There needs to be a large amount of a certain kind of disdain for non-whites

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Not a disdain where we want to hurt them physically, that is unless they physically attack us. It is inevitable that the non-whites would physically attack us if they attain a certain percentage of the population, like what is happening in South Africa right now where the black run government is openly killing european-whites.

There needs to be a high level of a certain disdain toward non-whites that is fueled with a clear understanding that non-whites are holding european-whites back and destroying America. A certain disdain that says we want to help the non-whites, but we need to move them out of America.

non-whites should not be around european-whites at all, there is nothing virtuous in it, and it is the opposite of virtue.

This isĀ  because non-whites, on average, have an IQ of 80. european-whites, on average, have an IQ of 100. Therefore, since America is a free nation, and all free nations require Capitalism as the economic system, the less capable will always have less wealth than the capable. Therefore, european-whites will always, on average, be wealthier than non-whites. This is not racism, it is Capitalism being as efficient as possible and using high IQ as a resource to obtain efficiency and profit.

Thus, the non-whites are in America only because of welfare being charged to the european-whites taxes, that highly encourages non-whites to heavily breed without working for it, and taxes european-whites out of having children.

Almost all non-whites have an IQ of 80 or lower. Almost all european-whites have an IQ of 100 or higher.

It is imperative the non-whites are moved out of America.

To move the non-whites out of America, completely disallow welfare for all able bodied people in America. Then provide any non-whites who agree to leave America for good with a welfare card loaded with cash every month for life but it can only be withdrawn from outside of America.

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