Will America become a society for serving non-whites?

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The natural trend is that non-whites, on average, have an IQ of 85, whereas european-whites on average have an IQ of 100. Thus non-whites are not as capable as european-whites and thus require welfare. non-whites because they are incapable require a lot of assistance, at the workplace, through welfare, at school. Thus a huge amount of resources are being spent to support non-whites.

european-whites are self-sufficient and don’t need government. This is why the government is trying to flood America with non-whites through immigration and welfare. The government wants to get the non-whites to outnumber european-whites, because the government knows that the non-whites require a huge amount of assistance and thus large government. Since non-whites will always vote for welfare and assistance programs and Communism, the Deep State can run any corrupt candidate the Deep State wants and since they are offering welfare, they will always win.

The answer is to move the non-whites out of America by giving them cash cards loaded with their normal welfare payment in cash every month for life, if they leave and never come back. These cards would only be able to be withdrawn from outside of America.

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