IQ leads to lack of morality, criminality, and high crime. It has been proven scientifically that the non-whites, on average, have an IQ of 80 and 85 points respectively.

Simply travel to Africa, Mexico, or any other country that is not white, then go to a white country like Switzerland or Uruguay and compare. You will see that the more non-whites that are present, the more that country is third worldly and like Africa and Mexico.

There is a huge amount of Leftist propaganda that glorifies the cultures that the genetic of the non-whites that leads to, which in reality are third-world creating garbage cultures. Do not allow the radical Left to lie you into allowing the non-whites into America and into your white, civilized, reasonable, safe, clean, orderly communities, cities, and states because this will destroy them by turning them third-world.

Further, those of high IQ would never embrace a pseudo-religion that goes against American ideals of freedom, and self-government, and instructs its followers to kill those who believe in them. However, such immigrants are being imported into the West through open borders.

european-whites have worked very hard to found and build America into the highest acme of civilization in the entire world and no other genetic in the world has the brain power and drive to accomplish a similar feat. european-whites developed American culture, wrote the Constitution, founded America, and lead the world in innovation, invention, creativity, and the ideals of self-government, freedom, independence, and self-sufficiency.

If you want to help non-whites, move to their countries or send your wealth to them, in their own countries. It has been proven that 12 times more of them can be helped in their own country for every one of them that immigrates to America and goes on welfare for life, and almost all of them do.

The non-whites destroy schools because they are extremely low IQ and thus disorderly, thus the entire community vastly degrades. If you don’t understand this, go to any inner city school and inspect their behavior and you will see exactly how they act, and are, and always will be no matter how much education is given. They are totally limited by IQ, they cannot learn more than their IQ permits, no matter how much money and education is given over to them.

If you allow them in, they will literally use welfare to out multiply and replace european-whites and reduce America into a third world country. non-whites are genetically low IQ, high crime, disorderly, unreasonable, and uncivilized, and because of this they are of a totally different genetic than european-whites, a completely different specie, they are literally lower grade races than european-whites. Naturally and justly, european-whites don’t want to be around such people.

It a proven fact that european-whites are much happier in all white communities, and become aggrieved when on a daily basis they witness and have to deal with the low IQ high crime behavior of the non-whites. This causes depression and suicide, which is happening among european-whites right now. Thus, the more they invade a white community using welfare as a tool to do it, the more european-whites hate living in their own community and want to leave it. Besides that, the non-whites are proven to be much happier when the community they live in is comprised of all non-whites, and many many of them have already said so.

european-whites must understand the genetic of the non-whites races cannot be changed and what the their genetic leads to, namely Africa and Mexico. Help them at the location where they already are. The answer here is to keep them all contained in cities, states, and countries that already contain massive numbers of them and do not allow them to continue to proliferate or America will be reduced  to just another third world hell hole country like Africa and Mexico.

A political example of this is the totally and immensely corrupt Obama administration. The non-whites will be better off completely separate from european-whites where they can deal with their own genetic and fix themselves and their high crime problem, and build their own communities, economies, and employment.

The radical Left is forcing America into extreme decay

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In Russia the oligarchs controlled the people and pushed a very liberal, loose, morally bankrupt way of living for the Russian people to follow as a means of controlling them because they would continually be weakened, however, the oligarchs amongst themselves didn’t follow it because they only wanted to use it as a tool to remain in power and control over the people. The effects were devastating on the people and caused them to look for change, however, they were tricked by the oligarchs into thinking that the solution was to adopt Communism, which was in actuality going much further into liberal moral decay then ever before because Communism steals everything the hard workers accumulate and gives it all to those who prefer not to work hard or prefer to not even work at all. It is no wonder Communism devastated Russia, causing it to completely fail in the early 1990s. The Soviet Union no longer exists and now Russia is a free country.

In America, the radical Left is now pushing the same extreme moral decay that set the stage for the Communist Revolution, it is clear that Communism is actually what the Left intends. This moral decay is being driven by the forced race mixing and the consequent stealing of wealth from those who work hard and giving it to the non-whites as high welfare payments. Also, science has proved the non-whites have an inferior IQ which goes hand in hand with a high crime rate, therefore, forced race mixing is quickly increasing the moral decay and criminality in America, the same as that which precipitated the Communist revolution. Another example of the Left pushing moral decay is the left’s embrace of Islam, an extremely corrupt and morally bankrupt pseudo-religion that sanctifies the killing of all those who do not follow it, and also sanctifies extremely brutal treatment of women. The radical Left is literally using race mixing as a weapon in an attempt to destroy freedom, individual liberty, self-sufficiency, the Constitution, and America, so that Communism can be ushered in.

It is clear and proven that cities populated by all european-whites have almost no crime at all. Therefore, the best move to stop the moral decay the Left is using as a weapon and to precipitate Communism in America is to stop allowing the non-whites to commit crimes in cites by simply not allowing them into the cities to steal welfare and also increase the city’s crime rate, but rather allow them only to live in certain states, cities, and countries where a high crime rate and moral decay is not concerning to the residents. Also, understand that the Left is funded, directed, and orchestrated at the highest level by the Central Bankers. One problem with the White race is that is it arguably “too good” in conscience, thus, ironically, it seems blindly and sickly “morally obligated” to be compromised and destroyed by the inferiority in IQ and high criminality that goes hand in hand with it, of the non-whites. The non-whites are extremely corrosive to White cites, and their invasion into them destroys them. Fight it.

Forced race mixing by the radical Left, races should resist it

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No one should put another race above their own. races are different genetically and thus behaviorally, and this is rooted in IQ differences, however, the natural state of any particular race is something for people of that race to take great pride in, so they should disdain mixing with other races.

non-whites should strive to move to the countries of their biologic origin or to live only around large populations of their own race, otherwise, they are disowning their own race and abandoning racial pride which is terrible. No truly genuine Non-white wants to live around european-whites, and they shouldn’t do it no matter how hard the radical left attempts to force race mixing.

It is extremely parasitical and a repudiation of one’s own race to move to a country or city that is predominantly populated by some other race and go on welfare there to parasite off them. Being a parasite on another race is an implicit statement that the host race is far superior and self-sufficiency is impossible. However, the radical left is pushing this extremely immoral behavior, for instance, by building new low income housing in historically very predominantly White cities and then recruiting and bussing in these people of non-whites to fill it and putting them on high welfare. Since there is a scarcity of very low skill jobs in such places, this becomes career welfare. These people are indolent and disorderly and aimlessly walk around city streets, and their genetically lowly capable children disrupt school classes robbing other students of their education quality. Additionally, they commit an inordinate amount of crime, then the european-whites move away taking their businesses with them.

Forced race mixing is a very major way the radical left is carrying out their agenda to destroy America from within, and those of the non-whites should not do the dictates of the radical left, but should instead, by having pride in their own race, stay out of White cities and towns, let alone take their wealth through welfare, and stay in or go to places that already have a very large population of their own race, and work to live, rather than take the wealth of others to live, this way they can justly build economies centered around their own race and lead their own race to greatness and achievement.

End welfare for able-bodied people

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Good living wage jobs must be available to those of even the lowest IQ, such as school dropouts, for instance jobs like, assembly work, painting things, sewing, and labor support for factories. Everyone, regardless of IQ, should have jobs immediatey available to them so they can spend their time working and making a good living wage and other people are not taxed to pay for their welfare, because they could have used what they were taxed to start their own businesses to improve economies and create more jobs.

Currently, such jobs are relocated to China, Mexico, India, and Pakistan, therefore, Americans must bring all these jobs back to America. Before the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), anyone, regardless of IQ, could find work in a factory and get paid well, thus affording a house, a car, and to support a family with three chlildren. However, the globalist corporations lobbied the corrupt politicians to pass NAFTA, and thus relacated all these factories and thus jobs to foreign countries. Americans must bring all these factories and jobs back.

People who would otherwise be criminals may not commit so many crimes if employment in a good living wage job was immediately available to them, also, welfare could be completely cut for all able bodied people, and people that would otherwise seek to go on welfare would immediately be given such jobs, thus eliminating the bulk of the welfare system which is destroying America because it destroys all incentive to work, self-improve, strive, live an orderly life, and create a nuclear family, and all these things lead to increased crime rate. Further, welfare takes wealth from people that worked hard redistributes it to able bodied people who refuse to work, and this is not just, reasonable, or civilized.

In conclusion, welfare must be ended for all able bodied people, and this can be accomplished by bringing jobs, that even people with the lowest of IQ can do, back from the foreign countries these jobs were relocated to by the globalist corporations.

Why segregation is needed

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First, the bottom line is integration is a failed idea, and segregation is an answer. Landlords should be required to rent only to those of the predominant race of that sector, after the old tenants have moved out.

european-whites act very differently from non-whites, blacks although 20% of the population, commit 52% of the murders, and act very disorderly and most people have seen it. non-whites also commit a huge amount more crime than european-whites do. Science has shown that blacks, on average have an IQ of 80 and non-whites 85. This low IQ goes hand in hand with high crime and disorderly nature.

One effect of this is that it leads to problems with the police, for instance, not following the officer’s directions like european-whites usually do. european-whites, understanding officers are lethal, simply follow the officer’s instructions and help the officer do their job, while blacks often appear to not be aware that officers are lethal and do very unwise things during interactions with police.

Behavior is largely based on IQ. There is an inordinate number of Non-white single mothers. Further, we can see non-whites regularly scam the welfare system by working under the table at the same time as collecting welfare, thus stealing jobs from other Americans. european-whites, on average, have an IQ of 100, and thus will never be on the same thinking, behavioral, or economic level as non-whites. european-whites are simple much more capable then they are.

european-whites will preserve their genetic of intelligence, since it was very hard won having evolved over many thousands of years from exposure in the cold harsh north and directly led to european-whites achieving the feat of founding of America and to the values of self-government and freedom. The genetic of non-whites did not do any feat similar to this, thus it is proven that behavior and ability is genetic and largely different between the races.

The effects of this IQ, and thus behavioral difference playing out is also acutely seen in the school system where non-whites are usually unable to comprehend the material and are very disorderly in class, thus ruining the quality of education for others. The more non-whites in the school the further the school degrades. The same thing occurs in any community as well, which immediately becomes high crime when non-whites move in, placing an unfair burden on european-whites because european-whites don’t commit much crime at all. european-whites should not have to deal with and pay for the terrible problems the non-whites are causing.

This clear IQ difference and thus behavioral trend being the case, segregation is an answer to solve the races from being a burden to each other. A large number non-whites prefer being segregated from european-whites, and this is also what european-whites want too. It should be acknowledged that the races want to be segregated.

In the 1950s, when blacks had separate communities with all their own black run businesses, economies, they were faring far better than they ever were until integration was forced on them by the state.

Another great option is for non-whites to emigrate to their biologic home countries such as Africa and Mexico. These are perfectly fine countries for this, and if any european-whites are needed by the non-whites then those european-whites can move there too.

non-whites use the welfare system and Section 8 housing to move into white towns where there are no jobs and then they get welfare for life for generation after generation. Thus, european-whites must shut down the welfare office in their town and completely cut welfare for able-bodied people across America.

Cutting welfare is a good idea because it destroys all incentive to work and self-improve, and breeds an artificially large number of non-whites leading to a high crime rate and more votes for corrupt politicians who want to buy votes by promising more welfare. european-whites need to make strong moves to keep non-whites out of their communities since they always invade to commit crime and disorder because it is certain they always inevitably increase the crime rate.

Because of the huge biologic differences between european-whites and non-whites which is shown in behavior and capability difference, segregation will lead to a better Human Race. european-whites will do a better job inventing, innovating, and creating and leading the world into freedom.

Segregation is a good answer, but the emigration of the non-whites out of America is a better one.

Immigration from third world countries is an extremely huge mistake

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America has laws that have to be followed, and the 30 million illegal immigrants broke these laws, therefore, they must be fined and deported immediately. There is no lack of clarity here, this must be done immediately or America is not a just nation or fair nation at all.

Further, these illegals are very low IQ and high crime, they just want welfare. If the illegal immigrants are not deported, all of them, they will destroy America from within.

People from third world countries can be helped in their own countries where they are already part of the culture for 1/12 times the amount it costs to put them on welfare in America, further, these immigrants almost always go on welfare for life thus constantly draining Americans through taxes which Americans could have used instead to start their own businesses.

People from third world countries are of very, very low IQ, predominantly much lower than 85 points which is the average IQ of non-whites, therefore, they cannot integrate because White Americans have an average IQ of 100. european-whites don’t want to be around these low IQ, high crime people, and when they move into an area, the european-whites will move out of the area, also european-whites will fight them and with good reason, they are clogging up the schools with very high numbers of very low IQ, disorderly people, thus ruining the quality of eduction for others.

America was built by high IQ people and a high IQ is required to elect proper politicians, further, these low IQ, high crime people will vote for the corrupt politicians who promise them more welfare payments and will get their way if there are enough of them since they will continue breeding by using the welfare system. America has a particular White culture of self-government and freedom, and when low IQ, high crime people are brought in, crime goes up and then size of government increases to deal with it.

However, the founders of America who wrote the Constitution were extremely against a large tyrannical government. By importing these low IQ, high crime people, the values of American culture are destroyed because these welfare receivers will never adopt American values of self-government, freedom, and self-sufficiency. If they moved to a better or safe part of their own country they wouldn’t get welfare, and this is why billions of them are attempting to immigrate to America.

The best move here is to keep them out of America and help them in their own countries, if you want to, you can even move to their country to help them.

The other best move is to completely end immigration because America doesn’t even need immigration, or only allow immigration of those with an IQ over 100 from culture similar to American like Europe and Russia.

Welfare is not virtuous

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Giving people everything they need to live for free is Communism and takes away all incentive to be productive.

Welfare makes people dependent, lazy, and devoid of pride because it removes any incentive to improve and become marketable or start a business. Almost all welfare users go on welfare for life and also teach their offspring how to be a lifetime welfare recipient. Thus, they have no incentive to do well in school because they will get welfare if they do no school work at all, which is a lot easier than doing the school work.

Welfare is a breeder of low IQ, high crime people because it essentially pays recipients, who are genetically very lowly capable due to low IQ to have more and more children. Thus, a large number of genetically low IQ offspring is produced that clogs the school systems and destroys the quality of education for other students. non-whites, on average, have an IQ of 80 – 85.  It is easy to see that welfare breeds a huge number of low IQ, high crime people. Further, welfare recipients are idle because they are not working and this gives them lots of time to commit crimes.

The best move here is to shut down the welfare offices and force all able-bodied people to work.  Your town will be ruined if the welfare offices there are not shut down. There is a old adage that most reasonable, civilized, rational, orderly people will understand: “If you don’t work, you don’t eat”.

Unless welfare is shut down for all able-bodied people, european-whites be drained by high taxes and will not be able to afford children, while the non-whites will continue to breed and degrade and destroy America from the inside out.

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