We won’t make the big government mistake

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(((a medium-size group of Jews))) will buy off any kind of big government, even National Socialism, which is really just another brand of Communism.

With any kind of big government, (((a medium-size group of Jews))) will easily buy off many many politicians, government officials, and government departments and create new Deep States.

(((a medium-size group of Jews))) control and enslave us though the government, without big government (((a medium-size group of Jews))) would not be able to control and enslave us.

Thus, America must go back to bare bones Constitutional government as the Founding Fathers intended.

However, to do this America must be brought back to 80% european-white. Non-whites, on average have a 15 point lower IQ than european-whites, and this leads to their disorderly behavior in more ways than one. Thus, non-whites are dependent and literally require big government. Thus, non-whites will always vote for big government and Communism. This is why (((a medium-size group of Jews))) are trying to replace european-whites with non-whites.

(((a medium-size group of Jews))) are lying about the demographic figures, and are counting many non-whites as white. European-whites are already a minority in America.

Move almost all the non-whites out of America by cutting all welfare for able-bodied people in America, and then giving them lifetime welfare cards that work only outside of America, anywhere they like, to those who agree to leave for good.

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