The goal of (((a medium-size group of Jews))) is the extinction of Whites

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Hitler had no other choice but to fight against (((a medium-size group of Jews))).

Hitler full well knew about the nature of (((a medium-size group of Jews))) and that their main behavior is to exploit and rob from nations from within in an attempt to take them over. After taking them over, as in Russia in 1917, (((a medium-size group of Jews))) start killing millions of european-whites. If Hitler did not fight (((a medium-size group of Jews))), then (((a medium-size group of Jews))) would have overthrown Germany with Communism and killed millions more european-whites there too.

Hitler did not kill 6 million Jews in a “Holocaust”. Hitler killed everyone including Jews. The number 6 million being killed in the way of a “Holocaust” is a hugely outlandish and lie of a number, and it is a fabrication meant to serve the Jews. The Holocaust is a Jew fabrication that (((a medium-size group of Jews))) invented so they could have a cover, as “the victims”, for years and years so they could run stealth attacks against european-white nations. Attacks such as: (((a medium-size group of Jews))) full ownership of all the central banks in the world, the mainstream media, and total control of the American government.

(((a medium-size group of Jews))) take over countries from the inside and have a plan to take over all the countries in the world and move them all into Communism. (((a medium-size group of Jews))) flood european-white countries with non-whites because it weakens european-white countries against being ruled and enslaved by (((a medium-size group of Jews))). It allows european-white countries to be moved into Communism because non-whites have the behavior of Communism in their DNA. Hitler exclaimed this fact, and we can clearly see it as fact in the present as well. In this, Hitler is 100% right.

Presently in America, (((a medium-size group of Jews))) are attempting to take over America from within by running the Deep State.

(((a medium-size group of Jews))) need to be disbanded and made completely inert, not killed.

Thus, our goal must be to completely remove (((a medium-size group of Jews))) from the levers of power. This means the government must be dismantled. The government must be broken up because it is completely controlled by (((a medium-size group of Jews))). It is not even worth having a government if it is different from what the Founding Fathers intended.

The government is out of control, it is way too big, and is controlled by (((a medium-size group of Jews))) and running secret silent stealth attacks constantly, endless wars and “weather related”(Geo-engineering), medical(vaccines, fluoride, prescriptions, and toxic food), and banking (total manipulation and theft of white economy by (((a medium-size group of Jews))) owned central banks).

We must take the mainstream media back from (((a medium-size group of Jews))), get more guns, take the government back from (((a medium-size group of Jews))), and make it very very small. We must prevent Jew takeover of local government. Lies notwithstanding, never elect a Jew to public office.

We should only use open source operating systems, software, devices, medical items, and food instead of that which has been presented by (((a medium-size group of Jews))) because (((a medium-size group of Jews))) present these products with spy tools and poisons hidden in them.

Further, (((a medium-size group of Jews))) intentionally start all wars for the purpose of killing european-whites while making a huge profit by lending to all sides to buy weapons. (((a medium-size group of Jews))) are trying to get a war started between America and Russia, because it would be european-whites killing european-whites.

(((a medium-size group of Jews))) intentionally start wars by deploying false flags, massive fully staged environments and events orchestrated by (((a medium-size group of Jews))), and then lie and say they are completely real through the mainstream media, which (((a medium-size group of Jews))) totally own. (((a medium-size group of Jews))) then blame the false flag on world leaders like Assad, Putin, and Jung Un to get wars started.

(((a medium-size group of Jews))) goal is to rule over and enslave the entire world.

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