The Federal Reserve Bank will be abolished, no gold needed

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When the Federal Reserve Bank and the Federal Reserve Notes are abolished, the debt to the Federal Reserve Bank must not be paid. The 21 trillion in National Debt is Jews printing currency out of thin air as debt to themselves, thus it is null and void

When America begins using the new American dollar, there is no need to back it with gold, it can be backed by blockchain. A blockchain ledger will record all the creation and usage of the new America currency by the government. Thus, the government wont be able to lie about how much currency was created and how was spent. Thus, the new America currency will be an honest currency being used to exchange wealth in the biggest economy in the world. This in and of itself will give the new American currency worth. Thus, there is no need to back the new American currency with gold.

It can be backed with gold or silver or something else, but that is not really needed. Actually, it would be a mistake to back it with gold because (((a medium-size group of Jews))) own almost all the gold. Thus, backing it with gold would increase (((a medium-size group of Jews))) wealth exponentially, giving (((a medium-size group of Jews))) the ability to continue creating new Deep States far into the future by buying off politicians and government officials.

Usage by the biggest economy in the world and blockchain ledger is actually all that is needed to back the new American currency.

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