The government is only laws, the people are the actual nation

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If an action is not prohibited by law, or if the law is not applied, then anyone or any group can freely commit that action. Thus, the corrupt officials that run governmental departments will decide who goes to jail or not. Thus, presently, virtuous government is diminished and the corrupt can do whatever they want.

Most real order comes from the behavior of the people of the nation, and government is not even required. Thus, because the natural trend is that non-whites are of low intelligence – low IQ, and criminal behavior, non-whites should never be part of european-white nations to any large degree.

What makes a nation highly civilized and orderly is not the government, it is high concentration of people of high level DNA. Thus, within such nations their will be the strongest families and societal bonds and coherence, thus creating and securing an environment which allows such a people to achieve very high level creativity, discovery, invention, and prosperity. It is easy to see that Israel is attempting to achieve such a nation on the American taxpayers work where America pays billions to Israel every year, while (((a medium-size group of Jews))) open America’s borders to flood America with non-whites.

Such an environment is a free Capitalist society without cronyism, with very minimal government.

However, (((a medium-size group of Jews))) and non-whites want America to be a Communist nation, and this is why (((a medium-size group of Jews))) are flooding America with non-whites who are almost all of very low intelligence. Non-whites require large government and highly desire Communism, and will always vote for Communism if given the chance to.

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